Setting Up Your Very Own Sacred Space

In the home, it is so beneficial to have a special SACRED SPACE, within which you place concentrated spiritual focus. This can be a small or an elaborate set up, where you place sacred holy objects that have been filled with rolled-up mantras, vases of beautiful flowers, rows of water bowls, rice and other offerings.

In effect, you are then transforming this into a part of your home where you can meditate, perform powerful visualisations and place your wishfulfilling trees and jewels. This becomes your altar and you can start your space cleansing and incense offering rituals from here. From the sacred space, nectar-type energies radiate through the home, keeping the local spirits happy and contented. This is the practice of spiritual feng shui, and it is how you encourage the inner spiritual essence within you to emerge. Once you get into a daily routine of changing the offerings, performing the rituals and keeping this space clean and activated with meditations, your spirituality gets enhanced. It really is as easy as that.

Think of your home as an extension of you. A happy home reflects a happy you. The energy of your home affects your moods and your luck. Dirty or cluttered cause illness and worry. But a home that exudes feelings of abundance attracts financial stability and good business growth. And when you have a sacred corner where cosmic deities radiate blessings throughout the home, your good fortune knows no bounds!

When you place auspicious decorative objects in the home, these enhance the feng shui energies within. At a spiritual level, when you invite images of sacred deities and sacred objects into the home, they generate cosmic vibrations that magnify the feng shui significance of auspicious objects already placed within the home.

SACRED OBJECTS have long been associated with the Cosmic Deities, their abodes and symbolic tools and implements. These embody the energies of the cosmic universe, a powerful energy source of infinite abundance, and a source of everything that brings all things good into your life. Everything in the world is part of this source, and when there is a sacred corner where you focus mindful meditation and acknowledgement to the deities of the Universe, you are in effect creating a conduit into the powerful mother lode.

It is like a cosmic gateway. And when sacred objects are placed here, you can access the abundance of the spiritual universe, and then everything you wish for becomes infinitely available.

Sacred objects signify powerful concentrations of energies of the purity of the Buddhas. Placed in the home, they become cosmic bridges for magical blessings to flow into the home. There are different kinds of sacred objects but all symbolize the unconditional blessings of the enlightened wisdom beings.

The Art of Placement is extremely easy to practice and applies equally to physical as well as spiritual feng shui, using auspicious symbols and sacred objects placed in specific corners around the home.

Paintings and statues of any of the different Buddhas instantly creates their presence within the space they occupy. If you think it is so, then the Buddha presence manifests. In this way, the blessing energies for instance of Medicine Buddha, Shakyamuni Buddha, Guru Rinpoche, Manjushuri and all the different Taras can be invited into the home.

Figurines of these deities can be placed on a table, which should be at least 5ft high. You can place as many statues as you like on the altar. And on the walls, you can hang thangkas, which are beautiful coloured sacred art. It does not matter if they are originals or prints, as long as you are inspired by their presence.

Buddha statues placed on the altar should never be empty inside, but must be filled with rolled-up mantras and “jewels”.



Mandalas of Buddhas are the “universe of the Buddhas”. Hence the Mandala of Medicine Buddha represents the entire Pure Land of the Medicine Buddha, incorporating his celestial palace and medicinal gardens. Living here are the Seven Medicine Buddhas. When you hang an image of Medicine Buddha’s Mandala, you are creating the presence of the Medicine Buddha and his pure land in your home! It instantly connects your home and Medicine Buddha’s pure land, allowing blessings of good health and happiness to flow from Medicine Buddha’s pure land into your home!


These contain mantras and invocations of the Wisdom Beings. Mantras and prayer texts represent the speech or sound of the Buddhas. Syllables of mantras have special powers. They emit the frequency that tunes our minds into the cosmos. When we chant mantras, our minds and bodies connect with that of the enlightened beings. Mantras vibrate powerful frequencies that overcome obstacles. They prevent bad energies from entering the home. This is why we recommend hanging mantra plaques by the entrance or above the door. Each time you walk under mantras, you are blessed by their powers. Hanging them by your door prevent bad energies from entering.


Stupas represent the mind of Enlightened Beings. Stupas that are empty have no power, but those correctly filled with special mantras and relics of Enlightened Beings are incredibly powerful receptacles of pure Buddha energies. There are specific instructions to follow when filling these stupas. We fill all our stupas with Relic Mantras and Treasure Chest Dharanis from the Zungdu. According to lineage texts, these mantras transform the stupas into receptacles of the pure lands of 90 billion Buddhas! Just by placing one stupa in your home, you invite the presence of 90 billion Buddhas!

Anyone can create sacred space within their homes. When you start with a corner and you practice your spiritual meditations on a daily basis, you will find that in no time at all, your whole house gets imbued with the most powerful essence of the Universe. This brings you, your family and your home under the protection of powerful cosmic forces.

There are three places where you can place an altar:

  1. Directly facing your front door, as this welcomes in the chi into your home. This is a favourite place for many of the old practitioners.
  2. In the NORTHWEST, which is ideal for enhancing the Patriarchal energy. This benefits the father.
  3. In the SOUTHWEST, which is excellent if you want to set up a 21 Tara altar, as this is where the matriarchal energy of the home is strongest.

Do observe the “taboos” when choosing a corner. If your home is small and placing the altar in the living room facing the main door is not possible, you can set aside a special meditation room in which to set up your sacred space. This is ideal for those who meditate a great deal.

There are many dimensions you can learn as you go deeper into the different lineage practices of spiritual feng shui. There are nuances to the practice that are especially engaging, and a great deal of it is like magic. The highest practitioners of the Tibetan-style rituals, especially of the old school, are particularly powerful.