One Day Goddess Tara Retreat With Lillian Too

Goddess Tara is the Swift Liberator who quickly answer all your prayers and wishes immediately. Practicing her Meditations and Sadhanas brings incredible benefits, and when you participate in any serious Goddess Tara retreat, you experience powerful awakenings and insights that bring amazing benefits.

Embracing Goddess Tara’s energy liberates your Mind, Body and Spirit at all levels and when you understand the innate Goddess energy within you (even if you are male), you will keep challenging yourself to go deeper into the methodologies of conscious awareness. With genuine and devoted practice, you will come to realize your own unlimited capacity to achieve anything you want!

Your meditations become wish-granting, and your wishes start to manifest themselves in an almost magical fashion. Your mind takes control and you become your own source of inspiration.

When you learn spiritual meditation as taught by Lillian Too and accompanied with sacred mantra recitations and visualizations, you are empowering your mind in a way that enables you to transform your wishes into manifested reality.


During this Retreat, you will begin by doing the Preliminary Practices of the Goddess Tara, which sets you on a wondrous spiritual path that opens your inner spirituality. You learn to recite the 21 Tara’s praises and this activates powerful sonic vibrations internally and externally. Tara’s ten syllable mantra meanwhile will liberate your inner spiritual powers. Reciting Tara’s mantra will liberate you from all fears; this easy practice will embrace you with an aura of protective energies, keeping you safe as you embark on your spiritual journey.


Meditating on Tara trains you to empower your body, speech and mind, which leads to an awakening of your inner spiritual power and this evolves into a powerful self-awareness. The Goddess energies within you get released, and as you recite Tara’s mantra and perform Tara meditations, you will be subconsciously awakened to a beautiful spiritual path of empowerment. This enables you dissolve obstacles in your life, making it easier to achieve career success, wonderful wealth luck, great good health and bringing enjoyable and harmonious relationships into your life.


This one-day Goddess Tara Retreat gathers together the power of group energies. When you meditate and recite mantras and praises as a group, the practice generates a powerful elevated vibration that makes the practice stronger and more powerful than ever. At the end of the day, everyone participates in a Fire Puja to seal in the merits and to purify all negativities.


What is particularly special about Lillian Too’s Goddess Tara Retreats, which are held in an intimate setting in the World of Feng Shui Lecture Theatre in Northpoint, Mid Valley City, Kuala Lumpur, and later in the evening at Lillian’s home, are the special bonds you make with friends from around the world. Her retreats and courses attract the most beautiful like-minded people whose backgrounds may be different, but whose aspirations are similar. A powerful bonding takes place!

Lillian Too’s Tara Retreat groups usually form firm friendships and those who attend the same session become lifelong friends providing valuable support systems for spiritual practices long after the Retreat.

Once you have attended one of Lillian Too’s courses, you also become a member of her WOFS alumni, with benefits including special invites to WOFS and Lillian Too events, special discounts on products, eligibility to join the (GAP) Graduate Alumni Program as well as becoming a part of a growing network of feng shui and spiritual practitioners.

If you feel a connection with Goddess Tara, this is a rare opportunity to participate in a life-changing Spiritual Retreat. Held only once or twice a year, if you are free, do not miss this!


Make an effort to participate, even if it is only for one day. Who knows what divine spark can arise!

Date: 14th March 2019
Venue: Sdn Bhd, Northpoint Office.
Time: 10am – 5pm

For more on this event, and to book a seat, email *Limited spaces!


Serena Seng, Singapore
Lillian Too is very engaging! I found this Tara Retreat so interactive and useful and the only area for improvement – please hold longer retreats!

Snezhana Tikhonova, Russia
Dear lovely Lillian has helped me to open up my mind, and I wish to be reborn within the Lotus to be Tara! A fantastic retreat that has improved my practice of Tara! Thank you very much!

Angelina Lian See, Singapore
Loved the way Lillian explained the prayers and meditations, which gave it greater meaning. Would definitely recommend this to all my friends. An invaluable way to learn about Tara.

Caroline, Netherlands/ Indonesia
Lillian’s enthusiasm is unmatchable! The way she shares her great knowledge and wisdom is incredibly inspiring and I especially liked praying and chanting in a group. Chanting together really raises the impact, and would love to do more of this type of group practice.

Gabriel Laut, Tahiti
So happy to have come to this Tara Retreat. All the subjects taught in this Retreat will stay with me a long time and am looking forward to the next one!

Nelyn Ruga, Philippines
Coming to this Retreat has given me a lot more wisdom! Love everything about it! Thank you Lillian!