Planning For A Child With The Luck Of The Emperor Star

A Big and Hearty Congratulations to the Royal Family of Great Britain!

Last month, Kensington Palace formally announced the happy news that that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are again expecting a bouncy baby next year! The third royal is expected to arrive around April 2018 in the year of the EARTH DOG; so naturally, we were quick to investigate what they can expect in their future royal.

The Earth Dog year is a very special year, and babies born next year will have a unique advantage over children born in other years. So if you’re making plans to have a child in 2018, you’ll want to read this article very carefully! Here is our guide on what you can look forward to in an Earth Dog Baby, and how you can bring the best out of your child!


The Chinese Tung Sing almanac states that the Earth Dog is also known as the Dog on the Mountain, a free spirit who roams happily on high ground and climbs effortless to the top. As one of the three signs in in the zodiac group of Independents – this is a sign who values their freedom above everything and will lean towards an unstructured and carefree lifestyle.

Most Dog signs love their independence so much to the point of appearing to be whimsical and flighty about their careers and life. But not the Earth Dog; as this is a Double Earth sign, he/she will be down-to-earth and practical in character. The excess of Earth grounds this sign, making them a steadier and more dependable Dog Sign compared to the other four.

You can expect your Earth Dog child to be instinctively creative and enjoy a colourful and eclectic personality. The Earth Dog is a strong and determined sign! They are perseverant, resilient and resourceful; so many of them aspire to make their mark in the world. Many great artists of our time were born in the Year of the Earth Dog – Madonna, Michael Jackson, the artist formerly known as Prince and Tim Burton are all Earth Dogs!

Earth Dogs develop a spiritual outlook about life; they are born with an innate altruistic sense that guides their moral compass. Don’t be surprised if your teenage Dog child spends hours volunteering and raising funds for their local orphanage; or dreams of saving endangered animals and building schools for poor children in Africa! These are animal signs who are not afraid to venture towards the unknown or face adversity if it means helping others have a better future!

These are the general traits of the Earth Dog; they are kindred souls who have BIG HEARTS and BIG DREAMS. As a parent, you can be more effective at bringing out the best in your child if you encourage them to trust their inner voice and pursue their big hairy goals. Dog people are spontaneous and naturally rebellious; it would be unwise to place too much pressure on them to conform to social norms or abide by overly restrictive rules. Not only will this limit their creativity and supress their natural talents, it will cause a lot of friction between you and your child.

As Earth signs, Dogs can be very stubborn and unmoving when they are convinced they are right! You will not win once they have set their minds down a certain path. Luckily, the Dog is a cheerful, positive character who forgives easily and never holds grudges. They treasure friendships and make loyal pals once they commit themselves to you! They are sociable people whose fun and adventurous personalities endear them to others. Dog signs are rarely alone; often they run in packs and become top dogs. And this is especially true for Dogs born in the Earth Dog Year – as they also have the Emperor Star!

The Earth Dog is one of only four animal signs in the entire sixty-year cycle to be born with the EMPEROR STAR in their year pillar.


Those born in the year of the Earth Dog have an exceptional advantage because their year of birth brings them a rare leadership star in their Paht Chee chart.

The Earth Dog is one of only four animal signs in the entire sixty-year cycle to be born with the EMPEROR STAR that is generated by their year pillar.

When this star appears in a person’s chart, it is a strong indication that he or she has in-born potential for greatness – someone who can rise to the top of whatever they choose to do with their lives.

In fact, this star is frequently found in the charts of extraordinary individuals who hold the highest rank and office in their country such as Presidents, Kings and Queens… which is very interesting considering that this will be the royal family’s third child, rather than their first.

As you would imagine, their first two children – Prince George and Princess Charlotte – also have excellent birth charts, but if you investigate them carefully, you will discover that the Crown Prince George does NOT have this Emperor Star. Princess Charlotte however, enjoys the Emperor Star in her chart and hers appears in her Day Pillar – which is considered stronger than Emperor Stars that appear in the Year Pillar.

Kate Middleton also has this star appearing in the Day Pillar of her chart; which demonstrates just how prolific this star is. Remember that Kate was once a commoner but with this star in her chart, she now enjoys the luck of royalty, and will one day become the Queen of England!

The appearance of this star in her chart is also a sure sign that Duchess of Cambridge will yield significant power when her husband ascends the throne in future; even her husband does not have this star. Her grandmother-in-law – Queen Elizabeth II – has not one – but two of these stars in her own chart! And next year, when the third royal child arrives, he or she too will enjoy this special star! Thus the royal family will then have an heir and two spares!

Having the Emperor Star is always an excellent indication; it suggests that there is potential for greatness, but it does not always guarantee success or a smooth rise to the top. The degree of greatness and how far one can progress in life will depend a lot on the other aspects of one’s Paht Chee chart – such as how strong or weak their self-element is, and whether or not there are other positive stars in their chart that support the Emperor Star.

