Mentally Manifesting

You have the power to improve everything in your life. Start with these 8 STEPS to new success!

An important principle of Inner Feng Shui is that inner energy that comes from your mind has the power to actualize everything you wish for into reality. All your wishes can come true and all the outcomes you want can take place. You have the power within you to manifest anything into your life. What you need to do is to focus your mind single-pointedly on what you want. To get you off to a GREAT start to the new year of 2021, try using this powerful visualising Feng shui technique. It is not difficult. All you need is a belief in your own capability, with your own powerful mind helping you…

1. First… Believe.

This is the most important part of the technique. You must believe that you have the power to mentally manifest what you want into reality. You must believe that you deserve what you are asking for, that you have a right to it and that you do not need to feel guilty about having it or need to suffer for wanting to get it. To believe intensely in yourself and simultaneously stay calm and relaxed requires practice. It cannot happen instantly. But this is the first part of the training and you need to gain control over your “monkey mind”. It is important to subdue your random thoughts, stabilize your mind and focus. This will lead to steady and positive concentration.

FENG SHUI TOOL to assist you

Place a solid quartz crystal ball near you to help you stabilize as you practise stilling your mind.


SPIRITUAL TOOL to assist you:

Recite this syllable silently inside your head “Dhi dhi dhi dhi…” This is a very powerful seed syllable which helps you to steady your mind to receive spiritual chi that is sure to help you.

2. Second… Have a Goal

You must have a goal whenever you wish to engage your mind to manifest a reality you want. This is a very important part of the technique. Many people are not sure what they really want; their goals tend to be vague and uncertain. So think through your life at this moment and ask yourself what will make you really happy. If you are doing this for the first time, keep your wishes simple, easy to manifest and definitely not absurd or outrageous. The idea is to slowly convince your mind you can do it, so keep your wishes small. The best wishes are specific, focused and something you can visualize in your mind.

3. Third… Stay in the present

Always define your wants and your goals in the present tense, not in future tense. You should say, “I am successful at my job” instead of “I will be successful at my job”. Say “I am rich, I have abundance; I am enjoying my new house, my new car, my new television set.” Remember that Objects of Desire are easier to manifest than abstract wishes involving other people. For instance, wishing to win the love of someone, to win a court case, to pass a certain exam, to be successful in a job application are aspirations that require more practice. But once you get the hang of it and your wishes start to come true, this will increasingly encourage you and eventually take you on the road to great success until it becomes a habitual part of your living. Use the words “I desire” or “I want” or “I wish to become” as often as possible. This makes the manifesting process easier; desiring, wanting, wishing are important empowering words and this is because your subconscious mind, the inner higher self of YOU, will go to great lengths to actualize what you want simply to make you happy.

Words that you understand are extremely helpful, and to make the process even more effective, you need to also believe that what you desire is already yours. You must visualize a picture of you already having what you want so you feel very pleased with yourself. Think of yourself this way. Picture it! Feel a strong sense of joyousness; feel it at as deep a level of your being as possible.


4. Be Creative

What you want, desire and yearn for must appear as pictures inside your head. Here you need to be very creative. For instance, picture yourself living in a very beautiful home with all the furniture you love and everything exactly the way you want it. If you are visualizing a new house for yourself, see and feel yourself enjoying your home. You can be as lavish as you wish, as imaginative as you want. In fact, it is only those who dare to dream and want and desire who get what they want. So if you want abundance, picture yourself in a state of abundance, wearing beautiful clothes, jewellery, driving a lovely car… the whole works! Go watch a movie with wealthy backdrops. Avoid watching “poverty” type movies, or sad movies. They do horrible things to the mind, building up unnecessary fears inside your head. Better to go for prosperity programming than poverty programming.

5. Keep your wishes secret

It is wise and beneficial to keep all your wishes to yourself. Never spell out your goals to others. Any negative thoughts or doubts they may have regarding what you wish for can well block your own effort at actualizing. Remember, they too have the power to manifest reality, and while your wishes may be stronger and more powerful, you do not need any obstacles to your success. Any negative thought sent your way which directly targets your own efforts to manifest is sure to hamper your efforts. You must make an effort to keep your wishes secret. You may, if you wish, share your success as soon as what you wish for materializes for you.

6. Never wish anything that harm others

Keep all your wishes positive and make it a point never to wish harm to befall anyone. Even if you find you have the power to manifest negative outcomes for others, you must never do it. If you inadvertently harm someone intentionally, the same negative thing will eventually boomerang back on you. If you are wishing for someone to love you, you must do it by offering love to that person, not seek to control that person. If after several tries you find you cannot succeed, then just send the thoughts of love into the Universe and let it work its magic. Use cosmic energy to offer love to another person. It is a lot more powerful.

7. Trust your Higher Self

It is possible that sometimes your higher self resists your efforts to actualize some particular outcome. This can come as a strong inner message that you should stop all attempts to actualize some outcome or something. Trust this message. It is probable that what you are trying to manifest is not in your own best interest or could in the long term harm you or harm someone you love. It benefits to trust your inner guide.

8. Access your Higher Purpose

When you have successfully learnt Mental Manifestation and your life becomes happy, successful, healthy, wealthy and stable, it is then that you will benefit even more by going to the next stage, which is to access in to a more meaningful life. Seek out the Higher Purpose of your life. Here, get help from your higher self who always knows what is best for you. Over time, you will begin to notice that your pattern of wants and needs and desires take on a new rhythm and that you will be working towards attaining and achieving things that will bring you to even higher happiness levels… and these may not necessarily be associated with material-type goals or objects. Go then with the flow, for you are being guided by your inner self, who is always watching over you!