What’s Under The Carpet?

You really must be careful of what’s under the carpet. For months I had been so unwell. Apart from my right shoulder causing me pain and discomfort from the “frozen shoulder syndrome” I have been suffering for the past two years, my other shoulder had started developing intense pain requiring steroid injections to ease the pain. On top of that, I felt my energy sapping slowing. Of course, I was mentally combating the pain and discomfort but I WAS SURE IT WAS SOMETHING ELSE CAUSING THE PROBLEM.

Past two months we had been experiencing particularly fierce monsoon rains causing havoc – flooded roads, fallen trees and major traffic jams – in Kuala Lumpur. Each evening around 4 to 5 pm the rains would come and they were so torrential it would take only a few minutes for the big monsoon drains to fill up. and every day I would have to make offerings of incense to the local rain spirits to make sure my home would not get flooded.

Yes it is good to offer fragrant incense, chant mantras on the incense and then offer to the Rain Spirits. I have already taught the power of Incense Offerings previously and I ALWAYS spend a few minutes making this offering each time the rains fall. But unknown to me something far more sinister was taking place – this time affecting my bedroom on the first floor of my house.

Rain water was slowly but surely seeping through my windows and onto my bedroom floor – causing my wooden parquet floor to get soaked with water, they “popped” out and started getting mouldy. in time the uneven parquet caused the carpet underlayer to tear apart and it was only then that I felt the uneven ness of my carpet. Mine was a thick carpet so on the surface everything looked normal. My shoulders were getting worse and now it was getting difficult to sleep!

It was then that I immediately arranged to remove my wall to wall carpet and OMG when I saw the floor under the carpet I was shocked to see the mould, the flaky rubber, sand and damp mud beneath! How could I have been sleeping in a room with all this beneath.


It took two days to clean the “mess” and altogether they took out 12 bags of mud, debris and sand from my bedroom and replace with a new under layer and a new carpet. Last night, for the first time I slept a good 10 hours. I feel SO much better and this morning I am flying to Singapore to give my talk at the SPIRITUAL FENG SHUI event.

I like to believe that my Buddhas, my Taras and my positive thinking are looking after me .. but I am certain it is also my feng shui instincts that made me investigate the problem. Thought to share with you all in case you may be suffering from joint pains or having problems sleeping.