Superbowl Hero Tom Brady Manifests His Inner Shaman

Through victories and down times, TOM BRADY of the New England Patriots, an American football team which has been part of and has won the SUPERBOWL so many times I cannot keep count… is a man who has always been heroic. At the most recent Superbowl played on a beautiful Sunday last month, the way he and his teammates wrested victory from almost sure defeat was nothing short of miraculous. His inner shaman must have emerged. We feature this very special man who is married to another stunning human being, Supermodel Gisele Bundchen to tell you about the magnificent way he honours and activates his soul energy to rise above his misery and carry on winning.

The SUPERBOWL is one of the most watched events on American Television. It has been estimated that this once-a-year event attracts a viewing audience of over 100 million, so it is a very big deal indeed for the two teams that make it to the final.

But this year, the atmosphere in America is terribly toxic; it is not a good time for the United States, when the number 3 quarrelsome star brings so much hostile energy as to cause friction, divisiveness and anger to spill over into even violence sometimes. This is a year when we see for the first time in my memory the President of the country so disliked and so hated. It seems that President Trump can do nothing right and it was a well-known fact that he would be attending the Superbowl and that he is very good friends with Tom Brady, pretty much the star of the show. Tom Brady has been criticized many times for his friendship with Trump.

The New England Patriots is also Donald Trump’s team, and he enjoys much-publicized close friendships with not just its star quarter back Tom Brady but also with the team’s coach Bill Belichick and the team’s owner Robert Kraft.

The Superbowl being such a big event would be the perfect global stage for the bitterness against Trump to erupt into one enormous orgy of hatred.

The danger was that Lady Gaga, who was the celebrity half-time act, has made no secret of her feelings of animosity for President Trump. She protested outside Trump Tower the day after he won, and Lady Gaga can be as loud as Madonna. Who knew how she would use her performance to rant and rave against the embattled President.

All week long leading up to the Super Bowl, we were skiing in Vail and watching television in the evenings, and through that time, the talk had been exclusively about politics rather than football.

Would Tom Brady be “beat up”? Would Lady Gaga get nasty about Trump? How much Trump-bashing would emerge in the many Superbowl commercials? How would the feng shui of the event play out?

We missed watching the Superbowl itself, as we had by then boarded the plane from Denver to London enroute home, but by the time we arrived at Heathrow where we had a ten-hour transit, the British newspapers had the Superbowl results splashed across its pages. What I got reading the news was that the New England Patriots had won, that up until half time they were losing and were down 21-3, floored by the rampaging Falcons.

Tom Brady himself was having a personal nightmare. He had been sacked, intercepted, strangled and stunned into seemingly hopeless impotence. The social media, according to one newspaper, “was ablaze with glee at his ignominious humiliation.” Facebook, Twitter and Instagram carried postings mocking him and his friendship with Trump. Tom Brady was depicted as the laughing stock of the Superbowl, and the Trump connection made things worse. The outpouring of vitriol flowed even as television cameras panned into him sitting on the sidelines, with his head down, alone, miserable, angry and frustrated. He had the words Loser, Racist, Pig… thrown at him.


When Lady Gaga came on, her amazing energy changed everything! Not once through her performance did she demonstrate even an ounce of anti-Trump sentiment. Instead, she called for unity and sang of patriotism for America. It was a wonderful way to change the energy of the day! Later, I went online to watch her sing “Poker Face” and her other hits, and read of her interview where she had said that she wanted people watching the half-time show to feel the greatness of the USA.

She said, “Saying anything divisive would only make things worse. And that’s just not what I want for my country. I believe in a passion for inclusion, in the spirit of equality and love, compassion and kindness.”

Lady Gaga gave a sensational performance. Her voice was powerful and her energy infectious, and she was as entertaining as I have always recalled her to be. Her show was fun, spectacular and dynamic. Instead of criticizing the President, she focused on entertaining the crowd. Instead of pontificating about politics, she strutted her magical, musical stuff; so if you go online in search of her performance, you will see American talent at its very best.

As the players ran out for the second half, Tom Brady was met with a series of boos from sections of the crowd, and also from millions of people watching at home. The pressure on his gilded shoulders was huge – and for many lesser sportsmen, would have been overwhelming. But great champions are made of great stuff. Tom Brady is not an ordinary mortal. All his life, he has successfully manifested his inner spirit that makes him such a hero. He can call forth a secret strength to manifest miracles for all to see. As those who know about winning know, “It’s not about being down, it’s about getting back up.”


In the second half, Tom Brady played like a man possessed, and by the time the final whistle blew, he had become the hero of the day. That day, Tom Brady smashed multiple records, his 466 yards passing, the most ever in a Super Bowl. He completed the most passes from most attempts – 43 from 62. He became the first to ever play in seven Super Bowls, the first quarterback to win five Super Bowl rings, and the first player to be voted MVP four times.



In the end, Tom Brady stood triumphant, indisputably the greatest American football player in history, as he led his beloved PATRIOTS to a 34- 28 victory over the Atlanta Falcons. He kissed his supermodel wife Gisele, hugged his cancer-stricken mother, carried his jubilant kids and tearfully embraced his coach and owner.

And in that moment, America rose as one to salute this superlative athlete. Not many know this, but Tom Brady has always been influenced by the philosophy of the well-known South American Shaman who wrote a book called THE FOUR AGREEMENTS – the total way to inner freedom, a book his wife had given him and which he says changed his life forever.

Indeed, Tom Brady has been described not only as a world-class footballer, but also humble, modest and a wonderful role model. He carries himself with grace and conducts himself in a manner that does him and his sport great credit.

The American magazines describe that day as Brady summoning his inner American to rise from the ashes of crushing defeat to achieve gloriously unexpected victory. But in truth, his inner shaman emerged because of his incredible dedication, resilience, professionalism, and his thick skin and never-say-die spirit. In doing so, he transformed from perceived villain to everyone’s hero.

That day, two of America’s greatest talents – Tom Brady and Lady Gaga – reminded everyone that at its heart, America remains a great country with great people of definitely wondrous empathy and magnitude.

Tom Brady the man…

He was born in 1977, the year of the Fire Snake, so he is only 39 years of age, but in this year of the Rooster, we see his astrological “stars” overcoming the adversity of the year and emerging triumphant. And so it is proving. To this man, to whom family is everything, he is blessed with a stunning wife, three amazing children and parents that many can only dream of. This year, he enjoys the triumph of a historic Super Bowl victory.

He has survived some pretty challenging years – the previous two years had been difficult. His team had been fined a million dollars and Brady himself had been suspended from playing the first four games. They had been hounded by the National Football League Commissioner Roger Goodell. Seen in the context of the tensions simmering beneath the surface between the Commissioner of the game and the Team, the victory is all the more sweet. Such is the power of magic, which brings forth the power of believing.

It was a historic win for Brady and head coach Bell Belichick, who with the victory now each have five Super Bowl rings, the most of any player or coach in the history of the league. Tom Brady is now acknowledged as the greatest football player of all time, and he has not yet reached 40 years of age. The Superbowl of 2017 has also been billed as the greatest ever.

As a non-American bystander watching the great American Sports ritual play out, amidst the excitement of the PATRIOTS taking the game from 25 points down to win in spite of the odds, tells me a great deal about the energy of America this year.

The #3 star will continue to see a great deal of contentious energy. But President Trump it seems is much like his heroic friend Tom Brady. He too has demonstrated he can manifest his inner shaman by winning the Election. Many wonder if over the next four years he will manifest yet more magic by winning over those who today hate him so much! Stay tuned my friends, as I plan to follow the unfolding of America’s destiny.