Making Decisions Before You Renovate – Is A Larger House Always Better?

The city I would like to show you this issue is located in Florida and the name of city is Wellington. The city is between Orlando and Fort Lauderdale.

Wellington is world famous for equestrian and polo events. You can see many families riding horses around the neighborhood. Lots of the houses here are built with stables, paddocks and polo fields.

On the other side of the town, you will find houses built inside an airplane community. Houses are built with the airplane runway in their backyards. Lots of people who live here take advantage of commuting by plane for weekend leisure.

The house I would like to show you resides inside the airplane community; all the lots inside this area are not smaller than one acre (4047 sq m). The house was built in 1990 and my client would like to renovate this house. In particular, she wants to move the kitchen and reorganize the bedroom. The house faces Southwest 3 and my client is East group. She is a person that needs the water and wood elements for her Paht Chee. She lives with her son and the maid plus 2 cats in this house. The cats have a lot of wood element; so are very benefit to my client.

Please note that this house was built in an L-shape and is missing the North and Northwest sectors; I told her that this house is not suitable for her son, due to the missing career and patriarch sectors. The swimming pool is located in the Northeast sector in the backyard.


They have discussed the following 3 points with their architect:

  1. Build a second level so all the bedrooms will be located on the upper level, and relocate the kitchen.
  2. Relocate the front door to the Northwest corner and shift the facing direction to face Northwest. Move the master bedroom to East sector of the house, as my client will benefit from living in a Wood sector.
  3. Expand the house and keep the same facing direction. Move the stove of the kitchen.

Let me explain to you what suggestions I gave her:

  1. While expanding the house into 2 levels would create more living space, especially if you have many family members, I do not recommend this for my client. Let me tell you why. It is better to have an elder person staying on the ground level unless there is an elevator to the upper level. It is not necessary to expand too much living space, as once her son gets married, he will move out from this house. The outlook of the house is not modern; once you sell the house, the new owner will most likely re-build the new modern house and the cost for building the second level will not be recovered.
  2. I do not like to open the front door to Northwest, as metal energy is not favorable to my client since she is an East group person. If we shift the house to Northwest 1, we can use the swimming pool for the water 8 star. Unfortunately we cannot make it; otherwise the house will be shifted to the side yard of the land.
  3. I received the draft floor plan from the architect and agreed to recommendation # 3; that we keep the same direction for the house of Southwest 3, which is a Pearl String direction in Period 8. But I still need to make some adjustments of the floor plan.

Recommendations for the floor plan:

  • We move the master bedroom from the Northwest corner to the East corner of the house, as a wood element room is suitable for my client and she is anEast group person; her bed will be placed facing East as well. Hardwood floor will be used in the master bedroom with a wooden frame bed.
  • The koi pond at the front door will NOT be built, as the fish pond will be built like glasses with 2 eyes. According to the Feng Shui rule, this is called the “eyes of the tear”, which means the owner of this house will cry most of the time, and will face lots of emotional problems. The water fixture will be replaced at the left side of the front door, to bring the indirect energy to this house in Period 8.
  • The entire toilet bowl should be placed against the wall or closet; it is not advisable sharing the wall with a toilet bowl.
  • The open kitchen will be relocated to the Northeast sector (fire energy will produce earth energy in this sector) and the stove will be facing Southeast (one of the good directions of the owner). We make sure the kitchen is not located at the center of the house; otherwise it will create heart problems for people living in the house.
  • We will expand the house from West to the Northwest sector and build a patio all the way to the North corner; this will help to recreate the missing sector, and the owner will keep her view to the side yard of the house.
  • More trees will be planted and a big Dragon Tortoise will be placed at the back yard, as there is no support for the house due to the airplane runway.
  • The center of the house will be “open concept”; otherwise we are unable to capture the good energy for this period.
  • The main front door is located in the Southwest; I recommend my client to use the Southeast door, which is the side door to the airplane parking.
  • My client considers building a guest house at the other side of the lot; I recommend to build it free standing, so that it will not create any missing corner to the main house.

A reminder for those of you planning to undertake renovations: please make sure you choose an auspicious date to start any renovation. I would also recommend laying emperor coins around the house, as many as possible, during renovation; this means you will have wealth all over the house.