The Master Square of 81

The Master Square of 81 extends the analysis of changing energy patterns in buildings and takes the practice of time dimensional feng shui into deeper, more subtle magical territory. Practitioners of Flying Star Feng Shui are already familiar with the MAGIC SQUARE of 15 which is the basis of time formulas that reveal energy patterns of buildings based on their age and the year of analysis. Indeed, the arrangement of the numbers 1 through to 9 in the nine grid square provides the basis for understanding the changing patterns of energy year to year and period to period.

The MASTER SQUARE of 81 opens pathways to identifying pockets of abundance in every part of the house. These identify the 81 Lords or Owners of the Earth who manifest in nine groups of nine. The nine groups of Landowners can be accessed and transformed into the silent cosmic allies of residents who are able to subdue obstacles to success and open pathways to incredible and greater abundance.

To study the power of the 81 Lords of the Earth, one must first be totally familiar with the original Magic Square of 15, the meanings of the nine numbers and the significance of the path sequence of the nine numbers. This sequential movement which moves down, then up, then down again through nine down/up movements are generally referred to as the “nine paces of the Emperor Yu”.

Emperor Yu is the legendary Emperor who features in the great myth of the tortoise shell bearing the magic square of numbers. The legend describes the tortoise emerging from the River Lo to pass on the square to the Emperor, who, instinctively understanding how precious the square was, had immediately proceeded to decipher the numbers and their sequential significance. He is said to have then travelled through the nine provinces of China according to the sequential pathway indicated in the square.


Emperor Yu understood that perfect symmetry could be derived from the magic square of 15. He realized that the center number 5 multiplied by the base of 3 would total 15, and that the arrangement of the nine numbers was such that any 3 numbers placed horizontally, vertically or diagonally also added up to 15. The number 15 was significant because it suggested the influence of the moon’s waxing and waning days, so the symmetry of the square would relate to the passage of time.

The nine grids also indicated that 9 was the underlying unique number, a number so perfect that any number multiplied by 9 would produce a number, the sum of whose digits would always be a multiple of 9.

Thus 9X3=27 and 2+7 would equal 9. Likewise 9X4 =36 and 3+6=9 and so forth. Multiply 9 by any number and the result would add up to 9. There was thus great significance to the number 9 and the multiples thereof!

The Magic Square however is merely the first step in uncovering the secrets of cosmic energy. By itself, it is already so powerful that when its perfect symmetry is captured through enhancing its different auspicious aspects, it would be sufficient to bring prosperity and abundance to residents of buildings and to overcome obstructions and difficulties brought by its afflictive aspects.

The Magic Square’s placement of numbers reveals how it is itself simply the center of a larger and greater square – that of the MASTER SQUARE that comprises nine squares of nine – each with a different number in the center.

The Master Square of 81 reveals the manifestation of the cosmic Lords of the Earth in nine groups of 9. The practice of Spiritual Feng Shui opens the way to accessing the 81 Lords of the Earth. There are different incense flavours favoured by each of the different Lords of the Earth. And it is through the Lords of the Earth that the God of the Sun and the Goddess of the Moon can be invoked.



The 81 Lords of the Earth are related to the God of the Sun and the Goddess of the Moon. Pictorially, the sun is symbolized, and thus invoked by the presence of the three-legged crimson bird. Here the three legs represent the number 3 that is accorded to the yang or masculine principle of the Sun. The 3 legged bird is one of the best kept secrets of Chinese feng shui. Burning incense with a symbol of the three legged bird successfully invokes the great illuminating power of the sun. This was usually recommended when advancement, upward mobility and promotion to the rank of Minister or General was sought.

The secret is to look for the number 3 in the direction that the main front door is located using the master square of 81… and in that direction, place the three legged bird before burning agarwood incense.

The White Hare signifies the essence of the Moon Goddess, and the Three Legged Bird represents the secret energy of the Sun God.


The symbol of the moon is the hare or rabbit and the number associated with the moon is 4, so where the number 4 is in the master square of 81 where your main door is located, is where gugul incense can be burned to invoke the power of yin which successfully overcomes illness, obstacles and other afflictions, especially those obstacles associated with the harmful actions, lies and gossip of one’s enemies.

The practice of SPIRITUAL MAGIC of the MASTER SQUARE OF 81 has been a secret practice of ancient masters which is rarely if ever passed on in written format. It is usually orally transmitted from master to disciple who picks up the method by observing the master perform the rituals of burning the incense. Rarely is a label given to the method and the master square is described rather than drawn out.

What we are offering here is a simplified access to this all-powerful method to enhance your life. It is especially effective when you observe burning the incense in the correct sector of the vicinity of your front door and when you also have the presence of either the three legged red bird or the white hare present. Also make sure you burn the right kind of incense.