A Paht Chee Perspective on Love and Romance: Dealing With Unbalanced Charts & Self-clashes

There are 5 things in life that as humans we wish to have. These are good health, wealth, a progressive career, a loving marriage and good descendants. When someone has all 5 their life is deemed complete and we can see this in their chart as well.

In my last article, we talked about a balanced basket of elements, and by that we mean that your Paht Chee chart should possess all five elements, and if possible, to have them in fairly equal quantities. God is always fair, so when your chart is balanced and all five elements are present, you will possess the five desirable things in life.

Your overall heaven luck fluctuation will be minimal. This means that when you go through an unlucky period, you will never be very unlucky. But likewise, when you go through a lucky period, good luck is also average. People who lack one of the five things in life are likely to have incomplete charts with missing elements, and they are also likely to have various clashes in their chart.

Over the past six months, I have been seeing many cases of people looking for love and romance, and somehow not being able to succeed in finding someone suitable to settle down with. This is what inspired me to write about this topic at this time.

When someone engages me to read their Paht Chee chart and asks me about their love luck, here are the things I will be looking for, as to have more than one of these afflictions in one’s chart is a sure indication of difficulty finding a soul mate.

We start by looking at the basket of elements to see if there are any missing elements. Missing elements MUST be introduced and activated if one wishes to improve one’s luck. The next thing to look at are the earthly branches to see if the chart has any “self clashes”.

When self clashing animals are found in Year and Day, this indicates that you will have a severe lack of progress and self-confidence in finding a soul mate. The problem lies in you giving up on a potential relationship easily when problems arise. There is also difficulty opening up your heart and giving trust to your potential partner. If the self clashing animals are found in Year and Hour, this is not as drastic a clash, but indicates difficulty taking the relationship that important step further into marriage.

We also need to see if the person’s chart has the “Unhappiness Star”, as having this star means that this person carries hidden baggage and burdens on their spirit and emotions.

If the Unhappiness Star is found in the Month pillar, this means that unhappiness stems from relationship issues with parents and possibly parent in-laws. If it is found in the Day pillar, then this is a clear indication that they carry a secret unhappiness from a prior relationship that affects all future relationships. If it is found in the Hour pillar, then unhappiness stems from their children.

A Critical Clash Known As The 2 Penalty Affects Marriage Luck. This Clash Is Between The Rat And Rabbit.

If you possess either the Rat or Rabbit in the Day Pillar, this brings a strong potential for marital difficulties and afflictions in getting married. If the other animal appears in the year pillar, then it means that you will clash with your spouse and there will be severe difficulties in marrying. If the other animal appears in the 10 year luck pillars, then it means that all romantic relationships in that 10-year period will be unlikely to succeed. If it appears in the annual years, and you are going through an unlucky period, then you could either break-up or get divorced that year.

A strong self-element is another indication of difficulty in getting married

Someone with an excessively strong self-element is usually disliked or difficult to get along with, making it hard for such a person to find a partner. They could also tend to complain and find fault a lot.

The Peach Blossom Animals are the Rooster, Rabbit, Horse and Rat.

To have 1 or 2 of these animals in your earthly branches is a clear indication of personal magnetism. This is because the Peach Blossom animals are also known as the animals of love. The problem comes when you have 3 or 4 of these animals in your chart, as you will be known as someone who is too popular and flirty for their own good.

Here is a chart of a lady in her 40’s that has endless troubles in settling down with someone.

Her chart is lacking Metal and Wood, but there is excessive Fire. Her self-element of Yang Fire is weak as there is no Wood to sustain her 4 Fire. Furthermore, there is no Metal to provide self-confidence and a self-identity for her. Having so much Fire in her chart means that her personality is very fiery and ever-changing; thus we can deduce that this person can be quite flighty and ever changing in her opinions, likes and dislikes.


On the earthly branch, we see the Horse self penalty between the Hour and Year pillars, indicating clear difficulty settling down. Furthermore, the chart has the Unhappiness Star which appears as the Dragon in the month pillar. This means that emotional baggage stems from her parents. It may be possible that her parents had an unhappy marriage or got divorced.

I suggested a simple solution to this lady, which was that she needed to introduce Metal chi into her life. This she can do by wearing more gold jewellery or by wearing colours that represent Metal element energy (White, Purple, Gold , Silver).

I also suggested that she place 6 dynasty coins tied with red string under her pillow. Wood is important to keep her Fire energy strong, so she should place some live indoor plants in her living room, and spend some time in the garden in the mornings to absorb both the fresh Wood chi as well as to get some morning sunlight.

She should also wear a pendant of the Sheep, as this happens to be her secret friend and will distract the two horses in her chart from causing her problems.

This is a gentleman in his 30’s that is unlucky in love.

His chart is missing Fire with excessive Metal. His self-element of Yang Metal is also excessively strong. Here is someone who has a strong personality, who is quite stubborn and very rigid in his beliefs. The lack of Fire indicates someone who is very boring as Fire brings lively, changing energy, and lack of it the opposite. This person is likely to be the type that dislikes intellectual discussions, as he thinks his way is the only way to follow and that he is always right.

In the earthly branch, we see the Rat in the Day pillar, and this means that if he encounters the Rabbit in the 10 year luck pillars, or when it comes to the year of the Rabbit, it is likely that his relationship would end or at least meet up with severe difficulties. He told me that his last long relationship ended in April 1999, which was the Month and Year of the Rabbit.

Furthermore, he has 3 Peach Blossom animals in his chart. He has the Rooster in the Hour and Year pillars, and the Rat in the Day pillar. Because there are too many, these three animals make it really difficult for him to find someone who will readily trust him with their heart.

The solution to his problem was quite complex, as first we need him to enhance Fire chi, as well as to solve the Rat appearing in his Day Pillar and to control the double Rooster in his chart. I suggested that he wear an article of clothing each day that is red, as this is the colour of Fire. He also needs to spend more time in the Sun.

Next, he needs to have the influence of the Ox, the secret friend of the Rat. Carrying or wearing a pendant of the Ox will bring him the luck of harmonious relationships and furthermore, the Ox is an ally of the Rooster, which will reduce the effects of the double Rooster in his chart causing distractions and self-doubt.