The Feng Shui of Staircases

Staircases are conduits of chi in the home. They are where chi moves from one level of the home to the next level. When your staircase has good feng shui, it distributes good fortune to the rest of home. However, when it is bad from a feng shui perspective, it spreads harmful energy causing illness, robbery and misfortune.

General Ground Rules

  • Stairs should not have hollows or openings in the steps. These suggest “leakages”, making it difficult for residents to amass wealth.
  • The staircase should be well lit and landings should have uplights.
  • The top and bottom of staircases should never face the main door.
  • The staircase must be solid. Avoid creaky or badly fitted banisters.
  • Avoid carpeting your stairs with the colour red, as this brings severe misfortune.
    Avoid water under the stairs, as this hurts the success potential of the second generation of the family.
  • Avoid locating the staircase in the center of the home.
  • Stairs should never start or end in front of a toilet.
  • Try to locate your stairs in sectors that correspond to inauspicious Flying Stars, as staircases can press down on bad luck caused by inauspicious stars.
  • Avoid a spiral staircase, as this resembles a corkscrew. These are more harmful when located in the middle of the home.


Staircase Protection

  • Install a crystal chandelier just before the start of the staircase.
  • Place a screen or divider between your stairs and main door if they happen to be aligned with each other.
  • Stairs can be made of wood, metal or concrete to simulate these three solid elements. Wooden stairs are suitable in the South, East and Southeast. Metal stairs are best in the North and concrete stairs work best in the Northeast, Southwest, West and Northwest.
  • Hang a picture of a protector image such as Chung Kwei or Kuan Kung near your stairs to create protective chi there.
  • Place a pair of Fu Dogs either side of the stairs to protect against bad energy going upstairs and to encourage good luck chi to travel upwards.