10+ Tips to Feng Shui Your Dining Room

The kua number of auspicious directions can be applied in the dining room to benefit all members of the family. Use a compass to check the direction that each place setting will be facing and then allocate that place to one member of the family.


There is greater flexibility of directions if you use an eight-sided Pa Kua table, but you can use any kind of dining table and round tables are said to be very auspicious. Square and rectangular tables are also acceptable from a feng shui viewpoint. But make sure that no one sits at the corners. Never eat with the corner pointed directly at your stomach as this is very inauspicious.

The Basic Rules of Dining Right

Choose your Nien Yen (love) direction as your dining direction. You do not need to use your wealth direction. When all the family are facing their wealth direction, the amount of aggressive yang energy generated can sometimes cause heated argument to arise over the dinner table. You should also not eat facing one of your four bad directions, especially your total loss direction. Doing so brings enormous bad luck indeed.


Tips for the Dining Room

  1. Try not to have a toilet opening off or sharing any wall of the dining room. If there is a toilet, keep the door closed all the time. The foul energy coming out from there is harmful.
  2. Have a wall mirror to reflect the food on the table as this doubles your good fortune.
  3. Do not eat directly under a toilet on the upper floor above your table. This is really bad luck!
  4. Do not eat in the basement or lowest part of your home.
  5. Have the dining room deeper into your home. If you eat too near the front door, your wealth tends to seep out.
  6. Make sure there is brightness and a good colour scheme in the room.
  7. Place the Fuk Luk Sau in the dining room. These Three Star Deities encompass all the aspirations of mankind and attract a great deal of good fortune.

Designing a Feng Shui Dining Room

  1. Place the dining area at, or very near to, the center of the house, as this represents the heart of the home.
  2. The more spacious the dining room, the better the luck of the family will be.
  3. There should ideally be one solid wall in this room which should be behind where either the father or mother sits.
  4. Dining rooms that are part of the living area are excellent.
  5. Try and locate the dining room in an area of the home that has good Flying Star numbers.
  6. Kitchens placed next to the dining area should be level with or below the level of dining room. Never have the dining room in a “sunken” part of the home.
  7. Try not to have protruding corners or exposed overhead beams in the dining area. Being hit by poison arrives as you eat is the surest way of contracting serious illnesses.

The Effect of Poison Arrows in the Dining Room

The effects of poison arrows from different directions are as follows:

  • Southwest will cause womb and stomach problems such indigestion and miscarriage.
  • North affects your kidneys and ears.
  • East results in illness associated with the lungs and feet.
  • Northwest gives you headaches and severe migraine.
  • West causes lung problems and danger to the head.
  • Northeast causes back problems and vulnerability to accidents affecting the hands and fingers.
  • Southeast causes illness associated with the thighs, the buttocks and also cause you to be easily susceptible to the flu and colds.
  • South causes heart and eye problems.

Correcting Negative Chi in the Dining Room

  • Place a potted plant in front of the sharp edges of any protruding corner or column.
  • Move the dining table out from under exposed overhead beams.
  • Overcome the heavy energy from exposed overhead beams by placing a pair of bamboo flutes in the shape of an “A” over the edge of the beam.
  • Place curtains or blinds at windows to disguise ugly views.
  • Protect the dining area from excessive glare from the sun using curtains or blinds.
  • Check the Flying Star natal chart numbers of the dining area and use element therapy to overcome the effect of bad number combinations in the chart.