Tai Sui 2024 – General Li Cheng

Introducing General Li Cheng:
The Tai Sui Ruling the Year of the Wood Dragon

The Tai Sui or God of the Year, is said to be in charge of all Earthly matters. He has a big influence over the general mood of the year, and can be both benevolent and ruthless in nature. The Chinese believe that the Tai Sui rules over the luck of all homes and animal signs, which is why it is extremely important that everyone pays homage to him year in, year out. Having him on one’s side brings mentor, benefactor and support luck, while incurring his wrath brings about all kinds of difficulties.

The best way to garner Tai Sui’s support is by displaying the Tai Sui Plaque in his location. This changes every year following the movements of the planet Jupiter and in 2024, he will take up residence in the SE, or more accurately, the location of the Dragon. As such, the SE sector must be revered and kept in high respect throughout 2024. Do not disturb the energies here by renovating or having loud noises, i.e there should be no drilling, hacking or digging.

Facing the Tai Sui’s direction is also not favourable. One must NEVER confront the Tai Sui, meaning that you MUST NOT face SE in 2024, even if it happens to be a lucky direction for you based on your KUA number. Make sure all seating arrangements at home and in the office follow this rule so that you don’t inadvertently anger the Tai Sui.

To ensure you benefit from his guardianship, you can also carry the Tai Sui Amulet. For 2024, this amulet is especially useful for those born under the signs of the Dragon, Dog, Sheep and Ox. The Dog directly confronts the Tai Sui and is therefore the most afflicted. The Sheep and Ox suffer from side clashes with the Tai Sui, and while the Dragon, sharing a space with the Tai Sui, is said to enjoy good fortune, it is not given freely. These four signs must honour him to manifest their full potential. Apart from displaying his image in his location for the year, and carrying his image and talisman as an amulet, it is also common practice for those confronting the Tai Sui to pay homage to his spirit at a temple where his image is displayed at the beginning of the year.



There are a total of 60 Tai Suis taking turns to preside over a span of 60 years. After that, the cycle repeats itself. Each Tai Sui is represented by a prominent General of Ancient China, and depending on the ruling Tai Sui of any particular year, these generals reflect the kind of luck that we can expect. We are currently in the 41st year of the cycle known as “Jia-Chen Tai Sui”. This loosely translates to “The Tai Sui of the Wood Dragon Year”, and is linked to General Li Cheng.

GENERAL LI CHENG – Benevolent & Upright

General Li Cheng was born during the Yuan Dynasty. He was the secretary of a prominent city and very quickly moved up the ranks to become an official in the magistrate of San Yuan County. He was a filial, upright and honest man, and when conducting his duties, he was also tolerant, discerning and benevolent. During his tenure overseeing San Yuan County, he practised a moral government. He suspended criminal law and litigated civil disputes himself. He would insist that both parties make concessions and reconcile with reason. He encouraged farming throughout the land, and when it came time for taxation, he was just and fair, apportioning it according to the income levels of his people. Whenever the Emperor requested funds for military campaigns, he made sure to only collect taxes from those who could afford it. He also made it his mission to rid the military of unscrupulous officers and soldiers. New schools were built to train officials and stamp out crime. His army was thus loyal and incorruptible. Commoners living in his territory enjoyed life without poverty in a safe and peaceful environment, as bandits feared his name and would avoid attacking his county, even though it was a prosperous one.

Having General Li Cheng as our Tai Sui in 2024 suggests that there will be stability in spite of the uncertainties brought about by the change in Feng Shui periods. Good leaders will emerge to transform the world into a better place, and it will be easier for disagreeing parties to compromise. The Flying Stars of the year confirm these indications, with the #4 Relationship Star making its way to the sector representing the leader. The hostile #3 may dominate the energies, but controlled and directed in a productive way, it can give rise to a good semblance of order. This is thus a year when everyone benefits from the support of the Tai Sui, and one in which harmony amulets will come in especially handy.

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