20 Visualisations to Health, Wealth & Happiness

Your inner mind has great power to enhance your life, bringing an avalanche of success and a flow of abundance. When you master the ability to keep images of victory and prosperity vividly in your mind, your outer reality merges magically with your inner power. It is then that the supremacy of your mind and the vividness of your imagination combine to bring all your needs, desires and wants into magical reality. Such is the power of visualizations. To master the techniques of mental imaging, you need to tune inwards and mentally remove all stains of outer negativities.

Practise visualizing images that show you surrounded by personal abundance; and picture yourself letting go of negativities. This is how luck works. It starts by making the mind positive and strong. Here are 20 easy ways to visualize your way to health, wealth and happiness.

1. Think of the sun

You can cheer yourself up just by thinking of sunny days. Coming out of the winter, the sun is especially embracing. And even in countries that get bright sunshine all year round, people never tire of the joy of sunshine. If you find yourself feeling down, depressed or low for any reason at all, visualize the sun and its powerful yang energy filling your entire being with strength and happiness. Better still, if there is sunshine outside, step outdoors and let yourself physically soak up the energy of the sun. You will feel instantly energized.

2. Shrug off negativities

Shrug off thoughts that eat into your self-confidence as if they were bits of fluff – as if they were nothing more than minor misdemeanors of the mind. Visualize your shoulders lifting and your head tilting as if to get rid of this kind of thinking. Negative thinking not only robs us of our confidence and self worth, they also make us needlessly afraid.

3. Radiate a silent power

Tap into unseen forces within you. Reach inside for the wisdom, strength and the power of silence. Use your inner force. Think of it as a bright, white light inside you. Feel it move along the meridians in your body, lighting up your heart, your throat, your head, and you will soon start to exude an effortless strength that speaks volumes. Tap the power inside yourself so that it may show up on the outside, in what you say, what you do and how you do it.

4. Pretend you are the best

The mind is a powerful tool, probably more powerful than any physical attributes or in-born talents you may have. So utilize the power of your mind as fully as you can. Start by pretending you are the best in whatever you are pursuing. If you are looking for career advancement, pretend you are the best in your field. If you are looking for first-rate exam results, imagine you are the top student. Reality begins with but a single thought. The more you think of yourself as the best, the nearer to your fantasy you will find yourself, until it becomes reality for you.

5. Take a new perspective

Try looking at an old routine in a new way. Or try looking at someone you see each day in a new way. Make yourself do this consciously. When you start to take control of your mind like this, you will be amazed at the fresh new insights that come to you, which can lead to some most exciting discoveries.

6. Keep initial goals easy

The secret to continuing success is simply to break down big goals into a series of little ones, and start with the easy goals while you slowly make your way up the learning curve. This strategy makes achievement a lot easier and more attainable. Everything can be broken down into smaller and more manageable parts; you just need to make the effort to do that breakdown in your mind. Once you have a plan, keep focused on the path you draw out for yourself, and your ultimate goal will come within reach.


7. Be careful what you wish for

Every positive thing you have read about the power of the mind is true. Fantasies can become realities if you just go on picturing them over and over again in your mind. But sometimes manifested fantasies don’t turn out so good in the reality. So before you go wishing for things, be sure they are what you really want! In the harsh light of reality, fantasies can sometimes become nightmares!

8. Nothing is a coincidence

All of life’s coincidences are in reality not coincidences at all. When you live in a state of constant awareness, it is not difficult to find the linkages between every event and every circumstance that happens, and every person who appears in your life at any moment in time. Everything happens for a reason. Think through the last few days of your life, all the thoughts that crossed your mind and all the things that happened. Then meditate on them and try to link them all. You might begin to realize some insights you had earlier missed!

9. Music affects you more than you think

Music will change the energies and the vibrations around you. Happy songs lift the spirits, while melancholic music makes you feel depressed, unhappy and lethargic. Sometimes when you feel sad for absolutely no reason at all, you’ll find you’ve been listening to unhappy music. If you catch yourself doing that, switch to a happy tune and you will soon notice the difference. It is a good idea to make it a rule never to listen to melancholic music, as constantly playing something downbeat is like chanting a negative mantra!

