Revitalize Your Bedroom: Quick Ways To Bring New Energies Into Your Inner Sanctuary

There are guidelines on keeping bedrooms neat, clean and tidy in the interests of maintaining good feng shui, but there is no need to go too far. Most important is the pointing direction of the head. As long as your bed is positioned correctly according to your personal sheng chi direction, the energies that enter into you as you sleep will bring success. This plus following the basic guidelines on BEDROOM FENG SHUI.

For many, the bedroom is more than just a place to rest our heads at night. The bedroom is in fact a sanctuary, and contrary to many wannabee feng shui experts, this does not mean the bedroom needs to be done up in muted colours, be simple to the extent that it is spartan, with lighting kept dim. Too many keep their bedrooms so dark it becomes depressing, completely blocking out the magic of morning sunlight from filtering into their bedrooms.

You do not always need to be “soothing” when decorating your bedroom to the extent that you allow YIN energies to dominate.


The bedroom also needs YANG CHI which comes from pure sunlight, so each day during the daytime hours, bedrooms can do with a good dose of fresh air and sunlight. The curtains should be drawn open and the window panes should also be opened. This allows fresh air to come in. An hour or two of this kind of rejuvenation does a world of good for the bedroom.

By all means install blinds that keep out the lights and sounds from the outside during the nighttime hours, but in the daytime, let daylight yang energies infuse your room with fresh new chi!


are not a good idea, but if you have an outside balcony, it is invigorating to place beautiful plants there in full view of your bed kept outside with a glass sliding door. Plants release oxygen as well as carbon dioxide at night, but kept outside, they are within view and you can get the best of both worlds. This is an excellent way to revitalize your view, and it particularly benefits those who need WOOD in their Paht Chee charts.


are not at all harmful in the bedroom. Indeed, the sound of gentle flowing water can be very soothing, and for those needing WATER in their Paht Chee charts, there is no better way for them to compensate for missing water in their charts. Just keep the water feature small and manageable. It is not a good idea to keep fish in the bedroom, so an aquarium is not a good idea. But a small zen water feature can rejuvenate bedroom chi in a most effective way.


into the bedroom to add a touch of excitement. When there are too may contrasting colours, they can seem to be shouting at you, and this is not good in a place of rest. You do not want to amplify your feelings too much, but for those in the prime of your lives, a single primary colour can add incredible new accents into your bedroom. So two bright coloured pillows, or a small carpet in a happy red colour can truly jazz up your bedroom in a most incredible way. This is also good for those who need FIRE energy to compensate for lack of this element in their charts.



or something meaningful to you to add a fresh new point of interest in your bedroom. This should be something you associate with happiness emotions rather than something depressing or unpleasant. Another good idea is to place a few affirmative sayings or positive thinking inducing posters. Just reading some of the beautiful sayings of poets can let you go to sleep happy and contented. Better yet, bring in some specially framed pictures in precious metallic frames; pictures that remind you of happy holidays are excellent to jazz up the bedroom and silver frames are also great for those needing METAL energy!


so you start associating your bathroom with cleanliness and pretty things. Make it smell good and clean, and add some pretty curtains to those small windows. You do not realize it, but nothing makes for better sleep, or makes you wake up feeling better than a nicely made up bathroom. It also adds a touch of luxury to your “boudoir”. But do make sure to close your bathroom doors and keep the bathroom well ventilated.


– a small table top where you can put your computer, your iPad and also for charging your smart phones. In the old days, electronics played only a tiny role in one’s life, but today Internet electronics have become an integral part of our lives and for many, they play a BIG role in keeping us happy. So creating a tiny niche in the bedroom for these all-important digital gadgets is a good idea indeed. It is like sleeping with our teddy bears, except that because they are electrical, it is a good idea to place them a little apart from the bed.

It is also an excellent idea to place a notepad for jotting down sudden creative ideas or solutions that may crop up just before you go to sleep, or when you wake up in the morning. There is no harm in being prepared, and it is nice to have some pen and paper nearby in the bedroom!


According to Taoist Masters, a crystal globe, especially one in deep golden colours that remind one of the desert at sunrise or sunset, when placed in the bedroom is excellent for creating harmony between husband and wife. Place it on a small sideboard or table in full view of the bed. This is excellent for those needing EARTH energy in their Paht Chee charts.


You already know the main points about ensuring good feng shui in the bedroom. Much of it is basic common sense, but before you go about revitalizing your bedroom, here is a quick checklist on taboos to bear in mind when it come to having a truly great bedroom.


  1. Avoid having the bed against the same wall as the entrance door.
  2. Avoid sharing a wall with the toilet in the bathroom.
  3. Avoid being directly above the main door downstairs.
  4. Avoid having ANY mirrors directly facing the bed.
  5. Avoid being above the garage.
  6. Avoid the front of apartment if facing an excessively busy noisy road.
  7. Avoid the back of the apartment if there is a hospital or police station there.
  8. Avoid being directly above the kitchen stove.


  1. 1. Avoid bed floating in the room. Always place bed against a wall.
  2. Avoid bed directly under a heavy beam.
  3. Avoid having bed(s) placed against same wall as door.
  4. Avoid having a bed getting “hit” by a corner pillar.
  5. Avoid having the door blocked by furniture when you sleep.
  6. Best place is to have bed against wall opposite to the door.
  7. Avoid being under a big lamp or chandelier.
  8. Avoid being under a sloped or slanted ceiling.