The Feng Shui of Garden Structures

Every structure within the garden – sculpture, wall, gate or container – creates its own energy and whether or not this energy is good or bad depends on the way each structure is placed in relation to doors, pathways and the orientation of the house.

The balance, harmony and proportions are important in creating good energy. At all costs, avoid poison arrows, anything straight, sharp, angular or hostile looking. The following are some tips for different kinds of garden structures:

Entrance Gates

1) The size of gates should be proportional to the house.

2) Gates should open inward, be symmetrical, friendly and inviting.

3) Do not engulf your gate with creepers or vines.

4) Keep your gates in a good condition at all times. A creaky, broken gate brings ill fortune.

5) Gates flanked by pillars are excellent feng shui.

6) Black gates should go in the North, East, Southeast; red in South, Southwest and Northeast and white in the West, Northwest and North.

Fences and Boundaries

1) Your boundary should not be too close to the house.

2) Your boundary should not be higher than the house. This will cause an imbalance of energies and direct negative chi inward.

3) Fences of walls around the house should be of equal height.

4) Be careful of fences or walls with sharp points within their design going either inward or outward; this creates negative energy.


1) These should bind the elements of a garden into an integrated whole and allow good luck chi to accumulate in the garden.

2) Pavilions should have open windows, or low walls, and an obstructed view of mountains or water.

3) Paths leading to pavilions should meander to encourage chi to flow in a gentle manner.

Garden Steps

1) Curved steps are better than straight steps and they must not be too steep or too narrow.

2) Steps should not be visible from the main gate, start directly in front of the main gate or be directly facing the main door.

3) Steps must not be directly in line with the back door. Keep garden steps to the side of the house.

4) Garden steps should be as wide and as spacious as possible, and preferably circular.


1) Make sure you do not place your barbecue area too close to doors or windows.

2) The best place to locate the barbecue is the South, Southwest or Northeast sectors of your garden.

3) Do not place barbecue sets in the West or Northwest.

4) If you can’t locate a suitable sector, use a mobile barbecue which you can store away after use.

Pathways and Stepping Stones

1) Never build pathways in a straight line with sharp angles.


2) Do not have steps coming straight towards your main door.

3) Pathways should meander and sweep in a gentle curve.

4) Flowers on both sides of the path create auspicious yang energy that encourage chi to settle.

Selecting Materials and Patterns

1) Avoid uneven surfaces.

2) The pathway should be solid, long-lasting look inviting and easy to walk on. It should not cause people not to trip up and all over.

3) The brickwork should be laid in a variety of attractive patterns such as herringbone, straight, stretched or woven, placed either

Sculptures and Ceramics

1) Place symbols of longevity such as crane, deer and tortoise in your garden to create longevity and good health luck for the family.

2) Place auspicious ornaments and statues around the garden to bring good fortune.

For Patio Gardens and Terraces

1) Add decorative features such as small pergolas, trellises and hanging baskets to bring good energy. They must be proportionate to your patio.

2) Introduce a small paved area with decorative stones such as pebbles.

3) Patios and decks are best located missing corners of the house.

4) If the patio is at the back of the house, you can build a small rockery in simulation of the protective tortoise mountain.

5) Place decorative large ceramic pots with good fortune symbols to encourage chi to enter, settle and accumulate in the area.

For Rock Gardens

1) Make sure the rocks you select are rounded and not threatening in any way.

2) Remove fierce or hostile rock for motions and do not place big rocks too close to your house. This will attract nothing but bad luck to members of the household.