Jump Start Your Career to Higher Success

career tipsJust like how a Feng Shui practitioner creates harmony with the surroundings while removing obstacles, we should also apply the same principles to our jobs and for when we would like to upgrade our careers. In Asia, it has become common practice for staff to seek new environments and experiences as well as new jobs right after the Chinese New Year. This symbolically means starting a new life, a new career alongside the New Year. And you see many people making prayers at the temples during the 15 days of the Lunar New Year in the hope of having a better year. If you want a better year career-wise in 2017, you should start by removing obstacles to your success both in your home as well as on your work desk.


  • Take a look at the North corner of your home. Look out for clutter, or damaged walls and furniture. For example, if the North corner is where you store old newspapers or unwanted items, this can lead to stagnation in your job. If the walls there are stained or damaged, this could lead to more serious afflictions in your career. Broken or damaged furniture or light fittings in this corner should always be repaired or replaced. If you have your toilet in the North corner, you should keep the toilet door closed when not in use, and always keep the seat down in the WC. In addition, you can hang a facetted crystal ball or natural piece of quartz crystal in the toilet to help reduce its ill effects on your career luck. If this is your kitchen, display a crystal here to create harmony.
  • Next, you should look at the main entrance to your home. Here we are looking for poison arrows, sharp angles or pointed edges of other buildings that hit at your main door. If you find any, hang a facetted crystal ball on the door trimming to help diffuse the “shar chi” directed at your home. You can also use a mini chandelier to the same effect. Of course, any clutter here or damaged doors will also lead to problems with incoming luck to your home.
  • Check your bedroom, and make sure you sleep with your head pointed to one of your four auspicious directions. You should lie on your bed and look around your room for potential poison arrows from overhead beams or sharp corners of columns. Keep your room clutter-free, as a cluttered room is a sign of a cluttered mind, which leads to poorer performance at work. You can also place a small figurine of a tortoise under your bed in such a way that the head of the tortoise faces your feet. This helps to promote a good rest the night before going to work so you are always well rested and ready to take on a new day.
  • You can also activate career luck by means of a water feature in the North corner of your living room, or by placing a brass image of General Kuan Kung reading a book in the Northwest corner.
If you want success and upward mobility in your job, it is important to keep your workdesk clutter-free.


  • You should keep your work desk clutter-free. This not only is good feng shui practice, it also gives your superiors the impression you are someone that is well organized and efficient.
  • If possible, always sit facing one of your good directions based on your Kua number.
  • If an upward career is what you seek, place a set of your allies and secret friend figurines on your work desk, as by doing so, you invite helpful people into your life.
  • You can also hang 9 tortoises strung with string on the back of your chair and cover it with a jacket if you like. The 9 tortoises carry the meaning of steadily climbing up the career path. Alternatively, you can display the 3 Sheep opening up the mountain behind where you sit at work.
  • Display photos of success moments such as when you received an award from the company for being top achiever of the year and so on.


If looking for a new job is what you seek, there are a number of effective rituals that you can use to help you achieve your goal.


Write your wish on a small piece of red paper (2” x 2”) using a black pen. Keep your wish clear and detailed. A good example would be “I wish to find a job in XYZ company as the xxxx manager and be paid a salary of RM xxxxxx”. Roll up the paper with your wish on the inside and then put it inside the wishfulfilling bird. Place the bird near a window, your balcony or your main entrance. Make sure the bird faces inwards (bringing good news) and then just sit back and let the bird do its magic.


According to a Chinese legend, there are silver-coloured bats that live for a thousand years in the high mountains feeding on stalactites, and if you were to have the good fortune to run into one of them, you would have the luck to live a long healthy life. Bats drawn in red are considered very auspicious symbols of success, prosperity, happiness, authority and longevity. As such, five bats are drawn in red and decorated on jars, vases and also used in the decoration of the home. When displayed near the entrance of the home, this age-old symbol of success brings you the added luck of achieving your wishes.


To do this ritual, you need to obtain a translucent jewel of any colour. As you have to hold the jewel with both hands, the jewel should not be too small or too large. A good size would be around 3” – 4” in diameter. Jewels that have auspicious mantras or seed syllables engraved on them are more effective. You need to find a quiet and private place in your home, and holding the jewel in the cup of your hands, close your eyes and visualize in your mind your wish coming true. For example, if your wish is to get promoted, visualize yourself holding onto a letter that says that you have been promoted to that position. You can even create a mock-up letter to help you to visualize better. Keep that image clearly in your mind, and then chant the following mantra. It is best if you can do this practice every day. In fact, the more often you do this practice, the quicker the results will manifest.


Since ancient times, merchants from all over the world believed in the good luck symbols of fully-laden merchant ships bringing wealth and opportunities from all over the globe. As such, in many prosperous Chinese homes, you will find sailing ships being displayed fully laden with ingots, coins, as well as other symbols of wealth.

In the modern world today, merchant ships have not lost their meaning; in fact, we see its meanings strengthened, especially when you have tanker ships carrying black gold or crude oil.


You can also create a mini harbour of ships in your home by display up to eight sailing ships decorated and fully loaded with ingots, coins, semi-precious stones or other symbols of wealth. Just make sure your ships are not pointed towards your doors, as doing so means that your wealth sails out of your home. Ensure that all the ships are sailing in from one of your four auspicious directions based on your Kua number, so that the wealth that comes into your life brings you happiness.


You can also apply the basic principles of feng shui when writing your resume. Start by selecting the right kind of photograph, and by this it means you should make all efforts in grooming yourself before taking the photo. Prior to having your photo taken, you should have performed the wishfulfilling jewel ritual and recall that same wish you made during the time your photo is taken. Make sure the photo is a flattering one of you with a pleasant expression on your face.

You should also use a balanced, broad-based and official looking font when writing your resume, such as Arial, Calibri, Courier, Garamond, or Times New Roman. You should avoid Italics, or unbalanced fonts such as Agency, Comic Sans or other narrow fonts.

Next, you should de-clutter your resume. Remove any information, qualification, experiences that are not pertinent to the job you are applying for. In fact, it is good to have some open spaces in your resume. Make sure the information contained is properly structured and easy to read. You should also add a touch of red in the resume to add some vital yang energy. And finally, sign off your resume using your auspicious signature. (An auspicious signature is one that moves from the left to the right in a smooth manner. The last stroke on your signature must always be upwards or at least higher than your first stroke.)

Always use a balanced, broad-based and official-looking font when writing your resume, such as Arial, Calibri, Courier, Garamond, or Times New Roman. Avoid Italics or unbalanced fonts such as Agency, Comic Sans or other fonts that are overly narrow.

On the day of your interview, after preparing yourself, look at the mirror and say some positive affirmations such as “Today I will pass the interview with……… and they will realize that I am the best candidate for the job.” Take a last look at yourself before leaving home to make sure that you are properly groomed and you have on properly matching clothes. It will also be auspicious if you wear something that is red in colour, and remember to carry some lucky amulets with you. When you arrive at the place of the interview, discretely pull out a compass to determine which your auspicious directions are, so that you are able to face one of your four auspicious directions during the interview.