Feng Shui Art Ideas for 2023

Displaying art is a great way to inject personal style into your home, and if it brings good luck, even better! Only hang art that evokes positive emotions on your walls. As much as possible, avoid showcasing art with fierce animals or that depict violence, destitution, suffering or sadness, as these are the last things we would want to attract into our lives.

Indeed, the best artworks for feng shui are those that incorporate auspicious symbols and take elemental relationships into consideration. Placed in the correct sectors, these have the power to elevate the good vibrations present, and attract a whole lot of good fortune into your home and into your life.

Here are some recommendations by former student and feng shui artist, Lucy Deslandes to help you get the most out of 2023’s Flying Star chart.

#1 Star in the Southwest

Enhance the winning energies of the #1 Victory Star in the Southwest with the “Silver Sardines” print.

Set in a tranquil sea of blue, this print supports the Water element of the Victory Star. Abundance is activated with fish, symbolically drawing all kinds of good fortune towards you. Excellent for boosting career luck in 2023.

#2 Star in the East

The East is the health sector of the Pa Kua and in 2023, it also plays host to the #2 Illness Star. Boost health luck by placing the “Emerald Wu Lou” here.

The Wu Lou is a great symbol of good health and longevity. Depicted in dark emerald, this is a fabulous print to effectively charge up the East sector’s auspicious Wood chi, while simultaneously exhausting the #2 Star’s Earthly emanations.

#3 Star in the Southeast

To remedy the #3 Quarrelsome Star, place the “Ginkgo Leaves (Red)” in the Southeast.

This piece brings much needed Fire energy to calm and subdue the detrimental Wood energy of the #3 Star. The ginkgo leaf is a powerful symbol of resilience, strength, and longevity. Displaying this strengthens physical endurance and helps one power through difficult challenges.

#4 Star in the Centre

This “Peach Blossom” piece is a wonderful choice for enhancing popularity and romance luck brought by the #4 Romance Star.

The Peach Blossom is a symbol of softness, peace and purity. It signals the arrival of spring and represents the renewal of life. Having its image in one’s space boosts attractiveness and likeability. Very good for attracting new love opportunities!Display in the center of the home.

#5 Star in the Northwest

To suppress the Misfortune Star in small tai chi spaces like bedrooms and offices, place these 8 Metal Chinese Coins” in the Northwest.

The Metal element here helps overcome the dangerous Earth energy of the #5 Star. Because Northwest is also a Metal sector, having this here brings travel luck and helpful people as well.


#6 Star in the West

The #6 Heaven Star brings blessings from heaven, generous benefactors, helpful allies and windfall luck. Support the flow of energy connecting Earth and Heaven by placing the “Angel Wings with Sacred Geometry in the West.

The seed of life in this sacred geometry symbol represents creation and reminds us of the unity of everything. It is a powerful enhancer of the #6 Star’s Metal element and when placed in the West, it also activates the creativity sector of the Pa Kua.

#7 Star in the Northeast

The #7 Metal Star flying into an earth sector further amplifies its unpleasant effects. To remedy this, place the “Circles” print in the Northeast.

Its cool blue and lavender shades represent the Water element to exhaust the vicious Metal chi of the #7 Star. The circles represent the infinite nature of energy, which helps to protect, heal and strengthen.

#8 Star in the South

One can never have enough wealth enhancers when activating the lucky number 8. Capture its good fortune energies this year by placing the “Eight” in the South.

In Chinese numerology, 8 represents money luck, wealth and prosperity, 100birds symbolize the abundance of wealth-generating opportunities and 6 apples attract harmony sent from the heavens.

#9 Star in the North

Activate the auspicious properties of the#9 star by displaying this “Auspicious Goldfish” print in the North.

8 red and 1 black goldfish is well-known to be the best combination of goldfish to keep if you want to attract long-lasting wealth and prosperity. Helps draw all the good fortune energies brought by the #9 Star into one’s life.

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