Looking for Signs of Success on Your Feet

Look at your foot and in particular, check the dimensions and compare them to the rest of your body. The Chinese believe that the size, dimensions and fleshy quotient of our feet and hands as well as the lines and symbols, or lack of them, reveal a great deal about our destiny.

In the Tung Shu, the ‘thousand observations of a thousand masters’ have been summarized to offer clues to one’s future destiny just by observing one’s feet. Chinese people have long paid close attention to the feet, believing them to be connected to every single part of our bodies hence the marvelous rejuvenative powers of foot reflexology. Here are 20 types of feet and their indications.

Wash your feet in soapy water and then rub it clean and dry before trying to look for the lines and symbols that reveal your destiny. Generally, clean and well-manicured feet tend to suggest a better life than ugly coarse feet that don’t get washed. Those who take the trouble to pamper their feet are sure to be rewarded with the promise of an increasingly better life, but in terms of luck however, there is more to feet than meets the eye.

1When your feet are well balanced with nothing jutting out the skin is soft and the foot itself tapers elegantly looking quite long, this suggests the person will enjoy a rich lifestyle. You have friends and family and will never be short of anything. The feet should not look too fat or too thin, but be well balanced.

2When your feet appear unbalanced with discolourations and rough skin, generally appearing rather ugly and botchy, and on top of that short as well, the prediction is that you could be destined to have a difficult life. There is worry and suffering with few breaks around. You might want to do something about cleaning up your feet!


3When your feet are short, small and thick relative to your whole body, it suggests a life of great wealth and ease. Here the feet are obviously fleshy and soft to the touch. This suggests a person who does not need to work. Such feet usually belong to wealthy wives of rich tycoons and business people. The feet are not terribly attractive but sure are lucky indeed. If your girlfriend has such feet, she will bring you plenty of wealth luck.

4When your feet are long, large and soft, looking too big for your body, it indicates you have no wealth luck. It is your destiny to be poor and your whole life is riddled with people trying to take advantage of you. Few of your projects succeed. You also lack the courage to take risks.

5When your feet are soft but have plenty of lines crisscrossing the soles and upper feet, it suggests your life is good. Having plenty of lines usually indicates plenty of food on the table and plenty of travel. These lines do not mean worry. They suggest plenty of enjoyable travel luck.

6When the center of either one of your feet has a prominent mole, it indicates you will become very prosperous and rich. If the mole is red, your wealth comes as a result of your charm and capabilities. If the mole is dark and black, it comes from the risks you take and the influential people you have in your life. A single mole on the feet is a very prosperous indication.

7When you have three moles in a row on the center of either one of your feet, it is an indication of great political power. In the old texts it says you will become at least the head of two villages. Translated into modern times, this can indicate a successful political career up to Ministerial level or State Minister level. Three moles in a row always indicates political power and wealth usually comes with that political power.

8When there is some kind of line in the center of either one of your feet that looks like an eye, it is a very favourable indication as it suggests you will amass great wealth, good fortune and more, and that you will successfully pass this on to your children and future generations. This indicates that wealth in your family will not get dissipated.

9When the line in the center of either one of your feet looks like circle, it is indicative of your personality and your compassion. Those with this indication will impress others with their good heart, so many will speak well of you.

10When the line in the center of the foot looks like a tortoise, this is a very strong indication of high office. The prediction is that you will become a minister or someone holding the very highest position in your country. Sometimes it can also indicate someone rising to the upper echelons of a corporate career and running a very large company.

11When the lines at the base of your feet are hard and obvious, you will have power and influence all your life. This is an indication that you will become a minister of two different departments. You will control a great many people and you are imbued with excellent leadership qualities which make you a visionary and a spectacularly good leader.


12When the line in the center of the feet resembles any kind of animal shape, it is an excellent indication. Obviously this is very rare, but should you spy something that suggests any one of the 12 signs of the Chinese zodiac or any one of the celestial creatures, then you are certain to become a powerful leader with the ability to overcome any kind of difficult situation. You will also have the potential to benefit many people with your strong leadership and kind heart. If you have such a sign, you have a very bright future indeed.

13When the lines at the base of your feet are small and feel soft to the touch, it is likely you will become a strong leader who is both poplar and influential.

14When the soles of your feet do not have any lines, it is not a good indication as it suggests your destiny does not look good. You will suffer from a perpetual shortage of money and life is a struggle for you.

15When the soles of your feet are soft with many lines, you will enjoy a good and prosperous life.

16When the soles of your feet have many small spots of either a dark colour or markings of a white colour, these are inauspicious indications. You are more poor than rich. Your life has many difficulties and it is a struggle to make life go smoothly.

17When the soles of your feet are hard with no lines, it suggests you are a rather “low class” and cheap person. In fact it suggests that you tend to cheat and con people. If you find someone’s feet have no lines, this is a person you should avoid.

18When the toes on your feet are sharp and long, it suggests that you can handle big responsibilities efficiently. Such people tend to become good managers and can rise to become CEO of a company. They also bring good luck to whoever they work for.

19When one has feet with relatively long toes, this indicates a very famous and influential person. When the feet are also thick and fleshy, it is an indication that such a person’s family is very rich, belonging to the privileged class.

20When the bottom of either of your feet has “crossed” lines, it is an auspicious sign as it suggests you have the luck to hold leadership positions and enjoy good fortune. Indeed all kinds of lines appearing at the bottom of your feet always suggest that you will forever have food and prosperity. There is no shortage of anything in your life. And if you are lucky enough to have three distinct lines at the bottom of any one of your feet, it means you will enjoy prosperity, wealth and longevity.