The Feng Shui Take on Beds Under Windows


Q I’ve been applying feng shui with great success, especially with following the monthly astrology updates! I also read in Lillian Too’s book that you should not put your bed next to a window. What if I have no choice?

A One of the things to consider whenever you design your bedroom is the position of the bed. Where you place your bed and the position you sleep in are of utmost importance in feng shui, equal to that of your home’s main front door. It is where you spend a big bulk of down time – sleeping, resting and rejuvenating.

When you have good feng shui in the bedroom, it allows auspicious chi to meander and flow around you as you sleep. It ensures you remain undisturbed throughout the night and protects you from harmful energies when you are at your most vulnerable.

The doors and windows of a room are entry and exit points for the flow of Chi, which is why opening the doors and windows of any room, while letting bright sunshine filter through, fills it immediately with strong Yang energy.

Remember that the bedroom should be a sanctuary; a place of rest and recuperation. Sleeping in a bed that is right under, or against a window puts you in direct impact of this flow at a time when you should be the least disturbed.

Depending on where you live, this may include jarring traffic and renovation noises, or people walking by at all hours of the day and night, especially if your room is located on the ground floor. Practicality-wise, sleeping so close to a window poses a security threat and can subconsciously put one in a constant state of alertness. Definitely not ingredients for a restful night’s sleep!


The Chinese believe that beds should always be placed against a solid wall, as this signifies the “backing of a mountain” providing you strong support and protection. Having the bed positioned under or against a window nullifies this and invites backstabbing and betrayals. It leads to all sorts of problems at work, in school and with the relationships in one’s life. The best solutions in this case would be to change rooms or move your bed to a more appropriate location within the room.

But what if circumstances make it impossible to position the bed anywhere else?

Perhaps you have an irregularly shaped room, or the dimensions of the room are such that the only location available for the bed is under or against a window. The wonderful thing about feng shui is that once you know where the problems are, you can be creative in making the right changes needed to minimize the ill effects.

Below are 3 ways to improve your feng shui when you simply have nowhere else to place your bed except under or against a window.

    But not just any headboard. A good headboard in feng shui must emulate the mountain support that you lack. Select one that is simple, strong and solid. Any sort of “see-through hole” in the headboard, whether by design or otherwise, will render this cure ineffective, so avoid those built with bars or slats, as well as those with overly ornate designs. Bookshelves or headboards with cubby holes should also be avoided for the same reason.
    Another way to work around this issue is to use heavy drapery, curtains or blinds to conceal the window. If you have more than one window, you can choose to keep the one over the bed permanently shut. Otherwise, closing the drapes should help to create a visual appearance of a “wall” and allow you to feel more secure when you sleep. It also has the effect of easing the flow of chi, providing you with a more peaceful slumber.
    Section off the window area with a screen divider to divert the flow of Chi away from where you sleep. With bright light coming in from the window during the daytime, you can repurpose this space as a reading corner or workspace. It is best to choose neutral, muted tones for the screen divider to keep the ambience of the room calm and nurturing.

There are of course other factors to consider when it comes to achieving excellent feng shui in the bedroom, but if you have been struggling to get a good night’s rest and your bed happens to be under or against a window, these tips are a good place to start!