Balance in Your Basket of Elements Enhances Success Luck

When you begin reading a Four Pillars chart, the first and most important step is to tabulate the number of elements found in the chart. After doing that, we look for hidden elements found in the month pillar followed by elemental combinations found in the heavenly stems. Next, we look for animal sign combinations in the earthly branches to further find any resultant hidden elements. Once we have added all hidden elements to the original basket of elements, it becomes much easier to identify the strength of one’s self-elements as well as what elements are deemed lucky or unlucky.

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There are two very important criteria that must be met in one’s Four Pillars chart in order to be lucky. The key word here is balance. And by balance we mean that your self-element must not be too weak nor too strong. Ideally, your self-element should be marginally weak or marginally strong.

The second important criterion is that we should have a balanced basket of elements. All 5 elements should be present, and ideally in equal quantities. So what to do when our Four Pillars chart does not match the required criterion? The answer is simple. We can enhance the presence of the beneficial elements by the colours we wear. Or we can surround ourselves with those beneficial elements. If Fire is an element that we lack or require, we can wear an article of clothing that is orange, or any shade of red to introduce the said element. Fire chi can also be introduced by spending some time in the sun on a daily basis. Below is a table that you can refer to for what colours represent what element, and what activities we can do to introduce said element to our daily lives.

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Beneficial elements can also come into your life when it appears in your 10 year luck pillars or from the elements of the day. Let us look at an example of how elements of the day, month and year can benefit and enhance one’s luck.

MARIAH CAREY launches Las Vegas Show at Caesar’s Palace

Does this herald the return of one of Pop’s Great Divas? Can she put her recent troubles behind her?

Mariah Carey has one hidden element of Fire, which comes from the Rabbit and Dog secret friend combination. Her self-element of Yang Fire is deemed slightly weak, which means that both Fire and Wood elements are her favourable elements. However, when you look at all her elements, you realize that in order to create balance, we need to have Metal, Wood and Water, as there is an excess of Earth and Fire in her chart.

Because her self-element is weak Fire, she must always have Wood or Fire in order to be strong enough to actualize her luck. Yet Metal and Water that weaken Fire are needed to create balance. She should thus have Wood together with Metal or Water in order to manifest good fortune luck. Fire, although her fortunate element, is not needed, as there is ample Fire.

We see a clash of Yang Water with Yang Fire, and this is between the hour and day pillars. This can mean difficulty in having children as well as problems on the marriage front. In the earthly branches, we have the Dragon directly clashing with the Dog, which indicates big mental and emotional stress. Depression may be one of the things that affect her, because this clash is between the hour and year pillars. Indeed, if you read her biography, you will find that family love as well as marital love has always been a problem area, and that depression is a constant companion.

However, she is fortunate because the other two animal signs are helpful. So although there are emotional problems that plague her life, for the most part she is able to rise above them. Her secret friend the Rabbit helps the most by giving her plenty of unexpected good luck and happy events. The Horse is her ally, thus also lending help.


Her career started with the launch of her first album in 1990 in the year of the Metal Horse. This was in the period of her life governed by Yin Fire and Yin Earth Ox. Although the Earth of the Ox in the Ten Year Pillars created obstacles, the Fire energy of the Horse being her ally, together with the Metal of the year was enough to give her 4 top 10 singles from her first album.

Mariah Carey with ex-husband Tommy Mottola, Head of Columbia Records.

In the same luck pillar, we see another happy moment when she married Tommy Mottola, her then manager at Columbia Records. 1993 was another good year with the Water Rooster bringing balance. This marriage did not last long however, and with aggravated problems in 1997, a Fire Ox year (where Fire and Earth created severe imbalance), they divorced the following year in 1998, an Earth Tiger year (the Tiger completes the Horse, Dog, Tiger assembly and created peace).

In 2000, two years after the divorce, a Metal Dragon year, we have the Dragon creating self doubt and emotional turmoil for Mariah. She was admitted into hospital under psychiatric observation in July 2001 the year of the Metal Snake. In fact, this ten year period of age 27 – 36 was not terribly productive for her on the musical front, mainly due to the Rat from the Ten Year Luck Pillars clashing with the Horse in her spouse pillar. These ten years also made her very vulnerable emotionally.

Mariah Carey married rapper artist Nick Cannon in 2008 when she entered her Wood Boar pillar.

Once she turned 37 and entered the next pillar of the Wood Boar, she blossomed as her chart became more balanced. She married actor/rapper Nick Cannon in 2008 (Earth Rat) after a whirlwind romance of two months. The marriage was rumoured to be rocky for over the next two years. In 2010, a Metal Tiger year, fortune smiled on her when they had a second honeymoon when she finally got pregnant and gave birth to twin Moroccan and Monroe. Unfortunately, the year after the twins were born was the year of the Water Dragon, which reopened old wounds. Although the years after that were beneficial, she finally divorced Nick Cannon in August 2014, a Wood Horse year.

On 8th January 2015, she was seen walking into the offices of Caesar’s Palace. She had been offered a residency deal to perform at The Colosseum at Caesars Palace at an enormous offer. Interestingly enough, the day she signed the contract was an extremely lucky one for her, as the Monkey and Rat nullified the effects of the Dragon in her chart, bringing plenty of Wood and Fire together with Water and Metal – all elements she needed.