Picking The Right Apartment

Ever considered using feng shui to help pick the next apartment you intend to purchase? Here are some tips that may change your perspective when apartment shopping. When selecting which unit to pour your investments into, you may end up not getting what you want, unless you are willing to pay the price for it. Don’t fret, as sometimes picking the apartment that is not so hot can be the apartment with the best feng shui. CHRIS YEO shows us why.

Selecting which condo building

With so many condo buildings within a single development, to select which building to buy can be a real chore. There are two things you can do here. One, analyze the surrounding landscape and pick the building that has a natural vintage view at its front and an elevated hill behind. This is based on landscape feng shui, where the building itself is contained within an environment suited to the four landscape animals: the Phoenix or open space in front, the Turtle or hill behind, the Dragon or land at the left side of the building (when looking out) higher than the right (or Tiger) side for protection.


Two, for developments on even, flat ground, check the flying stars of the overall development. Take the facing direction of the gate or main entrance to the entire development and superimpose this chart to the site development map. Based on the number combinations, select which sectors are auspicious based on the water and mountain star combinations. For a successful development, look at the sector with the water star #8 and if this sector contains a swimming pool or large water feature, it is seen to be beneficial both for developer and inhabitants of the condo.

Which unit should I get?

Like most tower developments, the chance to obtain a unit with prime view is usually quite slim. But sometimes such units may not be the ones with the best feng shui.

Always check what the facing direction of the tower block is. This compass direction is the key to extracting the flying star natal chart required to determine which apartment is suitable for you.

For regular-shaped tower blocks, use the facing direction of the main floor lobby or entrance for all units up to the 9th floor. All units above that may use the facing direction of the main view out of the apartment, as this can be seen to reflect the maximum yang energy entering into the unit.

With the floor plan of each individual unit, you can superimpose the designated flying star natal chart to determine whether the apartment is deemed auspicious, and what interior works you can do to better the energy of the space.

Taking the example of a 4-bedroom apartment complete with all the family attachments, the first thing to look at is to be sure that the kitchen is not located in the Northwest sector of the unit. Having the kitchen in the NW describes ‘fire at heaven’s gate’ which will affect the luck of the patriarch, resulting in the father having severe bad luck. Compare the flying star natal charts based on the facing directions to see which apartment would then be most ideal.

Let the facing direction of the main entrance to the tower block be a North 1 building. We will assume the above natal chart with the double 8 combination at the front of the building, thus enforcing the auspicious luck for the entire building. This natal chart will apply to all units from the ground floor to 9th level and all units facing the front for the remaining levels upwards.

Other good sectors are the NE and East sectors with the 6,1 and 1,6 stars for good financial and business luck. The center of the apartments are afflicted with the 3,4 stars, which require plenty of light or fire energy to control the quarrelsome #3. The kitchen in the West may help to lock the bad luck stars away, but plenty of metal is needed to control the #5 and #2 bad luck stars.

For levels 9 and above, let us see what an East 1 facing apartment would be like. The double 8 is still located at the front balcony, which is great, as this can be activated with a water feature and crystal garden to activate for money, relationship and family luck.

The center living room will now adopt the 1,6,8, star combination, which, when having an open plan concept, will benefit the entire apartment with this auspicious energy. The downside then would be the kitchen capturing a good sector with the 6,1 stars and all the bedrooms would not have such fabulous star combinations.

We won’t even go to a West 1 facing apartment, as the double 8 stars are thrown all the way to the back, so in the example apartment, this set of auspicious stars are locked outside in the service area.

Similarly, in a South 1 facing apartment, the double 8 stars are flown to the back of the apartment, which makes this chart not so favourable. However, if the apartment layout is different, such that the double 8 flying to the back is the same sector as the main door into the apartment, then so much the better.


So based on the example, picking which apartment has the best feng shui will depend on where the auspicious stars are located. When they get captured in significent areas such as the main door or living room, this bodes well for the residents.

But if they are in kitchens or toilets, or get flown “outside” the unit, the good stars are wasted.

Creating an auspicious interior using symbols

Inside the apartment, you can introduce subtle auspicious symbols through materials such as the Figure of 8 that is auspicious especially now we are in the Period of 8. Another symbols to use is mystical knot, representing endless prosperity and happiness luck.

The Figure of 8 can be integrated into the ceiling pattern to create a visual interpretation of the auspicious symbol.

Having a curvilinear ceiling helps to create a spatial intimacy of the area below, as it allows the feeling of space to adopt a special closeness through shape and height difference.

Other ways to create an intimate space would be to create recessed ceiling panels where it visually creates an open space plan, yet maintains an intimate space for family areas such as the dining room.

With a recessed ceiling panel, you can be inventive by imprinting auspicious symbols onto the wood paneling or even by lining the recessed panels with strips of gold metal or crystals to create a sparkling sensation.

When selecting which unit to buy either for living or investment, it may be wise to check which apartment is ideal based on the flying stars, but also be sure that the building you buy is not subjected to any poison arrows such as the edge of another building pointing straight at the main entrance lobby.

So while many will always pick the unit with the view, why not pick the unit with the best feng shui.