Face Feng Shui


Every forehead tells a story and every forehead has feng shui significance in the kind of luck it brings. The forehead that is wide, slightly bulging and smooth that is almost glistening in its radiance indicates a life of power. You will find many men and women who are powerful and successful have this kind of forehead. Women’s foreheads should be rounder, while men’s foreheads should be straighter to indicate a drive for success.

Balding men tend to enjoy the benefit of a good forehead – for them, the forehead gets prominence. Note that as soon as someone keeps a fringe or has hair falling over the face, the good fortune luck that comes with good judgement and good decision-making gets blocked. Luck gets blocked! So keep your forehead exposed. And women, try to keep your forehead unblemished. Use good foundation to give it a smooth look. Look at Angelina Jolie’s forehead, which brings her much influence and charisma.


Women do all kinds of things to their eyebrows. They pluck, trim, shape and colour their brows, not realizing how important these are in protecting them against getting swindled or physically or emotionally hurt. Your eyebrows are your best protection and it is best not to touch them. Plucking eyebrows, or worse, shaving them off to create a fake brow is the height of feng shui foolishness.

Bushy eyebrows are wonderful for protecting you against misfortune. They should also be dark, ranging from all the shades of brown to black, although do guard against over-drawing your brows. If you need to shape them, make them thicker on the inside and narrower at the end, but do not put too much of an arch into your brows. They should be arched rather than completely straight, but not too much. Look at Kate Middleton’s eyebrows – they are brown and bushy and very good feng shui indeed.


In this day and age, there really is little excuse for not taking the trouble to protect the smoothness of your face. Those born with a good complexion will find that their life goes smoothly with few obstacles. They can achieve what they want with fewer hindrances than most, but that is because they take care of their face, knowing that a smooth, clear complexion is the key to a good life.

So do use sunblocks with good sun protection, and do use good foundations. The latter usually come with built-in sunblock. And at nights, do clean the face thoroughly. If you have excessive moles and blemishes, do consult a good skin consultant to help get it clear. Check out Kate Winslet’s complexion.


The cheeks signify the best years of one’s life, and when this part of the face is glowing with an inner radiance, it is the best indication of good fortune coming. The Western view of beauty looks for high cheekbones, but in feng shui, the height of the cheekbones is less important than its radiance and glow. Usually, a touch of colour instantly infuses the face with good yang chi. And for women looking for genuine love, those wanting to attract a good man, nothing works better than having pinkish tones on the cheeks.

Men’s cheekbones should also glisten and glow. This is especially important for those in their thirties for whom the cheeks play a big part in determining success and luck. Moles anywhere on your cheekbones suggest hurdles that reduce your success luck. Better to remove them. The cheekbones of Lily Cole are very lucky.



Contrary to the modern woman’s eagerness to make their eyes look BIG and well-defined and even colourful i.e. rimmed with lots of mascara and lined with dark eyeliners, this is something that those of the old school knowledgeable about feng shui are appalled by.

Feng shui experts do not know how to tell the new generation to please go lighter as a whole generation seemed to have grown up with an addiction for the round, black-rimmed eyes. Many women would do anything to make their eyes look larger than they really are, and some even put their eyelids under the knife to create a double eyelid that gives greater definition to the eyes.

But goldfish eyes rarely bring good feng shui. In fact, in the old days, ladies with eyes that were too round or appeared excessively large were believed to bring bad luck to their in-laws; such women were not viewed favourably as potential daughters-in-law. So please do refrain from getting too dark on the under eye area. If you want to give some definition to your eyes, use lighter shades of grey or brown.

It is better to ban mascara completely from your makeup kit, as mascara, a modern cosmetic invention, actually blocks your natural lashes. Fiddling with the natural feng shui protection of your eye lashes is not advisable. If you really love long lashes it is so much better to use false lashes than to coat your own natural ones with thick mascara. This imprisons your protective eye guardians!

Best go for the natural look like that of Michelle Dockery of Downton Abbey fame.