Lucky Colors to Wear in 2023: The Year of the Water Rabbit

According to Chinese metaphysical science, colors are made up of specific frequencies, have different strengths and element affinities depending on the year. There are five main groups of colors that represent the five elements of Earth, Metal, Water, Wood and Fire. To determine the best colors to wear in any given year, one method is to look at the year’s Paht Chee chart.

In 2023, the Paht Chee chart indicates an unbalanced year. There is an EXCESS of the Fire and Wood elements, while Metal and Earth element are MISSING from the main chart. For a more balanced year, we should therefore fortify the missing elements, and one of the easiest ways to do so is by incorporating the elements’ corresponding colors into one’s wardrobe.


The Earth element represents stability, making one more grounded and rational, and is represented by the colors of yellow and beige. Being the color of the Son of Heaven, yellow has always been a noble color associated with the Emperor and the mandarins at court. It is also the color of the Yellow River, which brings much-needed life-giving water to the fields of rice and grain in China.

In 2023, the Earth element influences recognition, power and rank, bringing the kind of luck that deals with career potential. Because it is missing in the Paht Chee chart, this suggests that making any kind of career advancement will be challenging.

Activating the Earth element by wearing yellows and beiges improves promotion luck and earns you recognition for the work you put in. You can also wear natural gemstones, Dzi beads or crystal bracelets to further boost this element.


Since Metal is also missing from the chart of 2023, wearing more of the colors white, gold or silver is most auspicious indeed. It helps to not only bring balance to the surrounding energies, but also attracts strong support and plenty of resources. Business owners facing cash flow problems or needing financial support from banks benefit greatly from boosting the Metal element.

At work, boosting the element of Metal will help ensure you can get the support you need from colleagues, your team and your bosses. The Metal element can also be activated by wearing gold or silver jewelry; even better if the jewelry comes empowered with auspicious symbols or sacred syllables.


The Water element, represented by the colors blue and black, have an overriding influence on friendship and networking luck in 2023. Wearing these colors helps to widen your social and professional circles, and also works to bring people onto your side. If you are in sales, marketing, events management or any kind of work that requires having good contacts, you should utilize these colors as much as you can.

The color RED attracts WEALTH

In 2023, the colors of the fire element, namely red, maroon or orange represent wealth and income luck. Red attire during the first 15 days of Chinese New Year is always auspicious, but for the rest of the year, because there is an excess of Fire in the chart, it has the ability to turn destructive if overused. You should thus aim to wear these colors sparingly. And especially, avoid excessive use of these colors in the summer months when Fire element is at its strongest.


Wood energy is represented by the color green. In 2023, wearing green improves thinking and concentration, and brings one’s talents and creativity to the fore. If you have difficulty staying focused at work or are in a creative rut, wearing the color green can enhance productivity and bring renewed inspiration. Those in leadership positions benefit from wearing some green accessories like a green colored tie or a piece of imperial jade to help with planning and strategic thinking.

But since there is an excess of Wood chi in the year’s chart, there is no need to overdo things with the color green, or you could exacerbate the imbalance, which can manifest itself with self-doubt and excessive worrying.

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