When A “STAR” Appears On Your Palm

According to the tenets of Chinese palm reading, the hands, feet and head of a person can present a very complete profile of that person. A person’s hands in particular can be an accurate indicator of his or her destiny in work, love and life in general. It can also indicate character and tendencies of a person. Palmistry is an age old art that has been used by many varied cultures to predict one’s destiny, and you’ve probably heard of “islands”, “squares” and “fishes”. This issue, we focus on another shape – the “STAR” – which indicates different things depending on where it occurs on the palm.

1. When a “star” sign appears at the base of the Mount of Jupiter

It signifies a person with strong ties with rich and influential people. You tend to move in circles above your own social class and status, and your friends and acquaintances are only too happy to lift you up to their level. You are an ambitious person, and although somewhat a social climber, you know how to put your contacts to good use to elevate yourself in life. With this kind of sign on your palm, you are almost certain to end life better than you started it. It also means you will have happiness in your old age.

2. When a “star” sign appears on the Mount of Jupiter


With a good Head Line, this suggests acquisition of status and honour. You are a person obsessed with family honour and the acquisition of money in an attempt to gain status and social power. You are not a person to be trifled with, and you tend to have little patience with frivolity.

3. When a “star” sign appears along with a “cross” on the Mount of Jupiter

This is a most brilliant union, as it suggests good fortune as well as an excellent reputation. You have both wealth and popularity, so your material and spiritual wants are easily fulfilled. While you can rise up in the ranks when it comes to your work and your career, you do not have to sacrifice family life to get there. You are someone who can achieve the right balance in life to be truly satisfied with your lot.

4. If there is a “star” sign on the Mount of Mercury

It signifies you may become a victim of dishonesty and betrayal. If you have such a sign on your palm, it is wise not to be overly trusting, especially of strangers. You may attract “friends” who only want to be close to you to get something out of you. While you can also have true friends, you may find it difficult to distinguish which are true and which are out only to use you. Those with such indications on t heir palm(s) need to live life more warily than others.

5. When a “star” sign appears on Lower Mars

It is a bad sign, as this is one of the clearest indications of misfortune. Life will tend to be full of challenges and obstacles. The more you want something, the harder it is to strive for it, as the more you persist, the further away your goal will drift from you. Those with this indication on their palm should learn to be happy with their lot; otherwise they will be constantly dissatisfied. Meditation will particularly benefit this kind of person.

6. When a “star” sign appears at the base of the Mount of Venus

It suggests misfortune caused by the opposite sex. You tend to be unlucky in love not because you are unattractive, but because you are never satisfied. When you feel betrayed or double crossed in love, you have the ability to enact revenge to sooth your jealousy. This can cause misfortune. You should work at keeping your temper under control, or you could end up the biggest loser.


7. When a star sign appears in the middle of the Life Line

It indicates that a disaster could happen when the person is middle aged, around the 40 year old mark. You should take extra care over your health, and if you are someone who likes to live life on the edge, try to slow down when you start getting on in years. Your early and later years are happiest and the most problem free. If you successfully get past middle age, you can have a blissful retirement and old age.

8. When a “star” sign appears on the Apollo line at the end

It suggests you have great recognition luck. This sign is indicative of someone who will meet with a lot of successful in the entertainment industry. You have a natural celebrity air about you, and being famous will sit comfortably on you. If you work hard at your craft, you have the ability to rise to the very top of your chosen profession. But you are also the kind who has to love when they are doing, or you could lose interest before getting anywhere. You are generally a popular person, a good conversationalist and a confident public speaker. The more you hone your skills, the more adept you will get.

9. When a “star” sign appears at the end of Mercury Line

Your health may be something to worry about. You tend not to be as robust as the average person, and the slightest of viruses can bowl you over. You are not made for life in the rough, and tend to prefer living in large cities when you have instant access to all the mod cons. You can be something of a snob, and prefer to mix with your own social status, sometimes looking down on others. Work against having such an attitude, because shunning the wrong person often gets you into trouble. If you have that superiority complex, try and shake it off and you will be far more successful in work and in life.

10. When a “star” sign appears along with an “island” on the Mercury Line

It indicates fragile health and even bankruptcy. Such a person tends to find it difficult to save money or build a store of wealth. You always seem to spend faster than you earn, so even if you earn more than the average person, you may not necessarily feel richer. You will do well married to a partner who has the opposite tendency to you. You are a gambler at heart and like to dare big, but you are not always a good loser.