Watch for Cramped Spaces and Narrow Corridors

The 2 important things to look out for in interior feng shui are dark corners and cramped spaces in the home. This is where stagnant chi can accumulate, creating stale energy that can cause illness, exhaustion, low energy and general lack of interest. Cramped spaces suggest life does not flow smoothly.

How to Determine Cramped Spaces

  • Installing a mirror flanking a long & tight staircase will improve its feng shui.
  • If the ceiling is too low
  • Long and straight corridors
  • Foyers that are small and dark
  • Small rooms that feel claustrophobic benefit from light-coloured soft furnishings.

Cures for cramped spaces and narrow corridors

  • If a corner feels stale, revitalize with sounds and incense to make the chi come alive again.
  • Paint walls a white or light colour to expand a narrow space.
  • Installing a soft warm light will further improve the flow of energy. Keep lights on as much as possible.
  • Hang pretty pictures and wall mirrors to improve and expand the space visually. This applies to narrow staircases as well. Just make sure you don’t hand wall mirrors directly facing the door.
  • Make sure cramped spaces are clean and free of clutter at all times.