Neutralize Neighbouring Buildings That Harm Your Home

Although most of us are stuck in our present location and it is usually quite hard to counter bad energy in the external environment, it is better, nevertheless, to be aware of anything that may be creating problems for your home in terms of surrounding energy. Once you develop your power of observation, turn your attention to the environment around you, looking for both natural and man-made features outside.

What harms the most are tall and hostile looking buildings that directly face your house. Large structures that stand right in front of your house will usually cause obstacles in your life, creating blocking energies that bring misfortune and cause you to fail.

Some buildings are more harmful than others. Those with many corners and edges are the source of the greatest amount of negative energy. When buildings are tilted, thereby causing their edges to point directly at your home, it is very dangerous. The colour of tiles and walls of buildings, as well as the shape of the building itself, can be a severe problem, especially if the colours and shapes represent elements unfriendly to the element of your home.


Which destructive energies could affect your home?

  1. A home that sits South (facing North) is a Fire element house, so if the building opposite you is curvilinear in shape and predominantly blue or black signifying Water, the energy being sent your way represents killing energy. It must thus be neutralized with Earth element energy. Solve this problem by building a brick wall.
  2. A home that sits East (facing West) or Southeast (facing Northwest) is a Wood element house, so if the building opposite is square and predominantly white or metallic, thereby signifying Metal, the energy being sent your way represents destructive energy, which must be neutralized with Fire element energy. Try installing a bright light.
  3. When you home sits West (facing East) or Northwest (facing Southeast), it is a Metal element house. A building that is triangular in shape and predominantly red, signifying Fire, causes the energy being sent your way to become destructive energy. Neutralize with Water element energy by building a small fountain between the building and your home.
  4. If your home sits North (facing South) it is said to be a Water element house. If the building opposite is round and predominantly yellow, signifying Earth, the energy being sent your way represents destructive energy. It must be neutralized with Wood element energy. Planting a tree or growing a hedge will combat this.
  5. If your home sits Northeast (facing Southwest) or Southwest (facing Northeast), it is an Earth element house and if the building opposite is rectangular and mostly brown and green, signifying Wood, the energy coming your way represents destructive energy. Neutralize with Metal element energy. Using a metal windchime will help.

Which poison arrows cause seriously afflicted energy in your external environment?

  1. Beware the straight road at a T-junction
  2. Getting hit by a multi-level road
  3. Being sandwiched between two roads
  4. Fast moving highways
  5. Circular interchange that faces your home
  6. Feeder roads
  7. Other harmful man-made structures

Effective cures against harm-bringing external structures

When you have a large hostile building, road or structure – and you suspect is hurting your home – you can select from amongst these 5 cures based on the direction that the harmful energy is coming from as it points towards your house. These methods are based on the compass formulas.

  1. Hang a curved knife outside your house directly confronting the structure if the harmful energy is coming at the house from the East or Southeast.
  2. Place a large boulder between your door and the harmful structure if it is coming from the North direction.
  3. Place a bright spotlight above your door so it shines outwards if the hostile building, road or structure is coming from the West or Northwest direction.
  4. Place an urn of water in front of your house if the offending structure is coming at your house from the South.
  5. Plant a clump of trees in front of the house if the offending structure comes at you from the Southwest or Northeast.