Reading the Lines of Romance on Your Hand

Continuing our occasional series on the meanings of the lines of your palm, this article looks at just how much the heart and relationship lines on the palm really reveal about the quality of our love lives. The heart line runs horizontally across the upper palm, surrounding the mounts of Mercury, Apollo, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn. This line indicates the strength of emotions, quality of relationships, timing of important relationships such as marriages and love affairs and whether these relationships bring happiness or heartache.

Ideally, the heart line should be clear and without breaks This kind of lines suggests someone who will be the dominant partner in a relationship. Breaks in this line spell broken relationships, while islands along this line spell tragedies of a broken heart. Little lines that branch out above the heart line going upwards indicate strong and happy relationships, while lines that branch out below the heart line are said to be less fortunate. Secondary lines also indicate how busy a social life you have.

The relationship lines by the side of the palm indicate serious relationships and some read these as marriage lines. The stronger and longer these lines are, the better. When relationship lines are missing, it suggests a difficulty in getting married, while several lines here indicate several love relationships. Two equally strong lines suggest two marriages. These are the generalizations in palm indications of your love life. We also include additional indications revealed by the heart line.

1When the heart line is high up the palm, and if there are branch lines going upwards, it suggests you are a charismatic personality, highly sociable and well-liked. You are full of good intentions and your energy levels are the talk of your friends. However, it is hard for you to have a lasting relationship and the serious ones tend to slip through your fingers. You need to strengthen your love life with love amulets if you are looking for a long-term relationship.

2When the heart line reaches the index finger, directly moving across the Mount of Jupiter, it is a very auspicious indication, as it often suggests that your spouse will bring you plenty of auspicious luck. It also indicates that you are a very honest person, one who is faithful in relationships. The main snag in this is that you also tend to be easily influenced by those you trust. You should try to be more self-confident so you trust your own instincts more.


3When the heart line dips downwards with many fine lines moving downwards, it indicates someone who is unable to make up his/her mind about their love relationships.You lack the ability to decide and could end up losing out on some potentially promising relationships. You should strengthen your resolve and activate your peach blossom luck to help you enjoy a better love life.

4When there are two or three cross lines intersecting the heart line, these signify obstacles to your relationships. It suggests an inability to concentrate on your loved ones and sometimes this also indicates that you and your loved ones could live apart for long periods of time.

5When the heart line is extremely long, the indications are positive and suggest happy outcomes. You are a friendly person who does not attract jealousy, and many people of both genders admire you. It is likely that you have a soul mate with whom you will enjoy many happy moments and your happiness from love is limitless.

6When your heart line is very short, the indications are less positive. You are difficult to get to know and people find it hard to warm to you, mainly because you tend to be very unfriendly. Unless you make a real effort to smile more and invest more effort into your relationships, you might end up lonely. If your relationship lines are also faint or missing, this lack of marriage potential is more pronounced.

7When the heart line grows downwards, your relationships tend to be short-lived and are very easily broken. You find it hard to have a long and satisfying relationship.

8If your heart line reaches to between middle and index finger, it suggests a person of good and sound character, a faithful lover who will enjoy success in love relationships. This person will rarely, if ever, be affected by love problems.

9When there appears to be not one but two heart lines, it is a very good indication. These lines suggest excellent relationship luck. Your marriage will be happy and prosperous. Your spouse is supportive and successful.

10When your heart line is so long that it reaches beyond the Mount of Jupiter, it suggests you are a very jealous person. You fight for what you believe to be yours and anyone getting in your way had best beware. You will not hesitate to play foul in love!

11When your heart line reaches only the ring finger, it is regarded as a very short heart line, indicating that you are quite unreliable in love. You cannot be trusted not to change your mind when someone “better” comes along, and there tends to be a certain selfishness in your attitude towards your spouse.

12When your heart line touches the index finger, it indicates you are a person to whom marriage and family are important. In fact, your family will dominate your life and you will willingly sacrifice yourself for those you love.


13When your heart line reaches the top of the Mount of Jupiter then turns downwards, this indicates unexpected problems and sudden unforeseen things happening to all your important relationships. You need to be careful and should ensure you marry only those with astrological animal signs with compatible with yours.

14When the heart line is broken or if there are gaps in the heart line, there is a great deal of instability in your love life. You swing from being very happy to being very sad. You should try to wear love amulets all the time. If you want to get married, it is a good idea to introduce the double happiness sign into your life either by wearing it or placing it in your bedroom.

15A deep and obvious heart line that runs strongly across the palm suggests you will enjoy prosperity and success in your relationships. It also indicates that there is no one jealous of you. You and your spouse will forge a meaningful relationship and enjoy a strong long stretch of years together. Yours will be a loyal and sincere marriage.

16When the heart line has a split end, it is an indication that you are the sort who takes your relationships seriously. You invest time and effort into your relationships, as a result of which you are likely to have a very good relationship with your partner and spouse.

17When your heart line reaches the Mount of Jupiter and there is one line that goes downward (this normally appears in female hands), this indicates you will have a strong character. You are someone who would likely successfully juggle a successful career with a happy marriage.

18When your heart line is parallel with your head line, it indicates a tendency to let your work override your love life. In your early years, you will be a workaholic, and it is likely that by the time you realize this, you could be “left on the shelf”. Watch you do not allow yourself to get so caught up in your career that you forget about the relationships in your life. Make a real effort to give equal emphasis to your social and personal life.

19When your heart line has numberless lines growing upwards, it means you are a very kind hearted person who inspires love and friendship in others. You are fated to have a good family life and good relationships with your spouse and children.

20If at the start of your heart line you see some few lines growing upwards, it means you are very attractive to the opposite sex. It is likely that if you are a girl, you will have lots of boyfriends.

21When at the beginning of your heart line you see one line going up and one line going down, it suggests serious marriage difficulties that could eventually lead to separation or divorce. You should place strong marriage enhancers in your home.

22When you can see at the beginning of your heart line many light lines coming out, this indicates many children. These lines also indicate prosperity.