Different Homes Need Different Feng Shui

Large mansions with plenty of space to work with usually have better potential for harnessing good energy, because space allows for the free movement of auspicious Chi flow. But in today’s world where real estate is scarce and highly priced, this is not the case. We thus have to cope with issues such as irregular shapes, unbalanced layout and lack of space. When we cannot have everything ideal, we learn to cope. Here are suggestions to improve the feng shui of your home depending on what kind of house you live in.

Mansions and Country Homes

These are usually surrounded by plenty of land which allows for easy flow of auspicious chi in and around the house. To create good feng shui in a mansion, you need the following:

1. The bright hall effect
Make sure the main door opens to an unencumbered view where nothing blocks the flow of Sheng Chi into the home. This bright hall effect brings wealth to the family for many generations.

2. The phoenix hill effect
Having a very subtle, low mound of earth just in front of the main door symbolizes the celestial phoenix, which brings excellent career and wealth-creation opportunities. It should be approx. 100 ft from the main door.

3. A pile of gold
Put a pile of gold near the main door. You can use a pile of rocks painted gold. This is especially beneficial for houses whose main doors are located in the NE or SW sector.

4. Avoid wide sweeping staircase
Large country homes sometimes have a wide and sweeping staircase. If you cannot change this, make sure the stairs do not directly face the front door. Move your front door if you cannot move the stairs.

5. Waterfall
Build a waterfall flowing towards the house where the Water Star 8 is located, determined by your Flying Star natal chart. Make sure there is a door or window facing the waterfall so the luck created is able to permeate your house.

6. Circular driveway is best
Normally big houses often have long straight driveways leading up to their front door. It is like a poison arrow facing the main door. Therefore, use circular driveway is the best cure to dissolve the poison arrow.

Semidetached, Terrace or Link Houses and Town Houses

For those who live in terrace or link houses, one of the best features you will enjoy will be the depth of the house. In feng shui, every house should have a depth equivalent to at least 3 rooms. Normally for link or townhouses, you are hardly able to do anything to the surrounding features. So make sure you at least achieve the following:

1. Make main door 2-panel door
This is allows enough chi to enter your house.

2. Protect main door
The main door should not directly face the staircase. It should also not open to a mirror. This will cause any auspicious chi flowing in to flow straight out again, causing loss of wealth.

3. Watch walls shared by bed
Beds should ideally not be placed against walls that have a toilet on the other side of the wall. The toilet will flush away your good fortune luck.

4. Avoid toilets above main door
Many terrace houses tend to be designed with master bedroom on upstairs floor with master bathroom above the main door. This causes the bad luck of the toilet to press down on the front door. Remedy this by shifting the main door, or shining a bright light from the main door up towards the ceiling.

5. Avoid 3 doors in a row
This creates a major poison arrow within your home. Remedy with a screen or beaded door divider.

Bungalows and Cottages

The feng shui of mansions and country homes can be adapted for small bungalows and cottages.

1. Bungalows must have depth
Depth is important, as it represents the family’s ability to keep wealth and assets within the family down the generations. It is ideal if your house is at least 3 rooms deep, i.e. from front of your house, you pass three rooms before reaching the back door. You can create depth by demarcating a large room into separate spaces using low dividers, potted plants or just by how your furniture is arranged.

2. Front & back doors
Make sure these doors do not run between each other in a straight line. If they are aligned with each other, place a screen so they are not in plain view of each other. The main door should also be the largest door in the house, and the most solid looking.

3. Fill out missing corners
Regular shaped houses are infinitely superior to irregular shaped houses. It is generally bad to have missing corners in your home. Deal with missing corners by using wall-to-wall mirrors to visually reclaim your space, or install a bright light in the missing corner to enhance and replace the missing chi there.

4. Land behind should be higher
Land at the rear should always be higher than at the front irrespective of compass directions. This is to signify the presence of solid support for the home and its inhabitants.


5. Land in front lower
The land in front of the property should be level with or lower than the front of the house. This is to symbolize no obstacles to success in your life.

6. There should not be roads on both front and back of the house
This is like the sandwiched between 2 roads. This is very bad feng shui.

7. Land on left should be higher
The land to the right of the home (inside front door facing out). This signifies the dominance of celestial green dragon over the white tiger.

8. Leave some garden
The house itself should be located in the inner half of the plot of land. This is to avoid losing the bright hall.

9. Keep some distance between fencing & house
Do not build a high wall or a fence too near to the house. This is to allow the auspicious chi to flow around the house.

Apartment and Condominiums

Apartment dwellers usually have less control over their feng shui than those living in houses.If you choose to live in an apartment, the best advice is to choose your apartment very carefully.

1. Make sure the lift is not facing your front door
This is a poison arrow and can be likened to a tiger coming out to eat you.

2. Go for spacious and airy apartment
Apartments with a large central open space are preferable to those which open up to tiny corridor leading to all the separate rooms. Choose one with a large living area where the family can congregate and hang out.

3. Too many structural beams not good
Avoid apartments with too many structural beams, especially if your unit is located on a lower floor. Sitting or sleeping under an overhead beam is bad enough in a grounded property, but in an apartment, imagine, if there are 20 floors above you and you are on the 1st floor, you would have 20 beams pressing down on you!

4. Penthouses not necessarily the best
Penthouses located at the very top of apartment buildings do not necessarily have the best feng shui. It is too high up from the earth. To enjoy good feng shui, you need to have a combination of heaven, earth and mankind energy.

5. Swimming pools on roof very bad
Avoid apartments where the swimming pool is located on the roof of the apartment building. Water on top spells danger and living under a swimming pool can bring much misfortune.

6. Avoid buildings on stilts
Buildings standing on columns like stilts with empty space above the ground level are bad feng shui. It represents a lack of foundation. Choose instead apartment buildings where the car parks are on ground level away from the building, or concealed below ground in basement, so it does not appear that the building is standing on stilts.

7. Narrow corridors
If there are narrow corridors inside the apartment, they should be well lit up and brightened up with paintings.