Discover Wealth Lines on Your Palm

The Chinese believe that face reading should be supplemented by studying the extremities of the human body, more specifically looking for signs of wealth on your hands. Lines, marks and indentations reflect a person’s mind, body and spirit. Thus the appearance of hands, feet and head – the five extremities – offer clues to the destiny of any individual.

Lines on your hands reveal much about how successful you can be, including when success comes. Hands show timing of career changes, when you will ride high and when hard times come. The Chinese believe there is direct communication between your hands and your mind, body and spirit, so the lines and symbols on the palm offer remarkably accurate clues to your fortune.

As with face reading, feng shui and other astrological practices, the principles of hand analysis are related to the Five Elements. All hands are thus classified according to the elements of Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water. Knowing your hand element gives insights into your personality and attitudes.

Slender Palms
If you have slender palms, you will thrive in professions that require you to work near water. These are industries that enhance your chances of success. Thus they suit you best. WATER Industries include banking and financial services, consumer goods, import/export, trading, insurance, fishing and everything related to shipping, transport, forwarding and commerce.

Square Palms
If you have square palms, professions that require you to be in contact with earth suit you best. EARTH related professions include architecture and engineering and anything to do with real estate and property development. Road and infrastructure construction and building-related businesses such as factories to manufacture cement, floor tiles, wall tiles and roof tiles all fall within the earth category.

Heavy Palms
If you have heavy palms, working in Fire-element industries is suitable. Thus restaurants and all entertainment type work would do just fine. Acting, show business, advertising, the food industry and electronics would all fall within the category that would harmonize with this kind hand type.

Elongated Palms
People with elongated palms will do well in professions which bring them in close proximity with Wood energy. All agricultural-based ventures such as garden nurseries, plantations, furniture businesses, publishing, textiles, writing and so forth. Being near Wood will enhance the Fire energy of your hands, adding to your success potential.

Fleshy Palms
If you have fleshy palms, you will thrive in Metal-type professions. These include computer and electronic components, engineering and other hi-tech businesses. You can also find potential for advancement in IT, the legal profession, mining, as well as in the automobile industries. Working in a factory environment is also an excellent option.

The three principle lines on your palm – the heart, head and life lines – are regarded as heaven, mankind and earth lines. When these main lines are deep, clear and have no interruptions, it is a sure sign of a smooth and successful life.

All secondary lines branching off these main lines are good when they run upwards and bad when they cross the main lines. Joining lines (also known as root lines) mean you have helpful people coming to assist you.

There are also distinct symbols of success to be found on palms. If your palms reveal tridents, fishes, temples… these are all very lucky indications. Roots and islands on the other hand are unlucky signs.


TRIDENTS are symbols of power and great good luck. When a trident falls along the fate line, it indicates a promotion or unexpected windfall in that period of your life. The presence of a trident on your hand is a sure indication that you will always be in a position of some power, and that you will become a very influential person. The trident indicates three types of luck – wealth, power and influence. When it appears as shown in the illustration, the trident indicates the fulfillment of your ambitions.


ISLANDS on your career line usually mean a dismissal, or a severe illness that cuts short your career. Or you could be a victim of vicious politics. The “island” is always regarded a very inauspicious symbol. Wherever it appears on the hand it always suggests some kind of obstacle during that period of your life.

The FISH is a sign of great prosperity and wealth. When this is found along your career line, it indicates that massive wealth comes from your work or business. The fish sign can also be seen in other parts of the hand and wherever it appears, it is an indicator of expanding wealth. The fish stands for abundance and in the old days, experts in palmistry would advise keeping fish to activate the signs of abundance shown in the palm. If you keep lively gold fish, this would activate the fish signs on your palms.

TRIANGLES are signs of achievement and success. On your fate line, they also signify a turning point in your career, something that changes your work direction for the better. Triangles always signify recognition of some kind, and if you are fortunate enough to have a triangle sign, you should feel very blessed.

GRID LINES are signs of being stagnant or stifled. When found along the career line, they could symbolize a jealous colleague politicking against you, a middle manager stifling your creativity, or an unfulfilling job.

SMALL LINES THAT CROSS signify obstacles and difficulties, especially when they cross the main lines.

THE TEMPLE is a symbol of great influence that relates to your own spiritual nature. The temple is quite a rare symbol and when it appears, it suggests a state of blissful realizations.

FEATHERY LINES indicate angst and worry. It warns that something may be on its way to causing you much torment in your job.

JOINING LINES also known as root lines symbolize helpful people entering your life.