We are a big happy family here at WOFS…

World of Feng Shui HQ opened for work on the 8th Day of the Chinese New Year of the EARTH Boar with five Lau Juak Happiness Lions bringing ingots and “gold” into our head office at North Point in Mid Valley City.

For the Chinese, the first 15 days of the Lunar New Year is when all businesses and families set the tone for the coming year. It is a time when happiness and prosperity rituals create great good fortune luck for the next twelve months. And so it was that we brought in the lions, the oranges and all the good fortune rituals to attract prosperity for us, our staff and our customers.

We are heading into the Year of the Earth Boar, which is the year when we end the calendar cycle. It is a time for completion luck to be made especially good and as 2019 enjoys the auspicious #8 Prosperity Star in the middle of the Feng Shui chart, we know this will be a year when we can bring many projects to fruition and also get ready for the new calendar cycle that will be coming.

The Boar symbolises abundance and affluence, leisure and luxury, and when paired with a balanced Paht Chee chart, as is the case this year, the future looks bright and full of promise. And as always creating wealth luck is foremost on our minds!

Choy San consulting suitable dates in Lillian Too’s Feng Shui Diary


Our Lion Dance featured six lions to signify good fortune from heaven and there were two important GODS – the God of Wealth (Choy San) and the God of Happiness (Hei San)!

The God of Wealth was most generous! He filled our pockets to the brim with all the symbols of wealth – coins tied with red threads, ingots of various shapes and sizes and real oranges to signify plentiful gold! This is part and parcel of the properous new year traditon. The Wealth God handed out loads of “gold and money” as he walked amongst our staff at our office, our customers at the shop and our friends at our new year celebrations at home.

We are very lucky as the Gods of Wealth and Happiness who visited our home, our business premises and our office played their roles to perfection, even as the lions danced to the beat of very loud drums and clashing cymbals – all to symbolically welcome good fortune to our friends, our customers and our family members. It was all very lau juak – Hokkien for great good fun – setting the tone for the coming twelve months!



We made sure to pick an auspicious date to start work in the new year and on that day, we made certain to have lions gracing the occasion, bringing good tidings. Lion dances MUST feature lions that are energetic; they must be full of life and manifest happiness vibrations. Hence choosing your lion dance troupe is vital to ensure they make the all the right moves to attract great good fortune. Most important is that they need to be lively to signify good healthy energy through the year.


This year we featured a little lion to signify continuity and to infuse a big dose of pure yang energy. This also ensures that the business will never lack for creativity of approach and plenty of creative new ideas.

Our lion dance at WOFS HQ was followed by an equally grand dance at our World of Feng Shui flagship store at Center Court, Mid Valley Megamall. Friends and customers turned up to share our joy and happiness and partake of the animated drumming and dancing as well as take home with them abundant “Kum” (oranges), golden ingots, coins and gold bars which were rolled into our premises. All this is part of the Chinese New Year tradition – the sharing of good fortune is a must for new prosperity luck to manifest.

It has indeed been a very hectic two weeks and we go to great lengths to observe all the traditions – to ensure that our store continues to exude good fortune vibrations so that customers feel and benefit from all the symbols of good fortune we bring their way. We never lose sight of the need for there to be good feng shui always!


  1. Do NOT face East and do not have your back to the West. This makes you vulnerable to the Three Killings. Very dangerous.
  2. Keep the NW quiet this year, or you risk offending the Tai Sui.
  3. Remove windchimes and bells from the South. The Quarrelsome Star #3 is here and can cause conflicts to materialise; you could also get into trouble with the authorities or get entangled in lawsuits, as windchimes will activate the #3 star.
  4. Suppress the Five Yellow in the Southwest with the Tri-coloured Five Element Pagoda. SO important to do this!
  5. Use the center area of your home and office as much as possible to breathe life into the auspicious energies of the center sector as the #8 star is here this year.
  6. Remember that this year, RED IS WEALTH. So when you feel you need a little windfall, wear red!

We wish friends and followers a wonderful Year with much success, wealth, health and happiness. We look forward to seeing you at any one of our forthcoming events!

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15th – 16th March 2019
Practical Paht Chee Course by Phillip Lim
7th July 2019
1-Day Mindfulness Meditation Retreat with Lillian Too
With a bunch of happy lions and two Gods of Wealth at the World of Feng Shui Flagship Store, Mid Valley Megamall.
Left: Gods of Wealth bringing in a platter full of prosperity and abundance.
Right: Good turnout at World of Feng Shui to welcome in the lions.