Creative Visualisation Revisited: Powerful Mind Ways to Getting What You Want

Creative visualization is not new. It has been around for thousands of years, at first kept totally secret by the ancient masters. In fact, all of Tibetan spiritual magic comprises principally of meditative visualisations that have become embedded into their secret culture. It is as popular with modern practitioners of mind magic as with practitioners of shamanic magic of the old world. Amongst today’s holistic, alternative cure-alls, CREATIVE VISUALISATION has been embraced as the most powerful tool of spiritual meditative practice.

In this article, we revisit this method of mental imaging, as we look at the latest in shaping the subconscious mind to bring us all that we want and to manifest all our dreams into reality. Here are some important dimensions to the practical side of using Creative Visualization.


The power of accessing the subconscious mind has always been the key to success when using creative visualization. The technique is to mentally create images of what you want in order to bring aspired dreams into reality. This is something no one denies, but why do some people have more success than others when using visualization? Because you must remember to first access your subconscious mind BEFORE you start to visualize!

Professors at many top Universities such as Stanford University Medical Center have discovered that “most people don’t actually acknowledge that their lives are influenced by their subconscious mind, nor do they realize that the subconscious mind is a million times more powerful than their conscious minds.” Most people do not know that it is the subconscious mind that manifests all the reality they are looking for to make their lives better. They know about the power of the mind, but they do not put enough emphasis on the power of the subconscious mind.

Here’s the thing! We actually manifest into reality 95 to 99 percent of all the things that happen in our lives from signals sent into the Universe by our subconscious minds, not from our conscious minds. It is the subconscious “impulse” that dictates everything that becomes real for us, including how happy we are, the kind of people we can attract our way, the successes we enjoy, the confidence we exude, and also all the obstacles that are overcome. This is why spiritual meditators spend so much time perfecting the methods of accessing the inner mind.


You can access the subconscious mind with a whole variety of techniques. These range from breathing, to relaxing, to mentally focusing. This part of the exercise can take some time to learn, but it is not terribly useful learning to visualize without first mastering the ability to access the subconscious mind.


The key to successful visualization is to generate and then store a pile of positive images into the back burner of the subconscious mind. The deeper we go into this neither awake nor asleep state to make up the pictures of our lives, the more powerful they get in manifesting the kinds of realities we actually want.

Usually, for those not aware of the power of their mind, what is usually wished for are not BIG things. They are almost always to gratify a short-term craving or to satisfy a need of the moment. We do not realize it, but we make wishes all the time; and they are usually not big wishes. Indeed, if we have to give a speech, write a report, win an argument or get the better of someone… that will be what we wish for. As you can see, these are generally petty, small wishes that make up our average day. What is great is that the small time wish, no matter how frivolous or meaningful to our long-term happiness, almost always materializes.

But small wishes take a long time to bring the kind of abundance most of us want. Yes, little drops of water can fill up into oceans, and little grains of sand can pile up into mountains, BUT they take eons to do so! So the secret of getting the most of your CREATIVE VISUALIZATION process is to actively work at setting aside the small time wishes that bring short term satisfaction and replace them with properly thought out BIG wishes.


To improve the quality of your life, you need to swipe aside the small desires and flippant needs, and instead, start to craft BIG wishes, think HIGH notes and aspire to LOFTY goals that reflect what you truly want but subconsciously believe you cannot get, or do not deserve to get.

Creative visualization works hand in hand with the highest aspirations. Think of yourself as deserving of everything you wish for. Do not undermine yourself or allow others to undermine you. Your subconscious mind must be unfettered by past baggage or other peoples’ opinions of you. So you need to actively work at rejecting everything negative that describes your situation.

Rising above frivolous wishes also means not sweating the small stuff. Train yourself not to get offended by what others say. Don’t give in to negativity from others, and don’t give them any power over you. The effective practitioner of this kind of mind magic rarely gets annoyed or angry, and is almost never jealous of others. You should always feel secure with who you are and what you are. And be quietly confident that you have the ability to rise above everything that is frivolous!


For creative visualisation to bring results that benefit you in the long term, you must train at generating a positive mindset. Your thought processes must be upbeat so you do not succumb to feeling helpless, either because you have lost something or someone. There are many situations in life that can give you cause to feel negative – grief, tragedy, betrayal for instance. But you need to be aware that how you think will affect your attitudes long term.

Control your thought processes so your mind does not wander away into negative directions whenever you have to cope with negative situations. When you are actively in control of what enters your subconscious mind, you will also be influencing the final outcomes that happen for you.


Thought processes lead to the images that come spontaneously to you that get planted deep inside your subconscious mind. Thus when confronted with a situation that has gone against you – e.g losing a court case, or losing a loved one – you need to allow time for the trauma to be absorbed, and then mentally create the images and attitudes that will bring you a happy outcome.


Avoid thinking that anything is impossible. Many spiritual meditators of Buddhist traditions believe that it is their minds that create their reality for them, that everything they see, touch and feel has no existence and is brought forth by the collective power of the mentally-generated “aggregates” of the world. They call this the state of emptiness.

When you truly believe that anything and everything is possible, it gives great power to the visualizations you are attempting to manifest into reality. When you believe that anything can be attained, you will not compromise your stance, and you will not belittle your belief or negate your faith in yourself. This is the key to attaining the reality you want.


Creative visualization is as much about what you feel as what you see. Successful practitioners advocate the inclusion of ALL five senses, so that whatever images you create in your mind become so real you not only see the situation you want for yourself, you actually smell the aromas that make up the space created in your mind, touch the objects that make up the scene, and hear the sounds of those who are with you in the image. It is all as real as your everyday reality, and so it is as normal as it can be. This is the best way to communicate the reality of your visualization to the Universe.


Creative visualization is about your thoughts, attitudes and the way you think about yourself. The biggest enemy to success is when there are real conflicts in your mind, conflicts that exist because you have not successfully resolved them. Thus should you have guilty feelings about the things you want, you need to set these aside and eliminate them. When you think you should not get what you year for, you cause serious blockages to your own success.

The worst kinds of conflict involve the spiritual values and belief systems you grow up with. These cloud your judgment. The best way to deal with such issues is to focus your thought processes first on the issues. There is no point creating a picture of your ideal world, when you are not even sure that is indeed the ideal world for you. So you need to resolve your internal conflicts clearly before you start doing any kind of visualization.


You need to know what you are after whenever you undertake a project on visualization. The goal must be obvious, but more than clarity, you also need balance in all the things you visualize. Be careful what you wish for and go slowly in crafting a lifestyle. There is always danger in over-wishing. For instance, do not think that wishing for greater wealth can resolve all your wants. Many people do not know how to deal with newfound wealth. When desired manifestation takes place, it will transform many aspects of your life, so there should be an optimum pace to your wishes coming true. Take your time and embrace balance. It is better to go slow than to go too fast.


An important visualization is to wish to be in a state of mindfulness always. Be familiar with the flow of your thoughts, the timing of your actions and the circumstances of your life. The more you use visualization techniques, the more aware you become of the enormous power that lies dormant within you.

Right now you have not tapped it fully yet, so you have no idea of its power, but when you do discover how awesome this power is, you must stay grounded. Your mental reality must be carefully thought through. Remember the golden rule: do not go after enormous changes. Instead, take your improved situation one step at a time.

Have a big goal, but never forget that making it to the big time should take time, and the journey getting to any destination is often as wonderful as the destination itself.