10. Avoid negative people

In life, you will always come across the odd person who will make comments that annoy you, knock your confidence or make you doubt your self-worth. If you come across such a person, take what they say with a pinch of salt and imagine their negative comments evaporating into thin air or rolling off you like water off a duck’s back. Such people can only get to you if you let them. So don’t let them. You are stronger than that.

11. Get rid of blockages before they become permanent

It is the troubled spots in your mind that create obstacles to success, happiness and wellbeing. The Chinese are great believers in never allowing anything to obstruct the flow of chi – the life force – within the mind, body and space. Blocks can cause real problems, so whenever you become aware of a hang-up you have, get rid of it before it becomes permanent!

12. You can if you think you can

When you are given an assignment that you feel is beyond your scope, invest some time in boosting your own self-confidence. Often, it is not lack of ability that will stop you; rather, it is lack of confidence and lack of faith in yourself. You can move mountains if you believe you can. So if you are given a tough project to conquer, don’t get fazed. Just get started.


13. Savour every good thing that happens

If you are on a roll, enjoy it! This happens when you are in perfect harmony with the cosmos and everything is going well for you. These are moments of triumph, of success and of victory. In times like these, savour the moment and be proud of it. Don’t let anyone bring you back down to earth or rain on your parade.

14. Recall a courageous moment in your life

Whenever you feel yourself going through a patch in life when you feel particularly weak, inadequate or defeated, think of the last time you made a courageous decision or performed a courageous act. Courage is a feel-good attitude, and drawing on it from a first-person perspective is the very best way to pull yourself up from the doldrums.

15. Be careful what you record

People chronicle their lives in different ways. Some make photo albums, some write diaries, others pin up favourite family photos on their refrigerator. Whichever way you choose to chronicle your life, make sure you only record what you want to remember. Keep only photos where all the family are cheerful, happy and smiling. If you write a diary, note down only all your positive memories. If you feel like venting about something you are unhappy about, write down your thoughts by all means, but then rip out that page and burn it, so it no longer stays with you and in your conscience. Let go of anything at all that is negative. By doing this, you make sure you never have to relive any unhappy moments in your life.

16. Make a conscious decision to have faith in yourself

If you live your life with faith in yourself, soon it becomes as solid as a rock, unshakeable and unbreakable. Faith comes with practice. When you believe in something whole-heartedly, that belief rules your conscious and unconscious moods like nothing else can. So make sure that the faith you develop is in yourself, and that the motivation behind your faith is in making your life both honourable and meaningful.

17. Allow your imagination to soar

Open your mind to fresh ideas. Think of Einstein resting on a summer’s day, his eyes half closed, looking at the sun’s rays through a blade of grass and allowing his mind to travel with the ray of light. Let your imagination take you to places you have never been. You never know what you might discover this way!

18. Liberate yourself mentally

Many people live their lives as if they were confined to a gilded cage, afraid to fly. These kinds of people stick to the known and the familiar, and in the process, miss out on the more spectacular adventures that life has to offer. If you feel this may be you, mentally picture yourself as a bird in a cage, then visualize the cage door opening and yourself flying up to the wondrous skies above. Free your mind and there is nothing you cannot achieve!

19. Turn on all the lights in the house

If you turn on all the lights in the house, you will feel your spirits rise, especially if you have dark corners and there are insufficient windows in your house to bring in the natural light from the outside.

The mere act of lighting up your surroundings never fails to lift the lightness of chi that surrounds you. And when the energy that surrounds you is light, so will your frame of mind be light. Try this the next time you feel the air is heavy with depressing energy.

20. Spring clean your mind!

If any cobwebs still remain inside your head that obscure your vision of your true nature, you must sweep them away! Your mind is like a mirror. When it is clear, images reflected are sharp and lucid.

When the mind has delusions, inhibitions and complexes that have been accumulated over a lifetime, what gets reflected is blurred, unfocused and misleading. So try to undertake mental spring-cleaning regularly. Sweep away the dirt that clouds your visions!