Maintaining Good Feng Shui

by Lim Han Jin

Having lived in my house for the past 11 years, the house is starting to look a little old. Some paint has started to crack, and there are stains left over from years of neglect. The gates and grill have seen their time, with specs of rust showing through the paint. Light bulbs are getting dimmer and the air conditioners seem to break down more often than before.

These are sign of an ageing house. When this happens, your career can seem to stagnate, and your friendships start getting tired. You feel the lack of energy and the motivation to get up and about, but you feel bored all the time. These are some signs of the energies in your home getting weaker as days go by. Like a car, good feng shui requires constant maintenance. If you do not maintain the good energies of your home, it will become stagnant and stale, and so will all other aspects of your life. If you notice these symptoms happening to you, one easy way to make yourself feel better is to start some refurbishments to your home.

The first thing you can do to help refresh some of the energies of your home is to do a through cleaning of the house. Open all the windows, and let fresh new air into the home. Take the extra effort to move furniture out and clean behind them. And since they are out, you might want to consider moving the furniture around, so you have a fresh look in your house, or maybe to avoid a direction that is afflicted for that year. Wipe all the walls down as there could be access dust stuck to them. Be sure that you place all the cures in your home back in their correct locations once you are done.

One of the by-products of having good feng shui is that you will end up gathering many things in your life. Go through all your belongings; if there is anything that is spoilt or looking old and faded, it may be time to throw it out, as such items can bring bad energies if not renewed. You will need to make some space for the new lovely things that will come to you when you get rid of the old.

Lights are one of the items often overlooked unless they are spoilt and not working at all. Many of the lights in my house are about 11 years old and have never been replaced, as they still somewhat “worked”. However, they have become a lot dimmer over time. So what I did was replace all my lighting with modern LED lights. Not only are they brighter, they only consume 10% of the power of my previous lights. I can thus now continuously light up lucky sectors without worrying about the bill with escalating energy prices.


The walls of my home are also getting yellow stains and some minor cracks are showing as a result of time. This is quite an ugly sight and definitely not good feng shui at all! Fill up the cracks and give the walls a new coat of paint. Do the same for your grills and gates as well. This will help bring fresh new energies into your home.

Other appliances in the home such as the air conditioners and fridges were also getting noisy and starting to break down. As my air conditioners were pre-inverter days, I decided to swap them out. Having new air-conditioners not only helps me save money, it is also a lot healthier with clean fresh air coming out from them. Older air-conditioners can have mould in them if they have not been regularly serviced. If you have other appliance like kettles and cookers, if they are old and dirty inside, give them a thorough cleaning or throw them out and get some new ones. You might be able to finance these purchases using the savings in electricity you get from installing modern appliences.

Be sure to take care of your floor as well. I have parquet flooring in my house, and over time, some pieces have came loose and popped out. I look for such pieces and glue them back in place. If you have carpets or tiles that are torn or cracked, do get them replaced, as having bad flooring is definitely bad feng shui.

Going through this small list of items can help you get your feng shui back on track. Although the retail therapy I have prescribed may cost something, it will make you feel loads better, and what’s more, you will find that your luck will start to improve as you get these this ticked off you list. There will be fewer obstacles, you will feel a lot happier, and abundance will start flowing back into your life!