Using Numerology to Attract Good Fortune

Numerology plays a big role in Chinese culture. In feng shui, we use numbers to represent the five elements in the Eight Directions and Flying Star methods. They are also used to predict the future and determine the Chi quality of any space but more often than not, people attribute the meaning of these numbers to Chinese words that sound phonetically similar. There are numbers that are coveted and numbers that are avoided like the plague, so anytime the Chinese have a choice, they will always try to own the luckiest number combinations possible.

But which are the lucky numbers and how can we use them to our advantage?

Here’s a quick guide to get you started.



THE NUMBER 8 is considered one of the luckiest numbers because it sounds like fatt in Cantonese and is believed to make you rich. It is also the second furthest number from 1 in the sequence 1-9, and your luck is said to be greatest when you are just below the top. Numbers like “8”, “88” and “8888” are thus the most popular numbers. It should not however have the number 5 preceding it, as this changes the meaning completely to “unable to prosper”.

THE NUMBER 3 is generally viewed as a good number. Phonetically in Cantonese, the word for the number 3 sounds like sang, which means “to be alive”. One of the popular combinations that include this number is “328” which carries the meaning “doing well in business”.

THE NUMBER 6 is also very auspicious because it is pronounced luk, which sounds like the word for “profitable”. Furthermore, 6 is twice 3, which means “a doubling of everything you have”. If you have the car number “1368”, this means, “your wealth luck will continue to double over time”.

THE NUMBER 9 sounds like kau, meaning “having more than enough”. It is the number that represents longevity and abundance. A very lucky number to use for the next 20 years as it is set to become the number of Current Prosperity on Feb 4th 2024, bringing great wealth as well! Be careful not to pair it with the number 6 though, as the number 69 indicates a “total loss”.

THE NUMBER 1 is also a good number. It represents unity and coming out first place, and combines very well with other lucky numbers such as 1998, 1389 and 1689.

THE NUMBER 2 sounds like yi, the word for “easy”. It is often placed in front of other auspicious numbers like 23, 26 and 28. These numbers translate to mean “easy growth”, “easy profitability” and “easy prosperity”. However, it is most unlucky to place 2 in front of 4, as then it would sound like “easy to die”. Definitely not something any of us would want!


THE NUMBER 5 sounds like ng, which means “will not”. It is thus best to combine it with 4 because together, they bring the meaning “will not die”. 5 should never be combined with a lucky number, because then it negates the luck. For example, 58 means “will not prosper” and 53 means “will not expand”.

THE NUMBER 7 sounds like chat, which means certainty. This number is best combined with the numbers 2 or 8, where it means “prosperity for sure”. Avoid placing the number 7 with unlucky numbers such as 4, which means “sure to die”.

THE NUMBER 4 is the number that everyone tries to avoid because its Cantonese equivalent, sei, means “to die”. You will never see a Chinese-owned building with rooms and floors numbered 4, 14, 24 etc, as this is believed to bring bad luck, attract wandering spirits and harmful yin energy. However, the number 4 is not always bad! For instance, the number 48 means “prosperity by any means” and 43 means “even if you die, you will live”. When combined with 5, such as 54, it carries the meaning “will not die”.


This form of numerology is used everywhere from personalized phone numbers and car number plates to deciding which properties to purchase or lottery numbers to buy. During Chinese New Year, red packets containing auspicious denominations of cash like 28, 88 and 128 enhance the blessings of good fortune. You’ll also find assets that are numbered auspiciously having higher resale values than those that are not, which is a good enough reason to choose your numbers right!

Start surrounding yourself with auspicious numbers wherever you can and watch your luck improve immediately.