Paht Chee Method for Selecting Auspicious Dates

Throughout Southeast Asia, it has become common practice to select a lucky day for getting married, for moving house and for other important activities. Different cultures use slightly different methods for date selection.

Indian astrologers derive suitable dates by referring to the person’s date, time and place of birth, and then checking the positions of the stars. The Thai people use a similar method but they refer to the Thai solar calendar (Suriyakhati) whereby suitable dates are dependent on the animal sign under which you were born, as well as what day were you born on. The Balinese people refer to their Balinese calendar (Pawukon Calendar) where there are fixed dates that are suitable for various activities. The Tibetan Calendar lists days suitable for cutting hair, consulting the doctor, signing contracts, conducting religious activities as well as other important events. The Chinese refer to the Almanac, otherwise known as the 1000-Year calendar. Each of these methods tells of suitable activities for the day, where some methods have a direct correlation to the person’s year of birth, while others are more general.

Another method, not as widely used, applies Paht Chee in the selection of lucky dates. Each day, according to the Almanac calendar, has a heaven stem element as well as an animal sign that rules the day. For each person, there are then five kinds of unsuitable dates that should be avoided.

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Direct Conflict Days

This is the animal sign that is in direct conflict with your own animal sign. It is believed that getting married, starting a new business, beginning renovation or construction on this day will bring obstacles and misfortune.

Side Conflict Days

These are days that are in side conflict with you, and although not very unlucky, starting up a new enterprise on such days may reduce your chances of success due to added obstacles and unforeseen problems.

Self Penalty Days

Such days are also best avoided when signing important contracts or for the grand opening of your business. The self penalty day brings self doubt and insecurity, thus blocking your way.

Aggression Days

These are days that bring you 3 kinds of misfortune. The formula is derived from the conflict of elements of the Tai Sui element of your animal sign being in conflict with the element of the season. Such days are very unsuitable for getting married or for signing business contracts; they bring severe disharmony and arguments.

Killing Days

Such days bring killing energy. Nothing can succeed. Promotions and marketing campaigns held on such days will not work out well. If you undergo a serious medical procedure on this day, the treatment may be risky, or there could be complications. If you conceive on this day, you could have relationship issues or problems with your child.

Good Days

These are excellent days for doing anything, as they are governed by either your ally or secret friend. Thus there will be harmony, good energy and plenty of help given by them. Cutting your hair on such days represents cutting away bad luck and obstacles; and bringing good new beginnings.

Neutral Days

These are days when the energy of heaven does not disturb you. All success will depend on your own efforts as there is no added luck, but neither is there any added misfortune.

Fine-tuning Your Lucky Days

So far, we have only been looking at the Earthly Branch of the day; we have not looked at the Heavenly Stem elements yet. To further fine-tune your luck for say getting married or for moving house, or for signing business contracts or for registering your new business, you should locate the fortunate elements that are lucky for you based on your individual Paht Chee and then select a day that has the heavenly stem element being very lucky for you.


What is interesting to note is that on good days when the heavenly stem elements match a couple’s Paht Chee chart, even the most unlikely couple may end up getting married. Here we have three examples of such couples who have admitted that their decision to get married was not right, and some even said that they were out of their mind; yet they got married, only to get divorced soon thereafter!

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In first place, we have the unlikely joining of Britney Spears (born 2nd December 1981) and Jason Allen Alexander (born October 1981). When we look further, we find that Britney Spears is strong wood, where her beneficial elements are fire, earth and metal. Jason is weak fire, where his beneficial element is water, wood and fire.

These two Roosters got married on the 3rd of January 2004 when the heavenly stem was yin metal and the animal sign was the Snake. What we see here is that both Jason and Britney each have 2 Peach Blossom animals, which indicate that both potentially have very high romance energy meeting up on a day where the animal sign of the year, month and day are good or neutral days for them. It is believed that when both couple has high romance energy that the marriage is unlikely to last and thus this is never considered a recommended match. Indeed, the marriage lasted only 2 days before they annulled the marriage, saying it was a joke carried too far.

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In second place, we have Carmen Electra (Tara Leigh Patrick) born 20th April 1975 and Dennis Rodman born 13th May 1961. Carmen Electra is a Rat and likely weak metal. Thus her beneficial elements would be earth and metal. Dennis Rodman is an Ox and weak Fire, with wood being a likely beneficial element.

They decided to get married very quickly on 14th November 1998, which was the day of the Wood Ox, a suitable day for both of them. The only problem being both are born with the Dragon in the month pillars, which can lead to a serious case of self doubt for both of them, and indeed, 9 days later, they decided to annul the marriage, only to change their mind and work things out. After a few more times changing their minds back and forth, they finally got divorced 6th April 1999.

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The 3rd case is Mario Lopez (born 10th October 1973) and Ali Landry (born 21st July 1973). Both Mario and Ali are Ox, and both are also strong earth, with beneficial elements being metal, water and wood.

Both were dating 8 months before they decided to tie the knot on 24th April 2004. This being a water Rooster day, both element and animal sign was excellent for both parties. However, when you look at their charts, collectively, they have the Ox, Sheep and Dog over the year and month, forming the Earth triple penalty, which is extremely bad for both of them, since they are both strong earth.

So long as they were not bound to each other, the penalty did not apply, but once they were married, it caused severe problems for both, leading to their divorce only a short 2 weeks later, when Ali claimed inconsolable differences.

What we can conclude from these three examples is that although the energy of a good day can cause a dating couple to mutually agree to getting married, it still is the final compatibility of their Paht Chee charts that matters most when it comes to the durability of their nuptial bonds.