How To Make Your Own Wealth Vase

Would you like to make a wealth vase to benefit your family? This used to be something only the wealthiest and noblest of families of China were privy to. Today, secrets associated with the creation of a family wealth vase have become available through the teachings of contemporary Taoist and Buddhist masters. The practice has origins in these two major Chinese traditions, and if you visit some of the older family homes in Beijing, Shanghai or Xian, you might be able to view some magnificently huge wealth vases belonging to the noble families of another time, vases that have lasted through generations. These wealth vases were credited to bringing continuous wealth and power to families through the days of the Ching Emperors and Communist rulers, allowing their descendents to successfully weather political and economical changes.

To make a wealth vase, you first need to find a suitable vase, one that looks like the vase shown here. The neck is smaller than the body of the vase, and there must be a cover. Next, you will need to gather all the “ingredients” you want to place inside your vase. When you have established a good motivation – i.e. that you are making the vase to ensure that your family will be able to accumulate assets, will grow progressively more prosperous over the years, and that no members of your family will be poor – you can begin.

Fill the essential ingredients first – soil, food and then all the symbols of prosperity. The soil should be at the bottom and best if someone wealthy has given this to you. You want the good chi of a wealthy home inside your vase, creating a firm foundation. Next, place the rest of the essential and secret ingredients inside the vase, as shown in the illustration. Make sure the God of Wealth is sitting in the center of the vase and note its facing direction. When your vase is finished you must close it, cover it with five coloured cotton cloth (to signify the five elements) and tie it tight with five strings of five colours. Keep the vase hidden deep inside your home and facing inwards, never outwards. The bedroom is a good place to keep your wealth vase.

Essential Ingredients

    1. The Wealth God (can be any Wealth God you feel an affinity with)
    2. Five Gem Globes to signify wealth from all directions
    3. Assorted crystal chips to signify wealth from the earth
    4. Gold bars – contemporary symbols of wealth
    5. Gold ingot – ancient symbols of wealth
    6. Faux diamonds to signify the most precious treasures
    7. Wish-fulfilling jewels to make all your aspirations manifest
    8. 3 brass coins tied with red/gold string for current wealth
    9. 9 emperor coins for wealth under all circumstances
    10. Semi-precious stones for accumulation of assets
    11. Lock coin to safeguard your wealth
    12. I-ching coins to pacify all obstacles
    13. Six smooth crystal balls for harmony in the family
    14. 5 types of food to signify abundance
    15. A Ru Yi to signify power & management of the household

Secret Ingredients (this boosts the potency of the wealth vase)

  1. Soil given to you and taken from a wealthy man’s home
  2. Cash given to you by a rich man or woman
  3. Picture of wealthy, successful people you admire
  4. Picture of mansions/cars/clothes – whatever wealth signifies to you
  5. Money in different currencies