Auspicious Colors & Symbols for Chinese New Year 2023

To greet the Year of the Water Rabbit, there are some colors and symbolic items that must be brought into the home as decorative enhancers to ensure that you and your loved ones start everything off on the right note.

Chinese New Year in 2023 falls on Sunday Jan 22nd, 2023, and culminates with Chap Goh Meh on Sunday Feb 5th, 2023.


Red is always considered the most auspicious color for Chinese New Year and is frequently worn to reflect the strong Yang energy that it represents. For good luck, everyone should incorporate red into their attire during the first 15 days of the Lunar New Year festivities. You should also decorate your home with red lanterns.


Another important ritual of the Lunar New Year is the giving of red packets or “ang pow”. New money placed inside an auspiciously designed red packet and given to children and unmarried relatives who come visiting benefits both the giver and receiver. Note that the amount placed in the packet is not as important as the sentiment behind the giving. But it is better to place an even-numbered amount, and even more auspicious when meaningful words are printed in gold and the packet itself is a bright vermillion red.

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Inviting images of the ruling animal sign of the year in time for the Lunar New Year is extremely lucky, as it is said to strengthen the luck of the year. In 2023, we enter the Year of the Rabbit, thus it is beneficial to bring in new images of the Rabbit. This is a conciliatory animal sign and inviting in images of the Rabbit signifies peace winning over conflict and ensures that harmony prevails throughout the year. 2023 is also a year when the dominant star number of the year’s Flying Star chart is the Peach Blossom Star #4, and so inviting in the Rabbit simultaneously strengthens the symbolism of this star.

The Sky Rabbit in particular is especially auspicious, as this is the Rabbit from the Lunar Constellations, which influences the luck of one’s timing. It ensures you make your moves at strategically beneficial moments. Making the right decision but at the wrong moment can absolutely change the outcome and having the luck of the Sky Animals behind you helps you maneuver through this variable intuitively and effectively.


The Sky Rabbit also brings the luck of relationships and romance, helping to strengthen your marriage, as well as to solidify your friendships and alliances. In a year when so much of one’s luck will be determined by the effectiveness of one’s network and the availability of strong support, the presence of the Sky Rabbit in the home becomes even more beneficial.


Yellow chrysanthemums enhance good luck and bring growth energy during the New Year. The start of the year is when yellow, the kind almost bordering on gold, brings auspicious energies and increasing prosperity luck. The chrysanthemum flower itself is also considered lucky as it is made up of an abundance of petals. If there is an altar in your home, it is a good idea to offer these yellow blooms to the Gods and Buddhas all throughout the 15 days of the Lunar New Year.


Calamansi plants are another way to bring the symbolism of gold into the home. During Chinese New Year, these bushy plants studded with bright juicy oranges represent plenty of prosperity flowing in. Place a pair of these plants flanking your door on either side… or lining the driveway outside your home. These plants are always considered extremely auspicious. They also make an excellent gift for wishing each other an abundance of good fortune for the year to come.


Displaying gold calligraphy of auspicious rhyming couplets on plaques or red rice paper with master brush strokes is also very lucky during the Chinese New Year. The gold ink is considered very special as it signifies the color of accumulated wealth. When the calligraphy has a red background, it is even more auspicious. The use of auspicious words has been popular in China for centuries. There are many lucky verses that are commonly written, such as:

“Your Wealth Has Arrived”
“Happy New Year”


The Plum, Pine and Bamboo shown together are known by the Chinese as the Three Friends of Winter, symbolizing steadfastness, resilience and perseverance. These hardy plants can live through the coldest of winter months unharmed, and as soon as Spring arrives, they send out glorious pink and white blooms that are considered lucky as they indicate the coming of Spring. They signify the “growth” energy of the Wood element and are extremely auspicious as they signify welcoming in a bright new year filled with blossoming chi energy.

And because 2023 is a year with the presence of a Lap Chun, inviting in images such as this “activates” the precious growth energy that this brings. The Three Friends in Winter also represents the ability to weather any circumstances, and to thrive through difficult periods; with an uncertain future ahead, this makes the perfect auspicious symbol to invite into the home, and so we have designed our new wealth tree for the coming year inspired by this famous motif.