Check Out Your Doorways

The main door to your house is the principle entry of chi entering your living space so it usually commands the attention of many feng shui masters. The best kinds of entrances are usually prominently positioned and solidly built so it can be warmly welcoming to luck-bringing energy, yet at the same time is sturdy enough to withstand negative energy trying to enter.

It can sometimes be tricky trying to determine which door is the main door, especially in large mansions which have many different doors and entrances. Having more than one door into the house is not necessarily a bad thing but it is necessary that the main door stands out prominently and that there is no doubt which door is the principal door into the home.

Definitions of main doors depend as much on its frequency of usage, its size, and its appearance. When residents use other doors to go in and out more frequently, like kitchen doors, side doors or garage doors, but they do not look large enough to be the main door, then it is obvious. So a good feng shui rule to follow is to make side doors and secondary doors less “grand” looking than the main door.

Other doors inside the home are also important, as they are conduits of chi from one room to another. As you enter “important” rooms in the home, such as your bedroom or your study or home office, doors should be positioned to face one of your auspicious directions (from the room you are entering looking out), so that the energy you bring with you into your room is auspicious for you. In the case of shared rooms, it is the husband or the patriarch whose direction you should follow.

This issue we take a look at some different kinds of doors and consider their feng shui implications.

Desirable Attributes Of A Main Door

The main entrance should be solid-looking and made of a material you cannot see through. Glass doors are not suitable for use as a main door into a residence. The bigger the main door, the better the feng shui, but at the same time it should not be so big as to overwhelm the overall look of the house.

In the picture above, the pathway leading up to the main door is straight and narrow. This narrow path towards the door may look very innocent but in actual fact it can bring shar chi or poison breath towards the door, especially if it is too long. It is better if the pathway is wide and meandering. You should also make sure nothing is blocking your main door. Single lampposts, tall single trees and other such structures can send poison arrows and harmful chi especially when they are directly in front of the door. If it is a benign clump of bushes it is OK. The worst is if there is a dead tree trunk right in front of the main door as this causes illness vibrations to enter the home causing a weaker person to succumb.

Two Equal Panels Door

When you have two panels to a main door it is like having double doors. This kind of door is really excellent when the two flaps of the entrance are opened. Opening just one side symbolizes you only get half the good luck coming in. It also means whatever you start can only get half finished. So it is better not to have a double door if you do not intend to open both sides of the door.


Arched doorways make pretty architecture and can add loads of character to the house, but because of the circular top, it represents metal energy and is best suited to metal and water sectors of the house, i.e. the West, Northwest and North.


Arches should not be used as the main door if the main door is located in the East, Southeast, Southwest or Northeast; doing so will exhaust the energy there and negatively affect the luck entering the house.

Sliding Glass Doors

These are best used as secondary doors to patios and gardens, especially from a direction that is auspicious to the head of the household, or if the view outside is very pleasant. They create a feeling of space and invoke a “bright hall” effect, bringing the outdoors indoors. But these kinds of doors should never be used as a main door to the house, as it denotes a lack of strength and solidity. Often, link houses are designed with a main door into the house, as well as a sliding glass door beside the main door, as the small garden is located in front of the house. In such a case it is better to use the solid main door to go in and out of the house.

Garage Doors

In some countries such as Canada where it is very cold for a large part of the year, it is usual for residents to enter the home via their access door from their garage. They drive the car in, bring down the roller metal shutter, then enter the house from inside the garage. There is nothing wrong with that, but in such a case, it is better to also have a definite solid main door at the front of the house that is NOT the garage door. This main door should be used whenever you have visitors to the house, to ensure you also activate it.

Internal Glass Door

Internal glass doors are better for offices than for homes. In homes, if you want to be able to see into a room, it is better not to have any door at all. Putting up a glass door you can close but can still see through suggests a fish bowl existence with a lack of privacy. Good when you want to keep an eye on staff or office matters, but not so good in the home.