Definitely, if the person who has the Emperor Star also has other “nobility” stars or “mentor” stars, you can be sure they will climb very far up the career ladder and possibly achieve high office as heads of states or cabinet ministers.

For example, Russia’s president –Vladimir Putin – enjoys the Emperor Star in his Year Pillar and if you check his chart, you will also see the Fortune Noble Star, Star of Nobleman and the Star of Powerful Mentors. Singapore’s founder the late Lee Kuan Yew was also a great visionary who had the Emperor Star, but his chart was also well-supported by the Fortune Noble Star, Star of Prospects and Star of Powerful Mentors.

People who have the Emperor Star as well as other unique aptitude stars such as the Talent Star, Creativity Star, Scholastic Brilliance, Intelligence Star can rise to become “kings” or “queens” in their careers. We’ve seen this in the charts of Michael Jackson, Madonna and Tiger Woods, who are undisputed leaders of their field!



If you are convinced that an Earth Dog Baby is for you, or if you are already pregnant and your due date is after Chinese New Year in 2018, it pays to do a bit of analysis and look for the birthdate and time of your child that offers the most beneficial elements and stars in their chart. To get a full picture of your future child’s destiny, you will need to assess the suitability of the day, month and time of birth, so when the time comes, we highly recommend consulting a Paht Chee expert for detailed advice.

As there are 4380 possible charts for the Dog year, we won’t be able to produce them all here in this article, but we can highlight which months and hours bring certain stars and what to avoid so that you can avert unfavourable clashes for your child.

Birth Month

The birth month reveals a great deal about the person’s relationship with his or her parents or parent in-laws; so it is important to avoid clashes between the Month and Year Pillar. For example, Prince William and Kate’s third child is due in April 2018 – this tells us that the child will likely be born in the SPRING months. The Spring months are the TIGER, RABBIT and DRAGON months.

Both the Tiger and Rabbit are favourable animal signs that support the Dog; the Tiger is the zodiac ally of the Dog, while the Rabbit is the secret friend of the Dog. Hence Kate should try to give birth to her baby before the 15th April 2018 as the child would then be born in the Rabbit month and enjoy a “secret friend” relationship between him/her and parents. The Rabbit month also brings the Internal Flower of Romance for the child – a star that indicates a loving spouse that will bring happiness and will stay faithful.

But if the child is born after April 15th, he/she will be born in the Dragon Month, which is considered inauspicious. The Dragon is the enemy sign of the Dog, and this will create a very unhappy clash between the Month and Year Pillar. This generates plenty of conflict between the child and his/her parents – something that should be avoided given that this child will be a Prince or Princess!

Other months that are favourable for a baby born in the Dog Year would be the HORSE (zodiac ally) and the BOAR (zodiac soulmate). Avoid the Ox, Sheep and Dragon months, as these months bring a direct or side clash. Definitely try to avoid having both the OX and SHEEP in the same birth date, as this will create the “Earth Penalty” clash that brings conflict and serious illness.

Birth Hour

The Birth Hour reveals one’s relationships with their children, so it is prudent to avoid having any clashes here as well. Try not to give birth to your child in the DRAGON HOUR – as this will create a clash between the Year and Hour Pillar of your child’s destiny chart. Such a clash generates conflict and brings problems when your child has their own children.

Other birth hours create unique stars or combinations with the DOG YEAR pillar, and they bring different connotations. We have summarised them here in this table below. The red stars are the negative stars, while the others are positive.

Note that the TIGER and HORSE hours are considered auspicious because they create positive combinations with the DOG year. If your child has all three of these animals in his/her chart, the result is the complete Trinity of Independents, which is extremely powerful and positive!

This magic trinity alone is enough to bring BIG success and greatness – and when this is combined with the Emperor Star, wow – the resulting chart can be quite amazing! If the child is born during the HORSE hour, it has the added bonus of bringing the Commanding Star as well; this is an excellent leadership star that brings authoritative presence and power. People with this star often make it into top CEO jobs and will have no trouble getting noticed by their bosses and superiors.

One thing to note is that here, the RABBIT hour does not bring an auspicious star. Although the Rabbit is the Dog’s secret friend, its appearance in the Hour Pillar brings the External Flower of Romance – a star that causes infidelity and unhappiness in the marriage. Another unhappy star is the Loneliness Star which is usually the cause of distance and sadness in one’s love life. Your child will have this star if he/she is born in the Boar or Sheep hours.

The list here is only a subset of all the stars that can be found in one’s chart. All the other stars can only be known if you also know the exact month and day. For this, please consult Lillian Too’s book Secrets of the Birth Chart or consult a Paht Chee consultant.