The Tai Sui of 2021 – General Yang Xin

Tai Sui for 2021
Engage the support of General Yang Xin the Tai Sui of 2021 for the year to go smoothly for you

In the practice of feng shui and astrology, an important location to take note of each year is that of the Tai Sui. The Tai Sui, or God of the Year, is said to be in charge of all matters that take place on earth. It is thus important to gain his support, while making sure one does not inadvertently incur his wrath. His movement mirrors that of the planet Jupiter, hence he is sometimes also known as “Grand Duke Jupiter”.

There are 60 different Tai Sui’s in all, each represented by famous Generals of Ancient China, and depending on the ruling Tai Sui of any particular year, these generals reflect the kind of luck we are to expect of the year.

The Tai Sui in Astrology

In Chinese Astrology, it is believed that when the Tai Sui enters your animal sign location, you are blessed with good fortune as the Tai Sui is said to support your sign. This is known as “sharing the space” with the Tai Sui. If your animal sign location is directly opposite the Tai Sui’s position however, the sign is said to be “confronting” the Tai Sui, which brings afflictive energy to that sign. The animal signs that are located ninety degrees from the Tai Sui’s location are said to be in “side clash” with the Tai Sui.

Those born under animal signs with any kind of clash with the Tai Sui need to make special effort to appease the Tai Sui for that year.

For those confronting the Tai Sui, it is common practice for traditional Chinese to go to a temple where the Tai Sui’s are on display, to pay homage to the spirit of the Tai Sui at the beginning of the year. They are also advised to display his image in the home in his location for the year, and to carry his image and talisman as an amulet, to retain his support.

In 2021, the Sheep is in direct clash with the Tai Sui, while Dragon and Dog are in side clash. The Ox, the animal sign of the year, is being backed by the Tai Sui, but because of its vicinity to the Tai Sui, those born under the Ox sign are also advised to pay homage to him to ensure his support continues through the year.

Tai Sui Amulet and Tai Sui Plaque for 2021

Thus in 2021, it is imperative for Sheep, Dragon, Dog and Ox to display the Tai Sui Plaque 2021 in the NE sector of their homes, and to carry his amulet. ALL animal signs however benefit from carrying his amulet and displaying his image.

The Tai Sui in Feng Shui

In Feng Shui, one always needs to be mindful of the location of the Tai Sui of the year. In 2021, the Tai Sui’s location is Northeast. It is advised to have the Pi Xie or Pi Yao in the NE in 2021, as this heavenly creature is the best symbol for appeasing the Tai Sui. In addition, you MUST NOT RENOVATE or make any overly loud noises in this part of the home or office.

Facing the Tai Sui direction is also not favourable. So if your work desk is facing this direction, you should adjust your desk to face a different direction this year. DO NOT FACE NORTHEAST this year EVEN if the NE happens to be one of your “good” directions under the KUA formula.

The Tai Sui of the Metal Ox Year
This year’s Tai Sui is the General Yang Xin

The Tai Sui of 2021 is represented by the General Yang Xin.

This General lived in the Han Dynasty period during the rule of Emperor Wu. During his time at the Emperors’ Court, he was sent as part of a Peace Envoy to the Xiongnu Nomads. As General Yang Xin was not born of noble descent, the ruler of the Xiongnu people did not give him any respect. The Xiongnu’s leader caused a lot of problems for Yang Xin. But as the Han Dynasty was strong during the rule of Emperor Wu, while the Xiongnu people were in decline, General Yang Xin refused to give way to the Xiongnu ruler’s demands. He felt that the Hans were superior to the Xiongnu People.

One of the notable instances of General Yang Xin’s defiance was his refusal to be tattooed or have his face covered in ash before meeting the ruler in the royal tent, as was customary with previous envoys. General Yang Xin stood firm with his principles and was unyielding. Finally, the ruler of Xiongnu gave in and met General Yang Xin outside the royal tent to discuss the matters between the two peoples.

Once negotiations began, General Yang Xin stated the terms of the reconciliation, whereby the Xiongnu Ruler had to give up their Prince as a hostage. However, the ruler requested tribute as per past practices. General Yang Xin stood firm on his Emperor’s request. Eventually, nothing came of the peace envoy, as both sides were unwilling to yield. Although his peace mission was not successful, he is revered in the Chinese pantheon of Deities as he represents strong and upright unyielding loyalty, and was known as someone who would never tarnish the name of the Han Dynasty.

General Yang Xin’s presiding over the energies of 2021 suggests that while there will be efforts of reconciliation during the year, it will be difficult for world leaders to see eye-to-eye on many issues or to reach satisfactory compromises. The Flying Stars of the year confirm these indications, with the Violent Star making its way to the sector that represents the leader. People continue to stand by their principles, but unfortunately, different groups and different factions will have differing convictions, and some of these will be irreconcilable.

There continues to be risk of war, fighting and struggle internationally between nations, and on a micro level within firms, organizations and even within families. This is a year when the Tai Sui badly needs to be appeased and one in which harmony amulets will come in especially handy.

The Tai Sui in 2021

The Tai Sui of 2021 resides in the Ox’s sector located in NE1 (22.5 – 37.5) in the compass. As the Ox shares the location with the Tai Sui this year, once appeased, the Tai Sui can bring positive changes to the Ox’s life. However, as the Sheep is in direct confrontation with the Grand Duke, the Sheep is likely to meet with various obstacles in 2021. The Dog and Dragon meanwhile are in side clash with the Tai Sui and thus have to be especially careful as well. These signs should carry the Tai Sui Amulet at all times to reduce the negative effects of the Tai Sui.

In addition to the location of bad chi, the Tai Sui also helps characterize the type of luck the year holds. From the description of the Tai Sui, we can predict that 2021 will be a year when a lot of effort will be wasted, as most people will be stubborn and unyielding.