How to Unlock Your Wealth Potential According to Your Paht Chee

Paht Chee is a form of Chinese fortune telling based on one’s date and time of birth. An accurate Paht Chee chart will reveal your lucky and unlucky years, identify which elements are lacking or in excess, and help you uncover clashes that may cause problems in your life, just to name a few. It allows you to make the necessary corrections and minimize the impact of oncoming obstacles, and can even help you manifest some of your greatest desires.

As a Paht Chee Consultant, I have come across clients with all kinds of aspirations but the most popular ones are often related to the pursuit of wealth, so here are 2 simple ways you can boost wealth luck using information from your Paht Chee chart.

You can download your Paht Chee Chart here.


The first method is to determine what your wealth element is and to activate it.

Look for the element in the Day Pillar of your Paht Chee chart. This is your self-element. Then, using the chart below, identify your wealth element.

Your Self-Element Your Wealth Element
Metal Wood
Earth Water
Fire Metal
Wood Earth
Water Fire

If METAL is your wealth element, wear colors that represent Metal such as white, purple, gold and silver, or don metal accessories in the form of pendants, chains and bangles. You can also place the White Bucket of Good Fortune on your desk.

If EARTH is your wealth element, wear natural crystal pendants and Dzi bead bracelets. Get the Yellow Bucket of Good Fortune featuring the mandarin orange and pear to capture BIG wealth bonanzas.

If FIRE is your wealth element, wear lots of reds, maroons and pinks. Keep your environment brightly lit or spend some time under the sun to charge up your Fire chi. Having the Red Bucket of Good Fortune on your work desk boosts income and success luck immensely as well.

If WOOD is your wealth element, wear wood beads or pendants made of sandalwood and lotus seeds, or place the Green Bucket of Good Fortune on your desk. Spending time surrounded by nature is also helpful.

If WATER is your wealth element, place small tabletop water features in your living room or the Blue Bucket of Good Fortune on your desk. You can also spend more time near bodies of water such as pools, lakes and the sea.


The second method involves harnessing the affinity you have with the animal sign that brings you wealth. To do this, you first need to determine the animal sign that is in the Earthly branch of your Day Pillar. Then, based on the table below, establish what your wealth animal is.

Earthly Branch Animal in Your Day Pillar Animal That Brings You Wealth
Rat Sheep
Ox Monkey
Tiger Rooster
Rabbit Dog
Dragon Boar
Snake Rat
Horse Ox
Sheep Tiger
Monkey Rabbit
Rooster Dragon
Dog Snake
Boar Horse

If the animal sign in your Day Pillar is the Snake, then your wealth animal is the Rat.

Hence, placing images or figurines of Rats on your work desk or in your living space will go a long way towards activating wealth luck for you. Surrounding yourself with images of your wealth animal in the form of jewellery or accessories will also attract all kinds of prosperous energies.

If you want to enhance cash flow, attract windfalls or ease financial concerns, give these easy Paht Chee tips a go!