Three Secrets Of Spiritual Feng Shui’s Dharma Dimension

Spiritual Feng Shui adds the Dharma dimension to practices related to living in harmony with the WINDS and WATERS of the Earth. The word Dharma means living the right path with the right purpose. In the practice of feng shui, it is viewed as having the right motivation when you make feng shui changes and enhancements to your space.

The Dharma dimension adds potency to the spirituality of both stillness and movement, which is the cosmic energy that transforms yin into yang and yang back into yin. One’s lifetime begins at birth and ends at death, and in between, one lives a life within which one experiences the joys and sufferings of samsara.

How much joy and how much suffering one encounters is determined by our KARMA, which is carried over in our mental continuum from lifetime to lifetime. The quality of one’s life is thus largely determined by the Karma we carry with us.

But here’s the thing.

KARMA CAN BE CHANGED. Karma is not static. It is dynamic and it can be changed. Buddha taught these 84,000 ways which those fortunate enough to be born as human beings can use to transform their lives, to change their karma and to improve their samsaric experience.

This is the Dharma dimension, which can also be used to enhance our practice of symbolic and spiritual feng shui. To those unfamiliar with the detailed practices of the Dharma dimension, here are THREE SECRETS you can use to enhance the impact of your Spiritual Feng Shui practice.


You can successfully strengthen and empower all the CURES and ENHANCEMENTS you have put into place in the different sectors of your home by using the power of your body, speech and mind.


Using your BODY means the action of placing the symbolic cures or enhancers into place, here you are using your whole body to effect this action. The seed syllable associated with empowering the body is OM. It is a good idea then to think of this syllable Om as you put your symbolic cues into place.

Using your SPEECH means reciting a suitable mantra as you put the cure into place. Recite the mantra OM YEH DHARMA HETU PRABHAVA three times followed by whatever Deity mantra you usually recite. I always use the TARA mantra with great success, and I recite 21 times. You can finish by reciting OM AH HUM nine times and this seals in the effect of your mantras onto the cures and enhancers. The seed syllable here is AH, so think of AH as you are reciting your mantras.

Using your MIND means visualizing clearly what you want to achieve by placing the cure in place. Think what affliction you want to subdue and what kind of misfortune luck you want to dissolve. The mental picture you create in your head magnifies the power of the cure substantially. Likewise, also imagine clearly the success you wish for and the wealth you want to amass as you put your success and prosperity enhancers into place. This will increase the likelihood of abundance and success coming to you in exactly the way you wish for. The seed syllable is Hum, so think of Hum as you visualize.


  1. When you place a wealth MIRROR in a particular corner of your home, visualize the mirror reflecting great prosperity in the form of cash, asset wealth, increased sales all flowing into the home. Think strongly that the mirror is reflecting in great success and big wealth; then when you have the picture of the wealth luck clearly inside your head, recite the Dependant Arising mantra followed by the Dzambhala wealth mantras. Focus and concentrate as you do this and continue to strongly visualize the flow of wealth coming into your home. Finish with Om Ah Hum three times. After you have empowered the wealth mirror this way, you will discover that you will never look at it the same way again. Each time you see it in place, you will be reminded of wealth flowing into your home.
  2. When you display a Wu Lou in the Northeast (for 2019) of your home, think that the Wu Lou is subduing the illness star; that it is completely dissolving all the sickness energies brought by the nagas of the star #2 into the home. When you have a firm picture of the nagas strongly subdued, recite the Dependent Arising mantra followed by the Buddha of Longevity mantra Om Bhaykandze a total of 21 times. This is an incredibly powerful mantra and you can think that the blue Buddha is with you as you recite his mantra. Then you can visualize all illness energies dissolving into thin air and disappearing. The windchime has now become empowered so that illness vibrations simply cannot enter the home. Finish with Om Ah Hum three times.
  3. When you place the five element pagoda in the Southwest (for 2019) where the Five Yellow star of misfortune is located this year, think that the pagoda cure completely absorbs all the negativities, misfortune energies and illness nagas associated with the wu wang or Five Yellow affliction. Visualize the pagoda sweeping all misfortune luck away out of the home; then recite the mantra of Dependent Arising followed by the Tara mantra. I find that for me, using the Goddess Tara mantra is always so effective, so if you forget the other mantras, you can use the Tara mantra for any and all purposes. Visualize all misfortune energies leaving your home. Finish with Om Ah Hum three times.