Finding Love The Second Time Around

The Chinese call this “the second spring” in one’s life, finding marriage possibilities when one has been married before, when one’s spouse has sadly passed away, or when one is older and more likely to fall for someone who already has children. Happily, many previous “limitations” have been erased from conventionally accepted situations for love to arise the second time around. These days, marriage stakes have broadened.

Anyone can find love at any age, and you can use FENG SHUI’S powerful symbols of marriage and romance as many times as you like! The power of Feng Shui’s Art of Placement works equally well for anyone at any age of their lives, and it is never too late to discover the wonderful way using lucky good fortune symbols to bring you marriage happiness.

WOFS examines this important dimension of one’s life; that of finding love the second time around. If you are divorced or if you are a widow/widower – this should not stop you from seeking romantic happiness no matter your age or how many children you already have. Be aware of the pitfalls and challenges, but don’t let anything stop you from seeking happiness the second time around.

We recommend FENG SHUI Enhancers that make finding love easier than ever.

1. Know what you are getting yourself in for.

Looking for love when one is older can be a challenge, but if you find someone you feel comfortable with and who is “available” then go for it! But do not rush into anything. Know what it is you are getting yourself in for. He or she may be everything you desire in an older relationship, but as long as you give yourself enough time to think through the challenges involved in the two of you embarking on a permanent relationship, things will progress smoothly.


Look deep into the potential challenges; a previous divorce, or if there are children involved, consider potential in-law problems, and most importantly, look out for the obvious issues that can come between you as soon as there is a legal commitment. These include financial imbalance between the two of you; the responsibilities you each bring to any union; serious health issues; legal histories and potential in-law conflicts.

Potential problem areas do get revealed if you give yourself enough time.

Remember, you need not complicate your life! There is no need to enter into a legal union unless you both seriously want to commit to each other. Today’s world allows people, of the older vintage especially, to live together without being married. To know for sure, you might want to carry these Wise Owl lucky compasses for three months and sleep facing your nien yen love direction and then see how you feel.

2. Accept each other what you really are

Do realize that your feelings at the beginning of your relationship will be intense. This is always the case between two people at the start of a love affair. You would very likely have spent a great deal of time together, but if one of you has been in a previous marriage, or if either or both of you have children, then you really must get to know not just each other, but also be mindful of the responsibilities you will be taking on.

Every new “child” can be a potential problem. Problems are sure to surface once you get married. And if yours is already a physical relationship, consider the alternative, which is to live together and stay “friends” without taking on new responsibilities!


The best way to achieve conjugal bliss is the DOUBLE HAPPINESS SYMBOL. This symbol ensures that love lasts beyond initial attraction, and helps a couple weather any other challenges that may surface in a marriage or permanent relationship – difficult in-laws, step-children, critical relatives, etc. To ensure you can overcome any obstacles that may crop up in the case of love the second time around, the Double Happiness with peonies can symbolically help to ensure a happy, loving and lasting relationship.

Pairs of Secret Friends
Ox Rat
Tiger Boar
Rabbit Dog
Dragon Rooster
Snake Monkey
Horse Sheep

There needs to be respect and admiration for each other’s responsibilities in a mature love relationship. To help you along the way, do display each other’s astrological “secret friend” in the home you may be already sharing, or in each other’s home. The power of just having the secret friend of the partner present can be awesome. This also works if you want to improve your relationship with anyone else, but in a marriage, this is the best way of building great bonding, trust and love

3. Never lose confidence in your love

One of the issues between an older couple is when one partner loses self-confidence. Remember that love like this is a two-way thing and you both fell in love because of the wonderful qualities you saw in each other, and this includes your attributes, your ambitions and even your faults. There is never a need to lose confidence in your love for one another, and you do not need to give up your personal goals either. But you do need to think as a couple, and you do need to have common goals that are aligned towards building a solid future together.

Place a red lamp in your bedroom, as this is the most powerful symbol to keep love between a married couple alive and well, especially a lamp with the Double Happiness Sign or with an auspicious mantra or seed syllable printed on it. If you cannot find this, use any red lampshade as this can also work towards keeping your confidence and your respect for each other alive in each other’s eyes.

