10 Great Ideas For Enhancing Wealth

Three Legged Toad With A Coin In Its Mouth

Attract plenty of wealth into your home using three-legged Toads with a coin in its mouth! This auspicious creature attracts good fortune into your home. Place the toad in any of the corners diagonally opposite your front door for best effect. The best to have in a room is NINE but you can also keep them in THREEs or SIXes. At the very least, you should have one toad facing out to collect the money and one facing in to bring the money back into the house. Keep your toads below the table, behind the couch or in other discreet public areas of your home, but never in the bedroom.

Sailing Ships For Wealth

Enhance prosperity luck with a wealth ship sailing into your home or office. Returning home triumphant from its various conquests, the prosperity ship docks into your ‘harbor’ bearing wonderful treasures and other valuables as trophies symbolizing its many victories. Display the wealth ship sailing into your house from your sheng chi direction. Fill your ship with coins, ingots, crystals and other treasures to symbolize a wealth ship laden with money. Place metal ships in the northwest or west, wooden ships in the east or southeast, crystal ships in the northeast or southwest.

Prosperity Money Plant

This auspicious plant has luscious green leaves that are heart shaped. They signify growth and are especially good for enhancing money luck. Display this plant in the southeast sector, which is the universal corner for activating money luck.

The money plant can also be placed in the East or South. You can have these money plants in your living room or office but never put them in your bedroom or bathroom.

Treasure Pot Of Gold

This Treasure Pot is overflowing with gold ingots of varying sizes and precious jewels to signify the accumulation of an abundance of wealth and material assets in your home. Display this wonderful energizer of prosperity luck in the living or dining area of your home to attract lots of wealth and good fortune into your life. For best results, place in the west, northwest or north sector of your living or dining area. Remember, a bucket of gold equals an abundance of wealth.

Personal Wealth Vase

Assemble your own wealth vase and watch the money roll in! A personal wealth vase is one filled with precious items, and is an excellent way to attract wealth luck to its owner. Just pack all the precious items provided into your vase and tightly secure the vase with the cover provided. Your personal vase must be kept hidden away from the eyes of others, preferably inside a cupboard in your bedroom, and never facing the front door, as this symbolizes your wealth draining away.

Auspicious Arowana (Golden Dragon Fish)

The arowana, or golden dragon fish, is an especially powerful energizer of wealth, luck and happiness. In Hong Kong, many well-known Chinese businessmen swear that their good fortune is due to keeping live arowanas in their offices. This arowana swimming on a seabed of coins conveys auspicious meanings of wealth! Those who wish to benefit fully from the use of arowanas as a feng shui wealth enhancer should display them on the desk or table in a group of nine.


Prosperity Gold Coins

These Chinese coins are round with a square hole in the center. They represent the powerful union of heaven and earth. Display them with the yang side facing up. The Yang side has four Chinese characters. The reverse is the Yin side. Carry three coins tied with red cord in your bag to bring endless wealth luck. Alternatively, hang nine coins above the front door of your house to attract wealth and luck into your home. Hang six coins in your car to bring happy ventures and good tidings whenever you travel. Tape nine coins to the underside of your floormat. Stick three coins to all your important files. Attach three coins to your telephone for successful conversations.

Feng Shui Jewellery

For the best kind of career and business luck, invest in feng shui jewellery. Wear the golden dragon on your body to generate the cosmic chi that brings great good fortune. Wear a total of nine gold coins on your body to signify and simulate the fullness of heaven and earth luck. Wear the golden arowana to capture instant wealth luck. Wear the golden three-legged toad to bring wonderful money-making opportunities into your life. Keep these good fortune symbols close to your body always and soon your career will flourish and your business luck will take off.

Prosperity Gem Trees

The Prosperity Gem Tree signifies continual growth; hence, it assists business people to acquire more wealth and helps to maintain the state of finances as well. Its branches are laden with gold coins to symbolize the growth of prosperity. Crystal empowers the mind and expedites problem-solving by promoting creativity with intelligent decisiveness. Display in your office to give you an edge in business negotiations. In the home, the gemtree brings wealth luck to the household.

Auspicious Turn-Tables

Display an auspicious double carp turn-table on your dining table to enjoy abundant good fortune and success in the household. Alternatively, display the auspicious five fortune bat turn-table to attract five blessings from heaven, which encompass happiness, prosperity, health, virtue and peace. These auspicious turn-tables make excellent energizers for endless good fortune and harmony in a household.