Creating Good Feng Shui in the Living Room

Creating a balanced and positively energized home is the essence of living with good feng shui. The living room, in particular, is exceptionally important, as that is where the family congregates, where a lot of home entertaining is done, and thus a space that gets constantly energized with activity. For a household to enjoy good feng shui, this part of the home must be welcoming to all who enter it and be filled with good chi.

Here are some easy steps to instantly improve the feng shui of your living room.



Remove all clutter and give the living room a good spring clean. Clutter creates stagnant energy, retains negative chi, and blocks the flow of good chi. By removing old, damaged or unwanted items, you allow new energies to permeate the space. Clear tabletops and wipe down figurines, photo frames and any memorabilia you want to keep, and throw out those that you don’t. Open your curtains, windows and doors at least once a day, to allow fresh air and sunlight in.


Burn some incense and use ringing bells or singing bowls to clear the living room of any stale chi. This is especially helpful if there’s been a recent argument that took place in the space.


The five elements – Earth, Metal, Water, Wood, and Fire – represent the cycles of nature that determine our health and well-being. When the elements are in balance, it allows good fortune and happiness to manifest for everyone at home. When out of balance, they bring emotional turmoil and conflicts between residents. Make sure you have all the 5 elements in your living room. You can use the elements themselves, or shapes and colors that represent the 5 elements.

  • EARTH colors are earthy brown, yellow and beige.The shapes that represent Earth are squares. Natural crystals are a wonderful enhancer of Earth chi.
  • METAL colors are white, purple, gray and metallic.The shapes that represent Metal are spheres and circles. Furniture and decorative items made from brass, copper or other metals can be used to strengthen the Metal element.
  • WATER colors are black and all the shades of blue. The shapes that represent Water are curvy and wavy. Water features such as aquariums and water bowls can be used to enhance the Water element.
  • WOOD colors are all shades of green. The shapes that represent Wood are rectangles and columns. Indoor plants are great for strengthening Wood chi.
  • FIRE colors are red, maroon and orange. The shape that represents Fire is the triangle. Lights, lamps and candles are fabulous enhancers of the Fire element.


The direction each family member sits in when gathering in the living room is also important. If possible, everyone should sit facing one of their lucky directions. This will help to ensure family harmony within the home. You can look up your lucky and unlucky directions with our KUA CALCULATOR.

Orientate your sofa set, chairs and TV so that family members can sit facing one of their 4 lucky directions. There should be a comfortable seat for each member of the household. Have extra seats for guests as well, as everyone should feel welcome and accommodated. Ideally, seats should face each other to invite conversation and interaction. Remove clutter or any obstructions that may prevent you from walking comfortably around the seats, and minimize having people sit with their back towards the door.


  • Create a collection of items that are meaningful such as mementos of family trips and family photos. Make sure what you choose conveys happy energies. When you see these items, they should bring a smile to your face.
  • DO NOT display paintings or photographs of fierce animals such as tigers in the living room. Weapons like guns and swords should be avoided as well.
  • While live plants bring life-giving chi, not all plants are equally lucky. Avoid plants with thorns or sharp leaves such as cactus or anything that looks threatening.
  • A Laughing Buddha in the living room is a great addition to enhance happiness and togetherness energies.
  • Longevity symbols are excellent, especially for the elderly generation living within the home. Display cranes, peaches, the God of Longevity, or Fuk Luk Sau to represent a fulfilled life with everything you need.
  • A wonderful activator for the SOUTH part of the living room are the 9 Rainbow Horses or Rising Phoenix. These bring fame and fortune to all the family, and new opportunities.
  • A Ru Yi or pair of Dragon Horse in the NORTH part of the living room enhances promotion and career luck.