Amplifying Your Positive Vibrations

This month, SHAHREEN KAMALUDDIN tells us to go into a better place by actively raising our vibration levels. If you wish to create a better life for yourself, if you want to experience more love, joy, peace, freedom and improved health, you must raise and then stay at a level of HIGH VIBRATION. This gives you access to your best self to create all the things you wish for. Nothing happens from a level of low vibration.

Happiness is an emotion that vibrates at a high frequency. Magic happens when you feel happy! When your state of being (mind, body and soul) is vibrating on a high frequency, it ignites the creative force, bringing you yet more high frequency vibration, and attracting more happy experiences into your life. In time, happiness becomes your daily experience. The stress of everyday life will keep pulling you outwards to where problems exist, and that is when you experience low vibration emotions such as fear, doubt and disappointment. Your challenge is to consciously choose to stay at a level of high vibrations, until you fly on auto-pilot. When you do, the rewards are boundless!

Staying tuned at high vibration

Your dominant thoughts, words, feelings and actions create your experience. Consciously choosing positive thoughts and feelings will attract positive experiences into your life and vice versa. It sounds like simple math, but it takes conscious daily practice to shift gears. When you move into a higher vibration, it gets amplified, guiding you to stay on course. What it takes is for you to be aware of the thoughts, words, feelings and actions you choose to focus on through each day.

Experiences that anchor high vibes

Positive emotions are generated when you choose to feel love, and when you freely give hugs, kisses, smiles, laughter, and you commune with nature, listen to music, dance and meditate. In nurturing loving relationships and making heart-to-heart connections every day, you choose to indulge in these beautiful emotions and to express them freely.

Love felt and shared

Love is the most powerful force in the universe. To love someone completely – our children, spouses, partners, grandchildren, friends, or pets – and to be loved in return, is the ultimate emotion. It transports us to a higher realm of existence. Love inspires us to be our best selves. Love makes us selfless, generous, loving and kind. Love makes life worthwhile and meaningful. When we love another being unconditionally, love binds two souls. When you feel love welling up inside you, the words, “I love you” cannot be suppressed. They come gushing forth in a torrent. Verbalizing the words, “I love you” freely to those you love, binds minds, hearts and souls.

Warm hugs and kisses

Feeling loved, and being around people we love, is crucial to our mental, emotional, physical and spiritual wellness. When we are loved, we are happy, we feel exhilarated, our spirit soars and our immune system get stronger. Next time, when you hug someone or when someone hugs you, close your eyes and savour the warm embrace. It impacts your cells positively!

The ripple effect of love

When we are in love with life, we are wired differently. We are inspired to make someone else happy. Our kind acts receive appreciation and gratitude from others, who in return are motivated to pay it forward to someone else in their lives. Love has a positive ripple effect that impacts everyone around us, transforming our world!

Cook with love and share a meal

We all choose different ways to express our love for one another. My sisters, Angeline and Matilda love to cook and invite my family over for meals. They never mind the hours spent going to the market, cooking, getting the house ready and serving our favourite dishes, just for our enjoyment. The delicious meals, and the love and jokes shared, strengthen our love for each other.

I enjoy the entire process of cooking! I watch with amazement at how the different ingredients blend with the right amount of oil and heat, to emit fragrancies that wake-up all my five senses! I am fully aware that what I do is rewarding me with the outcome I want.

Engage in acts of kindness

We don’t always have to help someone else financially; we can help in many other ways that do not cost a cent. For example, you can be generous with your time, your advice, your service, your counsel, visiting or telephoning someone just to cheer them up. Each act of love without fail evokes an exchange of love between two people.

Be generous with your compliments

A sincere, spontaneous compliment is a gift of love you offer to the other person. It enriches and warms both hearts!

Eye-to-eye contact is a powerful experience

Eye-to-eye contact is a powerful connection between two souls. Try locking a gaze with your baby, your grandchild or someone else’s. When I am locked in such a gaze with my children or with my grandson Khalil, I am zoomed into eternity! Time stands still!


Smile often

The more you smile, the more joy you will feel. I smile easily and receive smiles from strangers everywhere. The silent acknowledgement feels truly special!

Take a walk or play in the rain

When I was a kid, my father Anthony Fernando allowed us to play in the rain, for which I am forever grateful, because the experience was unforgettable! I recall decades later when I was attending a Retreat in Kuala Lumpur, it rained. As I watched the rain, I was prompted to run outdoors and play in the rain fully clothed. I felt absolute freedom like I did when I was a kid playing in the rain! Others who watched me in amazement said I dropped several years from my countenance! It felt so good to be spontaneous, throw caution and self-restraint to the winds and actually dance in the rain! You should try it sometime. You are never too old to dance or walk in the rain.

Laughter liberates the soul!

I grew up in a family where laughter was an everyday experience. My father had a great sense of humour. It was his gift of love to us. He would gather us around him to tell us jokes from his daily experiences. He also encouraged us to share our own jokes which he would put into “the family jokes box.” We would often retell jokes from “the jokes box,” because they were so original, and funny! We would crack-up and laugh till we rolled over on the ground. This gift of laughter has been passed down to all our children and grandchildren. Till today, we see humour in the simplest things in our daily lives. We record it in our memory or write down the details as they occur, so that we can re-share the laughter with our family and friends. Making others laugh is a priceless gift of love. Take every opportunity to laugh because it feels so good!

Listen to songs and music you love. The vibrations of inspiring songs and music uplift your mind, body and soul. And when you become one with the frequencies and vibrations of songs and music, your entire being is impacted on a cellular level!

Dance like no one is watching

When you put on some fast beat dance music, let go of your inhibitions and dance. You can literally feel your atoms vibrating at a high rate and your entire being merging with the vibrations of the music. Letting go in this healthy way does wonders to raise your endorphin levels. It slows the ageing process immensely, and it benefits your heart, cardiovascular system and lung capacity. It improves the harmony between your mind and body, giving you a heightened sense of well-being.

Communing with nature

When you absorb the beauty of a nature scene, you feel one with the world. You are consumed by love when you realize that everything was created with pure love for our enjoyment. You are suspended in awe at God’s creation. Communing with nature is then truly a spiritual experience!

Go within and meditate

As you meditate, create experiences from within you and ensure that you fine-tune your inner apparatus. Tune your antenna to invite high, positive frequencies that you wish to connect with. Meditate for 15 minutes each morning. Be aware of your breathing. Inhale all the things you desire and exhale what you want to let go. When your mind is quiet, you tune into divine guidance.

Nothing material can sustain happiness for long; it is the going within and amplifying the high positive frequencies of your feel-good emotions that reward you fully and for a long time. When you are vibrating at high positive frequencies, you will naturally attract all the high frequency things you wish for in life, such as health, wealth and happiness. Make it a daily habit to tune into your higher frequencies and everything else is sure to get taken care of. All your deepest wishes or even your shallower expectations then are sure to come to you easily and effortlessly!

Shahreen Kamaluddin is an empowerment author, trainer, coach and speaker. She can be contacted at Her website is