Lucky Colors for the Year of the Water Tiger 2022

What Lucky Colors Should I Wear in 2022?

According to Chinese metaphysical science, colors are made up of specific frequencies and have different strengths and affinities from year to year. Different homes have different color affinities, and different Zodiac signs are luckier when certain colors are strengthened.The use of colors to improve good fortune is a fascinating study in itself, but for the purposes of creating good luck, what is needed is a basic knowledge of color compatibilities, plus their resonance with the elements of the year.

There are five main colors which represent the five elements of Earth, Metal, Water, Wood and Fire, and the eight directions – North, Northeast, Northwest, South, Southeast, Southwest, East, and West. Depending on the facing direction of your home, different colors bring different effects to the luck of your home. Likewise, depending on your animal sign, different colors will have different effects on you in different years.

We need to look at the Paht Chee chart of the year to determine what each of the elements represent, and what the fortunate colors of the year are. According to the 2022 chart, it will be an unbalanced year in terms of the 5 elements. This is because there is an EXCESS of Wood, while both Metal and Fire are MISSING from the chart.

The dominant lucky element for 2022 is METAL, represented by white, purple, gold or silver, and the secondary fortunate element is FIRE, represented by oranges, reds, and maroons.

BLUES & BLACKS improve potential for BIG WEALTH

Blues and blacks symbolize flowing water, which always brings good wealth potential. Moreover, the WATER element in 2022 also stands for WEALTH according to Paht Chee analysis. Wearing shades of blacks and blues in 2022 thus strengthens wealth luck and improves profits.

It should be noted that most of the wealth luck in 2022 manifests in “direct form”, which means money from doing business, or wages from work done. “Indirect wealth”, the kind that comes from investments, speculation and lotteries, will feature much less through the year.

Because there is ample Water in the chart, you should however avoid over-using these colors, as doing so may actually result in financial loss. This is especially the case for those born in years of the Boar, Rat, Ox and Tiger. If you wear a totally black outfit, always balance this out by carrying a colorful bag in another color, or wear an auspicious scarf in Red or some other bright color.


For 2022, the color Red is extremely lucky, as it is missing from the Paht Chee chart of the year, only appearing as hidden elements. Note that red is the color associated with the planet MARS, and in 2022, it is the color that brings you support and resources.

While red is universally acknowledged as a most auspicious color, it is important not to overuse this color. While wearing red is very lucky, painting the whole house red is quite another matter! When Fire energy becomes excessive, it can turn destructive, especially when used in excess in the center and Southwest sectors of your home in 2022. This is because Fire chi here can strengthen unfortunate annual stars that visit the home in these two sectors.

Red is always favored for ushering in the Chinese New Year, weddings and other celebrations of happiness events such as the Full Moon of a newborn baby, and birthdays for Patriarchs and Matriarchs. During such events, when used, the yang chi of the color red gets activated, attracting good fortune!

Red is also a favorite color of temples and restaurants, as it is believed to be the most powerful for attracting customers and clients.


Yellow has always been a noble color associated with the mandarins at court. The Chinese have always revered this color, associating it with Imperial Authority, yellow being the color of the Son of Heaven. Yellow is the Emperor’s color. It is also the color of the Yellow River, which brings much-needed life-giving water to the fields of rice and grain in China.

In 2022, the color yellow represents friendships and social networks. This is the color of Earth, which symbolizes stability, making one more grounded and realistic. In 2022, Earth represents allies and friends. Activating the color yellow this year thus brings people onto your side. Watch however that you do not inadvertently over-strengthen the amount of Earth, as the other side of the meaning of yellow in 2022 are hidden rivals and competition. While there is no Earth in the main chart, there are three units of hidden Earth, which suggests the possibility of hidden rivalries emerging if allowed to germinate.

Carry the Four Friends Friendship Amulet to protect against friends turning into foes. Those working in competitive environments should also be cautious about the use of too much yellow. Don’t wear a fully yellow outfit to work!


White, gold and silver are the colors associated with the element of Metal, which in 2022 is the element that represents talent and fresh ideas. Since Metal is completely missing from the chart of 2022, this suggests that wearing more of the colors of white, gold or silver will help improve one’s abilities and creativity. You can also wear gold or silver jewellery; even better if the jewellery come in the form of auspicious symbols or sacred syllables.

Anyone working in an environment which requires creative thought will benefit very much from wearing white, gold and silver. This color in 2022 also brings original thinking, allowing one to think outside the box and to come up with inspired solutions to difficult problems that otherwise seem hard to solve.

A good colour to wear when you are dry of new ideas, or when you need to think on your feet, such as at interviews, or at important meetings and presentations.


In 2022, the color green represents recognition and power. Therefore, Wood is the element that affects progress in one’s career.


As there is an excess of Wood element in the chart of 2022, as well as the fact that the year starts before Lap Chun (first day of spring – February 4th), it is advisable to watch how much Wood element chi you bring into your home. This is especially important for homes that faces East or have their main doors located in the East. Creating an excess of Wood chi in the East in 2022 will bring disharmony and aggravate interpersonal relationships both at work and at home.

Because there is already so much Wood, it would be advisable not to use too much of this colour. The Wood element in the year’s chart also represents the Tiger, which, while it can be auspicious, can also be dangerous.

This year, green is best used as accents by wearing jade, emerald or other green-coloured stones; or by adding a green scarf, if you want to use the color to activate recognition luck.


To make the most of 2022, you can enhance the good luck potential of your home using colors and elements.

The first rule for 2022 is to place a red carpet on your doorstep to usher in wealth luck during the first 15 days of the Lunar year (that is from 1st – 15th February 2022). Make sure you also hang three Chinese coins and bells on the door handle of your entrance to further attract money luck.

You should also place some potted flowers or Chinese Oranges near your main door or in your living and dining rooms from 17th January till 15th February 2022. Doing so will improve growth energy, as well as usher in plenty of success luck.

If your main door opens to the South, it will be very beneficial to place a red floor mat or some potted plants to improve future prosperity.

If your main door faces Southwest, you should also place some plants or colors that represent Wood – such as the color green. You can also use colors that represents Metal or hang some Metal windchimes or display some auspicious figurines made from brass or other metal to ensure that people in your home enjoy good health.

If your main door faces West, lucky colors to use here would be black or blue. You can also place a Water feature here to protect your home from financial losses.

If your main door faces Northwest, then using a yellow color scheme, or displaying some natural crystals in the NW, will bring you luck from heaven.

If your main door faces North, placing blues and blacks, the colours that represent Water, will improve career and promotion luck.

If your main door faces Northeast, then Fire energy is what you need to enhance good luck.

If your main door faces East, strengthen Fire chi with reds, maroons or orange, or place some red carpets with lucky symbols to improve overall harmony at home.

If your main door faces Southeast, place some plants or use colors that represent Wood to renew friendships and enhance networking luck.