One of the most magical animals on Earth… The Domestic Cat

PHILLIP LIM, an ardent cat lover with five cats he considers part of the family, shares some little-known cat wisdom with readers. His five cats all started life as strays, but with nurturing and care, look like any of the fancy pedigree breeds you may find in exotic picture books. There are also many mystical connotations connected to the spiritual cat. Take note the next time your feline friend acts out of the ordinary – he may be sending you an important message!

Cats have very strong auras that cover their owners, home and up to the boundaries of their territory. When a cat comes up to you and seeks attention from you, whether by meowing or by rubbing their cheeks on you, it means the cat approves of your aura. If they visit your home, it means your home has good and friendly energy. When cats rubs themselves against you, it means that they wish to share their energy with you, and so you should never push the cat away or scold the cat, as that will block positive energy given to you by the cat.

Cats are also very protective creatures and will prevent bad spirits from affecting their home, and will even chase away any wandering spirits that may have taken up temporary residency before the family moved in. That is why it is an old practice in Russia to bring family cats along when cleaning up new homes prior to moving in. When a cat senses a spirit in the house, the first thing it does is to follow it around the house in order to determine its intentions and energy.

So play close attention to your cat and you will notice if they are looking at a particular spot or keep on meowing at nothing. It may simply mean that the cat has seen or felt an unwelcomed presence trying to enter your home, or even unwanted pests such as geckos or undesired insects. You can help your cat in purifying your home and keeping its energy clean and nice by reading prayers regularly or performing a space-clearing ritual. Burning incense such as Kemenyen (Frankincense) will also help in the cleansing ritual, and this is a great of removing stale energy.

Cats also have very strong instincts, so if they behave aggressively against any visitors, it is their way of saying they do not trust them.

Your cat can also protect you from evil eyes and curses. But in order to protect you from an evil eye, or during a conversation with a person whom you suspect harbours impure thoughts, you need to keep your hands on the cat, using your left hand for stroking their neck, and your right one for stroking its tail. In this case, you will be in full contact with the animal. Your energy fields will come together in a single force field that will keep you safe even from powerful mystical attacks.

Since cats are conduits of cosmic energy, they can also bring positive energy into the house, which will contribute to the welfare and prosperity of the whole family. Cats like being in places where positive energy is strong. If your cat loves to nap in the living room, your work room or your bedroom, you can be sure they are telling you that these are auspicious and lucky sections of your home with good energy.

Cats are said to have nine lives and thus they can share healing energies with their masters. Cats of any breed and colour have the ability to treat and bring healing effects. One of the easiest methods of getting treatment from your cat is simply by stroking them. Their gentle purring between the 20 – 140 Hz range helps your body release endorphins, which reduces stress and even blood pressure. It has also been found that the special frequency range that cats purr at can stimulate bone, muscle and ligament repair. Some owners have even reported improved eyesight after spending time with affectionate cats.

The Egyptian Goddess of protection, healing and fertility is known as Bastet and takes on the form of a black cat. The Norse Goddess of Fertility and Love Freiya is closely associated with cats in addition to her prowess over the magical realm. Her personal transport of a beautiful chariot was pulled by two large black cats, and so the domesticated cat were thought to be her liaisons to the mortal realm, signifying good luck and a happy home life to those who kept cats in their home by taking care of them and feeding them.


In Burma, it is believed that the holy Kittah (monks) was blessed by the goddess Tsun Kyan-Kse to be reincarnated in the form of these special felines upon their deaths. They will then live out one life as a cat before immediately ascending to Nirvana. They believe that anyone who kills one of these beautiful cats with brown extremities, white paws, golden fur upon its center body, and blue eyes will suffer extreme bad luck.

In Thailand, the Siamese cats were also thought to house the spirits of those who had already passed on – particularly the recently deceased King of Siam. In order to be present at the coronation of the new king, the previous king that just died would be reincarnated as a Siamese cat before moving on in attainment of heaven. Since the feline body housed the spirit of the previous monarch, this cat would treated like a member of the royal family just as the king would have been if his spirit was in his natural human form.

In medieval Europe, Pope Gregory IX denounced black cats as being agents of the devil and Satanic in origin. This led to a mass extermination of many cats, some of them even burned alive in search of the devil’s spirit within.

Since cats are conduits of cosmic energy, they can also bring positive energy into the house, which contributes to the welfare and prosperity of the whole family.

Subsequently, cats were also associated with witches during this time, as they were thought to be gifts from the Devil to help in their witchcraft acting as ‘familiars’ once the witch sealed their pact with the Devil. Of course, the result of killing so many cats led to the proliferation of rats and thereby the fleas on the rats that were carrying the virus known as the Black Plague. Many historians believe that the extent of the Black Plague would have been greatly lessened if the European Christians had simply let the cats continue their role as the silent protectors of mankind.

With so many Cats to choose from, it can sometimes be difficult to decide which type of cat you should adopt. Although, among cat owners, you will realize very quickly that it the cat that adopted you and not the other way around. The Balinese, Burmese and Siamese breeds exude a spiritual and yogic aura, most suitable for those who lead a quiet and spiritual social life. While the British and Scottish gray brings lots of love, happiness and contentment and emotional stability. The common Tabby (striped) bestows good luck, possesses a cheerful attitude and can be full of fun! The Calico (tri-coloured) is the supreme Cat Goddess with their attitude and Divaness, bringing lots of happiness and prosperity. The 2-tone Cat makes excellent mousers and are very friendly, bringing also wisdom and common sense. The Black cat is the most connected to the spiritual world and protects your home from all spiritual harm. And the White cat is said to have the highest level of healing energy. Stroking a white cat daily relieves stress and helps recharge your energy.

Because of the magical nature of cats, it is recommended not to purchase your cat, but rather, to make a wish and let them find you in their own special way, as this is the best way of gaining the most magical benefit from becoming a cat owner.