Paht Chee Forecast for 2024 – Year of the Wood Dragon


The Paht Chee chart of 2024 is an unbalanced one showing an excess of Earth and a lack of Water. All the elements in the chart are Yang, with elements in the heavenly stems and animals in the earthly branches not at all in harmony.

Too much Earth suggests a competitive year when one should be aware of hidden enemies and shifting alliances. Because the self-element of 2024 is strong Yang Earth, the risk of betrayal and politicking is high. The Quarrelsome Star #3 dominating the 2024 Flying Star chart reinforces these sentiments, so it is a good idea to play your cards close to your chest. Be more diplomatic when dealing with others and be wary of rivals who may appear to be friends.

Family bonds also come under threat. In the heavenly stems, Yang Wood clashes with Yang Earth, indicating tension and emotional stress between husband and wife. A clash between Yang Fire and Yang Metal meanwhile indicates disagreements between parent and child. Protect your relationships by placing the Trinity Of Apples in the center of your home and office, and by carrying the 3 Harmony Animals Amulet at all times.

In the Earthly branches, a Dragon and Dog clash denotes depression and unhappiness, meaning that for some, the changes this year brings may not be entirely welcome. It can also mean natural disasters such as landslides and earthquakes. The clash between the Tiger and Monkey meanwhile brings accidents and injuries. Protection amulets like the 28 Hums Lotus Mandala Amulet and Red Paisley Protection Shawl are vital.


Chinese New Year falls on Feb 10th, 2024 – six days after “Lap Chun”, which falls on Feb 4th, which means there is little growth energy this year. Fortunately, this being the Year of the Wood Dragon, there are some good prospects to look forward to, though we are unlikely to see the same trajectories as the year just past.

Dragon years bring some of the most creative energies. Hence despite the dim outlook, positive results are possible. Harness the Dragon’s chi for growth luck by inviting in the Young Green Dragon or Dragon in Forest of Wealth. Place them in the North.


Water is the element representing wealth and income luck in 2024. Because there is no Water in the chart, making money will not be straightforward. Homes that are built with swimming pools, or adjacent to lakes and seafronts will fare better, but if such features do not exist where you are, you should introduce Water chi into your home by inviting in the Water Wave with Purple Pearl or Azure Dragon with Waves and place them in the North.

To preserve existing wealth and to maintain good cash flow, we recommend bringing in the Magic Macaw to activate the Direct Spirit of the Period of 9, and the Cash Flow Camel to symbolize always having money when you need it. This is a year to stay focused and to not give up too easily. Those who choose to take short cuts could find themselves quickly on the losing end.


There are 10 stars making their mark through the Paht Chee chart this year:

  1. The first is the Emperor Star. This star confirms that leadership luck is strong but indicates that serious conflicts may occur between leaders. Because it affects all relationships, safeguards must be employed. Carry the Jade Emperor Heaven Amulet to help with networking efforts, and to attract benefactor luck so there are always people looking out for you.
  2. The Star of Scholastic Brilliance indicates a year filled with innovations and ideas. Those who wish to advantage from this should keep the Chi Lin Abundance Pill Box close. The presence of this star also bodes well for young people pursuing their studies. Carry the Eagle Scholastic Amulet to boost study luck.
  3. The Peach Blossom Star suggests a year when romance can take off for those seeking love. A good year to tie the knot and to try for a Dragon baby. If looking to settle down, you can increase your chances of meeting the right person with the help of your Peach Blossom Animal:
    • For the Rat, Dragon and Monkey, your Peach Blossom animal is the Rooster.
    • For the Ox, Snake and Rooster, your Peach Blossom animal is the Horse.
    • For the Tiger, Horse and Dog, your Peach Blossom is the Rabbit.
    • For the Rabbit, Sheep and Boar, your Peach Blossom animal is the Rat.
  4. The Star of Money Bags brings the luck of steady wealth. Capture its auspicious energies by placing the Lucky Golden Elephant on your desk.
  5. The Reclusive Stubborn Star dials up feelings of stress and anxiety, afflicting those born in years of the Rat, Ox, Dragon, Sheep, Dog and Boar the most. Wear or carry the Sky Unicorn to overcome its negative effects.
  6. The Travelling Horse Star shows up for the third time in a row. This is good news for those involved in tourism. The desire to travel and experience the world remains strong, but because there are also indications of health complications, do take all the necessary vaccinations and precautions while on the move. Carry one of our Travel Protection scarves, shawls or ties to keep illness chi at bay.
  7. The Star of Popularity brings fame, a good reputation and the power to influence others. With the potential for conflict so high this year, this is one star you must not forget to activate. Surround yourself with allies by carrying your Secret Friend Talisman.
  8. The Star of the 5 Ghosts strongly afflicts those born in years of the Monkey and Dragon. It brings 5 kinds of bad luck – misfortune in business and in wealth, as well as a dampening of one’s spiritual, physical and mental health. Place the White Umbrella Goddess Mini Plaque on your desk to counter its vicious chi.
  9. The Star of Powerful Mentors brings the support of people who can offer valuable advice or open doors to new opportunities. Carry the Heaven Seal Talisman or the Nobleman Gui Ren Talisman to energize this lucky star.
  10. The Squandering Star indicates a tendency for people to take others for granted and to waste opportunities that come their way. Because the Dragon and Dog reside in the year and day pillars, married couples could find money matters getting in the way of their happiness. Watch your expenses and spend within your means. If in business, take care of your cash flow. Carry the Wealth Lock Coin to protect against making the wrong financial decisions.


As 2024 holds much uncertainty, getting your timing right with the Lunar Mansions will prove extremely helpful. Refer to the Lunar Mansions section on page 8 of our 2024 Feng Shui Diary for help in selecting suitable dates for your activities.

We have released another four Sky Animals from the Lunar Mansions to enhance your good fortune and to ensure a more favorable year:

  1. The Sky Leopard brings strength, power and endurance. It bestows the ability to camouflage oneself as one needs and protects against betrayal. It also imbues one with courage and grants one a cosmic advantage.
  2. The Sky Wolf protects one’s wealth and sharpens one’s intuition against danger and duplicity. Wolves are closely linked to the supernatural, with great wisdom and formidable inner strength.
  3. The Sky Unicorn brings good health and a positive outcome to anything you do. With potent curative powers, it helps cure you from whatever you may be suffering from – mental or physical. One of the best antidotes to low levels of Spirit Essence.
  4. The Sky Anteater brings good fortune luck in business and money matters. It helps stamp out obstacles that stand in your way, makes you more insightful and bestows excellent predictive powers. Also attracts new wealth and opportunities.
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