How to Transform Your Living Space to Attract Good Fortune

It is important to attune yourself to the clearing process. The act itself is a departure from a normal kind of day. It is a departure from routine, and the mind gets a creative jolt that is not unwelcome. When the mind focuses on the process of dejunking physical space, it automatically goes into cleansing mode.

Every time you clear out your clutter, it will take you less time to do so than the last and the whole process will feel increasingly natural. Each time it will become easier, but the important thing is to start, for once you experience its benefits, you will want to do it again and again. This is how the mind reacts, adapts, and contributes to any beneficial activity.

Keep your kitchen clear, as all junk there is bad

The build-up of junk in the kitchen can be quite dangerous. This is because bad energy can seep into the food you eat. Cooked food is not as susceptible to absorbing yin chi (which can cause illness) as cold food is, since it is already yin. If you are a salad-and-sandwiches person, do ensure that your kitchen stays reasonably free of yin energy, which emanates from kitchen clutter.

Revitalizing your kitchen

You need to de-junk your kitchen as often as possible to avoid the harmful build-up of yin chi. Below is what you must do often:

  1. Clean the refrigerator. Do this once a month so that leftover food does not get lost in the back and rot into poison. Do the same for the cabinets that hold grocery goods. For instance, people have a nasty habit of ignoring canned food for so long that it turns bad before they notice. The same thing happens with exotic sauces and seasonings that become harmful junk as they degenerate in half-opened bottles and containers.
  2. Check out cookware. In the kitchen, all physical junk is bad and should be thrown away. Included in this category are not just stale foods and foodstuff, but also broken plates, cups, and bowls. Cooking pots and pans also cannot last forever, and once defective, they should be replaced. Don’t buy a new frying pan just to keep the old one with its scratched Teflon surface; or hold on to that worn-out, ugly coffeemaker that you have already replaced with a brand new model.
  3. Double-check trash cans. Make sure to clear the garbage regularly and to throw away rotting food. Also clear the cat litter and make sure any goldfish bowls here are kept clean. Untidy, dirty kitchens ruin more marriages and cause more heartache than you would imagine. Among all of the rooms of the home, this is the place that is most vulnerable to the build-up of yin energy, so treat all physical junk in the kitchen as bad and get rid of it.

Treat bedrooms as sacred spaces

Keep your bedroom free of clutter for peaceful, restful sleep. Treat this area as if it is a sacred space, since this is where you spend all of your sleeping, subconscious time. This is where you leave the conscious world and go into another dimension. Here is where you dream dreams and let yourself go. Here is where you rest, cocooned from the world. So keep this space sacred and special.

Keep the energy of the bedroom free from energy that is negative, harmful, stale, or hostile – so throw out things that make the energy turn sour. Instead, place only things you love in your bedroom, things that make you feel pampered and beautiful.

Practical Tips

  1. Don’t store clothes high on elevated shelves in your bedroom. This is a bad idea because they create heaviness above the sleeping level. Store your winter wardrobe in a store room and keep all of your suitcases in another room.
  2. Keep all exercise equipment, bikes, and wall mirrors out of the bedroom. Your place of rest is not your gym.
  3. Make sure that all work-related junk is kept away from the bedroom. Do not have a work desk here, so that you eliminate the danger of work-junk piling up inside the bedroom. Keep computers and telephones out. Let children have a specialized study room, rather than a desk in their bedroom. If there are insufficient rooms in your house for this, try to place the desk a little away from the bed so that junk that builds up on the desk does not affect the sleeping child.
  4. Keep all dirty clothes inside a laundry basket. Nothing is more yin than dirty clothes; the energy it gives off permeates any room pretty fast.
  5. Do not place junk under, over, or beside a bed. Keep beds clean at all times.
  6. Keep all doors clear of junk so that they open and close smoothly.
  7. Never hang questionable art on the walls of your bedroom. Make sure you never hang anything that looks threatening or anything that can attract bad luck.
  8. Keep windows clear of clutter. Curtains can be left open or closed at night, but it is advisable to let the light flow in once the sun is up. Nothing brings in better yang energy than morning sunlight.