Watch Your Teeth, They Reveal More Than You Realize

The next time you reveal your teeth in a dazzling smile, look at yourself in a mirror. Your teeth should be as well groomed as you are. They should be straight and even and should be neither too big nor too small for your face. The shape and appearance, colour and size of your teeth mirror particular traits that make you different from everyone else. Your teeth offer clues to your personality and attitudes.

Here is a quick and easy summary on how you to read someone’s teeth.

Shape & Appearance

1) Convex Teeth

These teeth signify someone talkative and rather noisy. This could also be an aggressive person who will not take NO for an answer. When someone with this kind of teeth approaches you, it is likely you will immediately and subconsciously be alert and watchful. This kind of teeth favours women, as convex teeth on women’s faces are only moderately convex, which signifies a good life and someone who possesses good mentor luck.

2) Concave Teeth

This is just the opposite of convex teeth and is not generally favoured. People with teeth like this should really get them fixed. Some say this indicates the person could inherit a genetic disease.

3) Sharp Teeth

This kind of teeth tends to resemble the teeth of a mouse. They are sharp and efficient. Having this kind of teeth signifies someone very smart, especially in the technical fields of expertise. Someone like this tends to be mathematical and generally have a good start in life, but he/she may face obstacles and challenges later on.

4) Mixed Convex & Concave Teeth

Here the lower part of the teeth is convex, while the upper parts are concave. This is generally described as “upside down teeth”. Such teeth signify good eloquence – someone who speaks well and very persuasively. However, this person lacks career luck and could come to a bad end. This person will generally be left alone and at the losing end in any competition or dual. They lack winner’s luck and will always have to make do with coming second best.

5) Uneven Teeth

People who have uneven teeth – some small and some big, some sharp and some blunt – tend to be greedy and grasping – thinking only of him or herself. Such a person can also be something of a bully. His/her thought patterns and actions appear “unsynchronized”. This person can be very hot tempered, as a result of which he/she has troubles in most love relationships. Romantic luck tends to be lacking. Such a person should learn to control his/her emotions to create a better and happier life.

6) More Gum than Teeth

When the gums are very obvious each time a person opens his/her mouth, this suggests someone lacking in relationship luck especially with respect to family. This person is likely to leave the family when young. This does not suggest the person is not nice, only that he/she tends to be closer to friends than to relatives. However, according to physiognomy, someone with uneven oral structure is not to be trusted. One should be careful before trusting such a person.

7) Gang Tooth or Snaggletooth

This kind of teeth indicates someone who is proactive at work, always thinking up new ideas and demonstrating plenty of initiative. This person is also passionate and forthright. He/she has a good sense of public relations and will have plenty of social skills. Some however regard someone like this as stubborn, who tends to be argumentative and quarrelsome.

8) Unbalanced Appearance of Face & Teeth

Here the face and teeth seem to be mismatched, particularly when the face seems too small and the teeth seem too big. This is not a good indication as larger than normal teeth signify many obstacles in life. This kind of imbalance is not favoured amongst Chinese Matriarchs looking for potential wives for their sons, as this signifies a woman who will cause problems for the husband.

9) Tiger Teeth

People with this kind of teeth have different luck depending on their gender. It is unfavourable for males, as guys with this kind of teeth tend to have bad family luck. His relationship with his parents and wife are usually not good. In women, however, this teeth structure brings good relationship and wealth luck. People with this kind of teeth tend to be straightforward. This however could upset others, especially those with their own agendas.

10) Very Tiny and Neat Teeth

A person with small teeth tends to be a very stingy person. To this person, money is everything and they are easily motivated by the promise of a cash reward. Such people are also prone to jealousy and do not trust people easily. When there is a gap in the front teeth, it also indicates an inability to save money.

11) Neat but Uneven Teeth Structure

Here the teeth are either one big or one small; one front, or one back, either too long, or too short. It looks neat but the structure is badly formed. From young, this person should get dental braces to even out the imbalances. Teeth like these suggest someone who likes to tease or fool around, believing this makes people happy. Alas, most times, his/her efforts at tomfoolery just causes a great deal of annoyance. When the front teeth is upside down or uneven, it signifies a bad relationship with parents. Even when this person stays with the parents, the relationship is bad.


The perfect colour of teeth is not pure white but a milky colour. People with milky looking teeth are high-minded, humble and kind. When the teeth are also tidy and seem to be in good balance with the rest of the face, it signifies someone optimistic and passionate who will enjoy a good life.


Someone with super white teeth is someone who likes to fool around, is flirtatious and skittish, and in matters of the heart, not to be trusted. Such a person will not think twice about being unfaithful or betraying a loved one. Not good spouse material at all!

When teeth tend to be yellowish it suggests someone with a mild nature, who is patient and calm, and rarely hot tempered. Yellow teeth also suggests a healthy and long life.

When the white teeth are dry as well, it indicates a violent person who has a very hot temper. When teeth are dry and yellowish, it is not a good sign as this indicates plenty of obstacles and continuous bad luck. In this case, better to get your teeth fixed!

When the teeth is yellowish and seems moist as well, it signifies someone who tends to be psychically weak. This person tends to be petite and fragile looking, but this hides a very strong and tough person. Such people are very lucky in terms of being successful in endeavours.

Teeth that tend to look stained, brownish or blackish indicates a person to avoid. This person obviously does not look after his/her teeth. The energy surrounding such a person is negative and nasty.


The size of teeth in relation to the face also offers clues to a person’s success potential. People who have big teeth that are also regular in shape have what are known as “dragon teeth”. This signifies someone powerful who has excellent career and wealth luck. Such a person will become respected and well known as an honourable person during middle age, and is slated for a good life with a good ending.

When the front teeth appear big, it suggests an active person, someone with high sex drive who gets passionate about the things and causes. Such a person is reliable and trustworthy.

When teeth are neat but small and appear to have deep roots, this is known as “ox teeth”. People with such teeth enjoy good fortune all through life. They live long and enjoy wealth and riches. When the roots do not seem deep, then small neat teeth symbolizes someone with an impulsive nature who is likely to make mistakes.

When the face is presentable with a good mouth shape, but the teeth are uneven, the person tends to be fussy and overly critical of others. Such a person is a mischief maker although there is rarely any intention to give harm or cause pain.