Dealing with the TIME dimension in feng shui

My grandson asked me when Hungry Ghost month would be over… he felt the affliction brought to the world at this time of the year quite acutely simply by carrying his gosh-so-heavy school bag, which he had nonchalantly swung over his shoulder. He is putting cold compress on his shoulder because we told him this would prevent inflammation and that would make it even more painful. His mum, Jennifer also got hit by the same affliction – in her case she was carrying the page proofs of the 12 astrology books in one large bag while going to work. Ouch! Now both feel the “pain and heaviness” I have been feeling these past two years!

I am not convinced the shoulder pain is caused by the Hungry Ghost month, and told Jack so. It is probably something to do with the SOUTHEAST sector, which is a sector that afflicts the shoulders. This year you will note that the #8 dominates this sector, bringing auspicious happenings and events into the lives of those born in the years of the Snake and Dragon, or those sitting or facing Southeast. In September also, the monthly star is the heavenly #6, so on this month and year, it is auspicious. Good things DO come your way as they did for both Jack and Jennifer!

Flying Star Chart for Sept 2018 : The small number indicates the monthly star

But when you examine the September Flying Star updates, you will ALSO see that the Southeast is flanked by the #5 star on its left (in the East) and the #2 star on its right (in the South). Thus while everything moves along smoothly and auspicious recognition does come your way, there is also the danger of getting “hit” by painful injury or illness coming at you from the left and right – injury or sickness that is painful but are not long-term, annoying but not serious.

As for me, both my shoulders are still painful, so my daily life is about pain management. I feel the #2 and #5 afflictions as they are strong in my personal chart, but they will soon be over as the WATER years (that of the Boar and the RAT) are coming. I can feel myself recovering at last!

Thus I am comfortable writing about the nuances of Flying Star numbers as they move from sector to sector of the compass each month and each year. As a result of my almost 20 year career sharing the movement of flying stars with you, through my bestselling books, through the FSW magazine and NOW through this WOFS.COM website, I know how beneficial it is that everyone has access to all the feng shui updates needed to live, work and operate with good feng shui all the time.


We are now living in a highly digitalized world that is exploding the connectivity of the world at an astonishing speed. We need to make sure feng shui updates are made available to you at any time via your smartphone, iPad or computer.

For each of you, keeping yourself up to date with your Feng Shui Updates should be part of your daily digital experience.

We hope you like our enhanced, expanded and innovative website. We know that feng shui is always relevant, and it needs to metamorphose alongside the changes currently transforming our living and operating environment. It is still the same Practice of Placement, but now, the way we bring this precious knowledge to YOU is in line with the changing operating environment of the world.

And those of you who have been following feng shui all their lives know that the easiest and most effective way of ensuring they enjoy GOOD FENG SHUI at all times is by ensuring they practice the Art of Symbolic Placements – activating the good luck corners and having the correct symbolic Protectors and Guardians in the right sectors of your living and work space at all times. Feng shui is a dynamic practice – the energies of space and time change regularly – and this is the best way to stay protected against negative chi at all times.