4. You must have commitment to each other

Your relationship can only be successful when you are genuinely committed to each other, and each other’s children (if any). You must be mentally prepared for everything that comes with commitment. Getting involved at an older age or if you fall in love with a woman or a man who comes with “baggage” so to speak, an ageing parent or with difficult teenage kids, you need to be mentally prepared to adjust to a new lifestyle. In a mature relationship, the effort needed to stay happy requires probably a stronger commitment!

Here, if you are a Buddhist, it will help greatly if you set up an altar to pray to the Goddess Kuan Yin, as she will bring wonderful harmony into your relationship. The presence of this compassionate Goddess adds so much to the quality and safety of your marriage. Look for Kuan Yin sitting on a Protector such as the Chi Lin or Snow Lion and holding the vase which contains blessing nectar. Welcome the statue of her into your joint home with fragrant incense.


5. There will be daily difficulties

In a mature love, you are bound to meet up with daily difficulties adjusting to each other’s old habits. There will be day-to-day conflicts that are likely to cause problems for the both of you, not to mention problems also between the children you each bring to the relationship. Even watching the TV can be a source of conflict, not to mention his and her friends, differences of opinions about dressing, dinner menus and so forth. You really will need to think through your respective takes on living together and be prepared for daily grievances to cause quarrels.

Living with knowledge of how the flying stars can cause monthly afflictions, and also how you can place remedies in place, is such a boon to family relationships. One thing we have found that constantly causes conflicts at the family dining table is the affliction brought by the #3 star. It is really helpful to keep track of where this star flies to each month and put the relevant remedy in place. For instance, when the #3 star flies into the dining room, you really need to suppress it with something red in colour. Otherwise fights can get really bad between you. We have found that the best way to have a permanent remedy for this affliction is to place six red apples on the cabinet or on the coffee table. The energies of this peace remedy will truly do wonders for you. Or each of you carry this peace for lovers amulet. It will help you to put up with each other’s eccentricities!

6. Keep your love alive

If you have been married before you will surely realize that romance quickly flies out the windows when stress arises. The daily grind of work, kids and staying nice to each other can be too much the second time around, but remember you wanted it! And it was because you fell in love with each other! Relationships never sustain themselves. You need to work at keeping romance fresh no matter how old you are, so make a conscious effort to devote time to each other and to do romantic activities as a couple. Keeping love alive requires conscious effort. Use Feng Shui Love Amulets, but also use your own efforts.

7. Respect each other in front of others

Living in a digital world makes everything very public indeed. This plus the fact that ours is also a tabloid time requires couples to show respect for each other. You also each need to have your own space, so do give each other privacy and never ever wash dirty laundry in front of friends or family.

If you vent about your partner, or share an embarrassing intimate story, it could cause irreparable damage. Painting your partner in a bad light, however “funny” you may think it is, can be too revealing, too embarrassing and even offensive. This is also a sign of great disloyalty, a lack of respect and definitely a chipping away of love. The best way to guard against upsetting each other’s sensitivities is to carry or wear the Eight Hums Protection Amulet. This will make very sure you never say the wrong thing at the wrong time, in addition to keeping harmful spirits away from you!

8. Finding feng shui solutions

This can be the most crucial, making certain never to stop talking with each other. Make sure there is always conversation between you and never stop being observant of one another’s moods and feelings. Most importantly, never allow resentment of any kind simmer for too long until it becomes a monster obstacle.

Learn the unspoken language of your relationship, and never lose sight of each other’s needs. One of you could be so busy that you lose sight of the other’s feelings of not being appreciated. Be mindful of problems as they arise, and never be afraid to find solutions.

Don’t wait until your relationship is in the dumps to work on your relationship woes. Feng shui solutions can be a great bonding experience for couples who want to ensure their future stays sound and auspicious. With the right feng shui, each year gets better than the previous year. Being aware of feng shui afflictions each year enables you both to have the correct solutions in place. You will also have an opportunity to brainstorm the different ways to enhance your relationship.

And always remember that love CAN be lovelier the second time around and as food for further thought, here are pointers to mull over…

  1. Do not be too quick to jump to conclusions
  2. Love often comes unexpectedly
  3. Refrain from being too demanding
  4. Do not be hasty in committing
  5. Love can change your life and everything else
  6. You can make the first move
  7. You can fake it till you make it!
  8. Do not be too quick to judge
  9. Age differences are only a number
  10. You can say NO if you don’t feel like it!
  11. Love is like a virus, you can catch it anytime anywhere
  12. No need to look, love finds you!